You might have read several reviews on the ZOMFOM motorcycle camera. If you are planning to buy a functional motorcycle dash camera, you can certainly consider this option. Although many choices are available today, this device looks unique and reliable. Further, it is a feature-rich product with a waterproof design.

ZOMFOM has tried hard to lend a unique appearance. Designed for all types of motorcycles, it is equipped with rich and practical configuration functions. According to the manufacturer, you can have great fun if you mount this camera on your motorcycle. Above all, this device makes your ride safe and enjoyable.

As mentioned above, the ZOMFOM motorcycle camera is a feature-rich product. You can come across features like a wired remote, seamless loop, rotatable adjustment lens, and dual wide-angle. In addition, it comes with features like smooth power supply, high-quality video resolution, water & dust-proof design, Wi-Fi connection, and more.

Motorcycle Dash Cam, Full Waterproof Motorbike Camera 3'' LCD Front and Rear FHD 1080P Waterproof...
  • Professional Motorcycle Dash Camera: With 3 inch IPS HD Screen, equipped with advanced chip and dual sony IMX323 lens sensor,...
  • Front and Rear Camera FHD 1080P: With SONY IMX323 CMOS, 6 layer glass lens and F1.8 large aperture, ability to fully enhance...
  • IP67 Waterproof Design and GPS Module: This is a professional motorcycle video recorder specially designed for rainy days,...
  • Wi-Fi and Wired Control: Using the RoadCam App to wireless connect your phone with motorcycle camera, view the instant image...
  • EIS and G-sensor: With electronic image stabilization, ensure to shoot a stable video when driving on a complex and bumpy...

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How can you judge the quality of a motorcycle camera effectively? You need to ask the exiting users. Most importantly, the existing customers talk positively about their user experience. Meanwhile, you need to realize that this model is not a veteran among motorcycle cameras. The release date was on April 17, 2020.

Let us make a comparison between the ZOMFOM motorcycle camera and Innov K2 motorcycle cam. When it comes to weight and portability, there is nothing to choose between the two. The screen size of the ZOMFOM model is slightly larger than the other one. However, you can find the design of the Innov model superior in terms of practicality.

How much does this product weigh? It weighs only 1.98 pounds. The package dimensions are 7.6 x 6.61 x 3.27 inches. So you have a fair idea about the features of this ZOMFOM Dash Cam. However, it doesn’t put you in a position to make an informed decision. This review explores this product a bit more in detail so that you can make the right decision fast.

High Image Quality And Stabilization

Equipped with a refined chip and dual Sony IMX323 CMOS, this motorcycle dashcam offers unbeatable image quality. You can find a 6-layer glass lens, and 3-inch IPS high definition screen on this device. It supports to shoot with 1920*1080P/30fps video resolution. What about the photo resolution? 5 million pixels are what you can expect when you use this device.

If you want to shoot stable and crystal clear images while driving your motorcycle fast, look no farther than ZOMFOM Motorcycle Camera. Another remarkable feature is its ability to improve imaging performance in dark environments. In other words, this ZOMFOM model comes with a starlight night vision shooting feature.

Having lenses with 150 wide-angle views, you can shoot images covering multiple lanes. In total, both lenses guarantee all-round safety and protection with a total of 300 degrees. It also supports cycle looping. Further, you don’t have to bother about large video storage because the storage capacity can be enhanced to 256GB.

When it comes to providing image stabilization, this camera is unbeatable. With the help of the latest electronic anti-shake technology, it helps you capture steady and beautiful images. You don’t need to worry about the road condition when you use this product.

Waterproof Design And Excellent Recording Function

Are you looking to buy a top-quality motorcycle video recorder exclusively designed for rainy days? It is hard to find a better option than ZOMFOM Motorcycle Camera. Above all, each equipment and accessory comes with a waterproof design. Both the main unit and both lens come with a waterproof rating of IP67.

Not only does this device make your ride hassle-free on rainy days, but also tracks the route perfectly using an external GPS antenna module. That is to say, route tracking becomes a breeze with this professional motorcycle dashcam. It also comes with excellent dustproof properties. Most importantly, both lenses work in tandem steadily and capture every moment beautifully by constantly adapting to varying environments.

You can record all events seamlessly using the loop recording function. Automatically, this function overwrites the oldest files with the new ones when the Micro SD card is full. In other words, ZOMFOM Motorcycle dashcam offers uninterrupted recording. With the G-sensor feature, it locks footage when the motorcycle bends for 2 to 3 seconds.

The loop recording feature cannot overwrite this file because it is automatically locked. You can use it as evidence in the event of an accident or emergency.

Wi-Fi Connection And Wired Remote

If you want to connect your phone with the camera wirelessly, you can use the RoadCam app. Recorded images can be watched instantly on your phone. Don’t worry about any complexity while downloading. You can download, edit, and share the footage on your social platforms easily.

Another useful feature of the ZOMFOM Motorcycle Camera is the wired control. It can be installed near the handlebar. In addition to the G-sensor function, it allows you to press the remote control button fast to lock files. Further, you can record voice or take pictures while dealing with a memorable or emergency event.

When you buy the package, you will receive a 12V to 5V power cord. For activating power supply, you just need to connect the cam to the ignition switch or light. Moreover, you can start or stop recording when the engine starts or stops. There is also a USB cable in the package to generate power supply from a portable charger or power bank.

What more to expect with this professional motorcycle camera? To make life a lot easier for users, this device comes with an anti-electromagnetic interference feature. Other notable functions include Gyro Calibration, WDR, Built-in speakers, flexible operating voltage, and more.

Final Thoughts On The ZOMFOM Motorcycle Camera

So, you have the details to make an informed buying decision. Designed for all types of motorcycles, this device meets the vital performance expectations of the users. In short, it is a compact, durable, dependable, and lightweight product. You can expect crystal clear images with appreciable stabilization irrespective of the road condition. Providing commendable user-friendliness, this device is certainly worth buying.

Providing commendable user-friendliness, this device is certainly worth buying.