Z-EDGE S3, one of the latest dashboard cameras available on the market, has managed to bring a whole new level of reliability and utility for millions of drivers from all around the world. Being stealthy by design, offering dual super HD recording, being equipped with WDR technology, and offering automatic safeguards, the S3 is able not just to match its younger brother, the Z-EDGE Z3, but also to outperform it.

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The Z-Edge S3 Dual Lens dash camera features a best-in-class color CMOS image sensor (OV4689) and processor (Novatek 96663) to capture crisp details at a distance and across the various light condition.

The Company Behind Z-EDGE S3

Z-EDGE S3 was built using high-end technology by one of the most innovative manufacturers in the United States, Zero Edge Technology. In addition to dashboard cameras, the company manufactures action cameras and dashcam accessories. They are committed to delivering innovative, high-end technology in order to meet and even exceed customer needs.

Their policy to make every single customer experience enjoyable and satisfying products has led to greater innovation. Thus, Z-EDGE S3 was born out of a desire to take innovation and reliability to a whole new level. This translates into a safer driving experience and a highly improved video capture.


While in 2016 the Z-EDGE Z3 dashcam was one of the most reliable cameras on the market, the newer model released in 2017, S3, has managed to rise to the par and deliver even more reliability and benefits. The S3 is better than the Z3 in terms of features and camera. First of all, it offers a 150-degree viewing angle, to the 145 offered by Z3. Next, Z-EDGE S3 can record at 1440p, while the previous model was only able to record at 1296p.

The CMOS image for S3 is the top of the class in 2017, outperforming the one used by Z3. Moreover, it supports an SD card of 128 GB, compared to Z3 which only supports 64 GB. However, the biggest difference between Z-EDGE S3 and Z-EDGE Z3 is that the S3 model is a dual dashcam. This means it is equipped with 2 cameras, one at the front and one at the rear, that record simultaneously.

Another great dual dashcam available on the market at the moment is Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Car Dash. In this Z-EDGE S3 review we will look at the main features of this product and understand how they can help you while driving.

Stealthy Design Of Z-EDGE S3

Probably the most remarkable feature of the Z-EDGE S3 dashcam is its unique “stealthy” design. It is so compact and discreet that people won’t be able to notice the cameras. Both cameras are perfectly placed to stay hidden from view and to be able to record simultaneously in super HD.

The cameras are attached directly to your windshield for improved stealth, easy installation, and optimal field-of-view. Moreover, due to the improved design, adjusting the cameras up and down is a breeze. You can also release the mount very fast, even without taking your eyes off the road.

Dual Recording

There are very few dual vision cameras available on the market. Z-EDGE S3 is one of them. You can now gain the peace of mind that you will never again miss all the action happening in the rear. Thanks to the ultra-wide 150-degree viewing angle, you will be able to capture a whopping 300 degrees of video.

The built-in 450 mAH battery gives you a good 30 minutes of recording for both cameras, without any external power source. Obviously, you can record unlimited by connecting the dashcam to the internal power source. The front camera records at Super HD 1920x1080P at 30FPS, while the rear camera at 1080p. 

If you choose to disconnect the rear camera, the front camera will be able to record at an exceptional WQHD 2560x1440P at 30FPS.

Stunning Image Quality Of Z-EDGE S3

Make no mistake, the Novatek 96663 processor and OV4689 CMOS image sensor are the best in their class. They can capture extremely clear details, with crispy images and flawless videos in a wide variety of light conditions. Thanks to the advanced Wide Dynamic Technology (WDR), the camera can be improved to capture an even wider range of hues.

It can also get clearer images during the night and cover a bigger span of dark and bright areas. At just a touch of a button, you can activate WDR and enjoy superior low light compensation. The 2.4 large inch TFT display is complemented by a PiP display to offer you improved clarity of the video and images captured. During the night, the WDR mode uses 6 different lenses to provide you with superior light quality.

Extended Protection

The moment you turn on the engine, the Z-EDGE S3 starts to record right away. It also switches off automatically when you turn off the engine. This means you don’t need to keep tabs on using this dashcam, as it will do its job automatically. The energy-saving LCD turns off to conserve energy.

The camera also includes automatic and manual protection against deletion, a loop feature for continuous recording, a built-in sensor for triggering the camera to start in case of motion/crash, and parking mode. The parking mode feature is extremely useful, as it protects your car, offering 24/7 surveillance. In case someone intends to steal your car or to scratch it, you have everything recorded as proof.

Negative Aspects

Even though the Z-EDGE S3 is a great dual dashcam that has exceeded the expectations of tens of thousands of drivers, it lacks the GPS and Wi-fi functions offered by many other dashcams.

Positive Aspects

If you don’t need the extra functions of Wi-fi and GPS, then the positive aspects of Z-EDGE S3 might exceed your expectations. The ultra HD dual cameras offer exceptional video quality, including super night vision. The large LCD is scratch-resistant, and the WDR technology ensures you will never have any blind spots.

To top it all, the compact and discreet design makes for a perfect stealth dual camera. In addition to the 30 days money-back guarantee, the manufacturer also offers 18 months full warranty and lifetime support. Inside the package, you have a free 16 GB card included a dual-port USB adapter and an extra-long 19.6 feet cable.


That being said, if you are fine with the exceptional video quality and you don’t really need the extra perks offered by Wi-Fi and GPS, then the Z-EDGE S3 might just be the right buy for you.