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The XMOTION L30 Dashcam is the more advanced version and the older brother of the world-renowned XMOTION L2 dashcam. Coming with a better functionality, more advanced features and a higher quality, the new model is set to exceed customer expectations and to help them enjoy a safer trip, especially during the night.

With the dimensions of 4 x 0.6 x 2.4 inches and weighing only 3.2 ounces, XMOTION L30 is a slim, unobtrusive dashcam that can easily fit on any dashboard. In fact, due to its sleek design, it could easily pose as a DSLR pocket camera.

In this XMOTION L30 Dashcam review we will dive deeper into the features and benefits of this product. Take note of the benefits this dashcam brings to the table and decide if it is a good buy for you as a driver.

xmotion l30

What’s In The Box

The package includes the front camera, the hardwire cable, a 16 GB micro SD card with adapter, an advanced mount with 3M adhesive, a car charger and the guide. Optionally, you can opt in for a rear camera cable, a small rear camera device and a GPS antenna.

Xmotion L30 Astounding Camera Quality.

Since it was released in the mid 2017s, the XMOTION L30 managed to turn a lot of heads and make a lot of drivers fall in love with its features. With very high ratings and exceptional feedback from the driver community, this Korean dashcam is poised to take over the American market.

Xmotion, the Korean manufacturer of dashcams, has managed to make a name for themselves when releasing Xmotion L2 back in December 2016. After just 6 months, they released a more advanced model, the L30, which retains all of L2’s capabilities but has a more advanced CPU and offers a much better performance at night. Moreover, the newer model records at QHD (1440p), an astounding quality both during the day and the night.

xmotion l30

The components of this dashcam are all high-quality, making it to easily withstand bumps, scratches or even water at some degree. The sleek design and large screen complement each other, giving you the feel of a high-quality product made to last. Thanks to its compact design, you can easily mount the dashcam behind your mirror. This makes it totally non-distracting, improving your driving and keeping you safe.

As for screen quality, the large 3.5 inch TFT is superior to the one offered by the Kidcia 4k , which has only a 2.4 “ LCD. In fact, the screen is slightly better than the one embedded in its younger brother, XMOTION L2. The L30’s full HD 3.5” screen is convenient enough during both day and night, allowing you to do instant playback and play your video at the highest quality possible.


Probably one of the strongest points of the XMOTION L30 Dashcam is its recording capability. At 1440p, this device records much better than any other 1080p dashcam available on the market. Moreover, given that it is made in Korea and that drivers were ecstatic with how XMOTION L2 was able to record, we can’t but imagine how pleased they will be with L30’s recording capabilities.

The video is extremely clear with XMOTION L30. You can practically see all signage and license plates, even during the darkest night. Thanks to the advanced night vision feature, you can rest assured that you will capture every evidence needed in case of a trial.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

One of the most useful features of the XMOTION L30 Dashcam is the Advanced Driver Assistance System integration (ADAS). Thanks to this function, the camera can detect potential accidents in various environments, keeping you safe from dangerous accidents. This feature goes hand in hand with the parking mode, preventing collisions and giving you a heads up on any potential dangerous routes you might make.

Xmotion L30 and Time Lapse

Another interesting feature of this dashcam is time lapse. When in time lapse mode, your dashcam conserves energy and memory card space, capturing only 2 frames per second instead of the regular 15-20. When time lapse is active, you can record up to 10 times more time. For example, if with the standard 16 GB card you could record for one full hour in normal mode, with time lapse you can record 9 to 10 hours.

This feature is perfect when parking or when driving at high speeds on the interstate. However, make sure to disable it when driving in the city and you need to capture as many details as possible.

No Battery Drainage

Thanks to the fact that this cam is equipped with a feature that prevents your car battery from getting drained, you can rest assured that your car battery won’t run low while in parking mode. Many other dashcams have this problem, draining the car battery while the vehicle is parked. You definitely don’t want to be one of those “lucky” drivers who need to jumpstart their vehicles due to battery drainage.

Warranty Of Xmotion L30

This dashcam is made in Korea but its warranty is based in the United States. You don’t have to worry about sending it to Korea or about any warranty issues whatsoever. With the 1 year full device and parts warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is safe.

Who is this Dashcam for ?

If you are a driver who likes to drive during the night, or you to go work every morning before sun rises, then there is no doubt that XMOTION L30 is a great pick for you. Due to its advanced night sensors, you can rest assured that your night trips or commutes will be perfectly safe.

This dashcam is also an excellent choice for people who drive a lot throughout the day and need to fit into tight parking spaces. Thanks to the embedded Advanced Driver Assistance System, parking will never be a problem anymore.

XMOTION L30 is perfect for drivers who need high-quality recording and love to keep tabs on their trips.

Ultimatley, the XMOTION L30 Dashcam is a great buy for drivers who need a sleek, non-obtrusive dashcam that complements their interior car design. This beautiful dashcam should be your main choice if you prefer sleek cameras over bulky, low-quality units.

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