Z-Edge S4 tops many dash cam review guides in 2018. In fact, this innovative model is considered by a certain group of drivers to be the best dash cam ever created. Of course, we are talking about those drivers who appreciate ultra HD cameras equipped with a stunning, extra-large display.

If you’ve never heard of the Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam until now, it is the perfect moment to dive deep into this Z-Edge S4 review. This might be exactly the dash cam you have been waiting for all these years.

Z-Edge S4 – Introduction

With its dual dash camera, WQHD 1440p front, and SHD 1080p rear, the Z-Edge S4 dash cam can easily record seamlessly at 300 degrees wide. It can bring ultimate performance and value to your vehicle, and can greatly improve your driving experience.

Being fitted with numerous high-end parts, including several IMX323 image sensors, 6G lenses, high-performance NTK96663 chipset, and 1st class night vision, this modern dashboard camera guarantees superior recording quality and exceptionally clear images. The footage is crystal clear, and any details such as plate numbers, signs, and other elements can be easily noticed. 

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This dashboard camera sticks directly to your windshield with ease. The super-easy installation makes it extremely attractive for drivers with no technical background or with no time or willingness to tackle a dash cam installation project. Each of the cameras offers an ultra-wide 150 angle, which is more than sufficient to help you stay in control of everything that is happening outside your car.

In case of an accident or unforeseen event, the camera blocks the recording on your SD card. The G-sensor triggers automatic recording during a crash or theft, so you are safe against potential thieves.

Z-Egde S4 Design

Since it was released back in April 2017, the Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam has been the rave among drivers. One of the best things about this dash camera is not the design. Of course, its smooth black edges and gorgeous finish are appealing enough for most drivers, but we can’t say that this dash cam is more beautiful than Xmotion L2 or X1 from Kdlinks.

Nevertheless, you should never buy a dash camera looking just at its design. What’s really important is to make sure that the features of the dash cam suit your interests.

Under The “Hood” Of Z-Edge S4

This excellent dashboard camera might surprise you pleasantly. Its software is high-end, even futuristic. The NTK96663 Chipset and Sony IMX323 image sensor are two of the most advanced pieces of technology available on the market, allowing for a very low power consumption while offering ultra-high definition videos.

Indeed, Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam consumes much less power than its competitors. As an example, Powpro Pcam PP-A33 consumes twice the power of S4, without providing such an impressive recording quality. The smooth image processing is the direct result of the processor and 6G lens. Moreover, this unit guarantees superior low light recording, both for the front and rear camera.

This is a high sensitivity image sensor that guarantees excellent capture of all details and no lag at all. You will never again miss any license plate if your car is equipped with the Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam. Record in Full HD at 1920x1080P or Wide Quad HD 2560x1440P. The second mode is only enabled when the rear camera is disconnected.

Your Heading Text-Edge S4 Has First Class Night Vision

One of the aspects that make this unit stand head and shoulders over its competition is the excellent night vision. This dash cam is fitted with an advanced, ultra-sensitive SONY image sensor. This sensor is specially created to compensate for low and high light, and also to balance the exposure. Thus, the WDR images are crisp, clear, with no glare, and without shady details.

Of course, this sensor is also exceptional during the day, balancing the whites and minimizing the interference of sunlight on the screen.

Automatic Recording In Z-Edge S4

The S4 camera from Z-Edge is specially designed to record automatically the moment you start the vehicle. It also switches off the moment your vehicle’s engine turns off. This automatic recording feature is not something many dash cams are equipped with. That’s why it is priceless. Just imagine turning off your car, getting inside the house, and then coming back after 2 hours.

Meanwhile, all of your previous recordings have been rewritten with a standstill image. That’s what happens when your dashboard camera is not equipped with automatic recording. On the same note, our dash cam is equipped with parking mode. Together with the accelerometer and G-sensor, the parking mode ensure that the camera starts recording in case the sensors detect a crash, vibration, or motion.

If someone tries to force the doors in order to steal your wife’s purse or your laptop case, the whole event is recorded. Good news – if there is no power source or your car is turned off, the dash cam can record for up to 30 minutes. That’s 30 minutes of precious footage that could literally save you thousands of dollars in court.

Screen And Interface In Z-Edge S4

And last but not least, this modern dash cam released in 2017 comes with an exceptional 4-inch IPS screen. The screen is one of the largest in the dashcam industry, and definitely one of the most high performance. As a comparison, a direct competitor such as Vantrue R3 is equipped with just a 1.5 inch TFT LCD. You can easily watch your recordings in real life on the screen. At the touch of a button, you can switch between screens.

When it comes to using the device, the manufacturer has made sure that you won’t experience any difficulties whatsoever. The interface is extremely easy to navigate. Each button has self-explanatory buttons near it, so you will always know what button to press. In time, you will be able to press the buttons you want without taking your eyes off the road.

Z-Edge S4 Conclusion

Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam is an exceptional dashboard camera equipped with 2 cameras, a large 4.0-inch screen, park mode, WDR, a powerful chipset, advanced sensors, and ultra-wide 300 degrees recording angle. It supports SD cards of up to 128 GB, can be easily set up, is equipped with a quick-release mount, and comes with a dual-port USB adapter and a USB cable.

If you are looking for a genuine dashboard camera in 2018, we recommend you not to exclude Z-EDGE S4 from your list.