WHLZD 2K Dash Cam has managed to remain in the limelight for quite a while now. Since it has hit the market back in August 2017, this modern dash cam has successfully managed to surprise and even amaze drivers from all over the world.

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This dash cam is a must-have accessory for drivers who want to make the most out of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and are in need of a fully-equipped dashboard camera.
This unit is equipped with an advanced Ambarella A12 processor, ADAS, GPS logger, G-sensor, and parking monitor feature, to name just a few features. It can definitely meet all the needs of modern drivers.

WHLZD 2K Dash Cam Design

The first thing you will notice at the WHLZD 2K Dash Cam after taking it out of the box is the gorgeous curves and extravagant design. This camera offers outstanding build quality and is specially designed to last long in time. If you are like most of us, you will recognize that this dash cam looks much better than the Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam, one of its fiercest competitors.

WHLZD super HD camera leaves a very good impression on everyone who sees it from outside your car. It also looks very good from the inside. Of course, we believe that the screen could have been slightly bigger. There is a lot of unused space around the screen. The 2.31-inch LCD is probably one of the few drawbacks of this dash cam. But you will be able to get over it easily once you take into consideration all other features.

WHLZD 2K Dash Cam Software & Hardware

In terms of software & hardware, the WHLZD 2K Dash Cam is one of the best dash cams that has ever hit the market. This device is equipped with the latest Ambarella A12 processor and one of the best Sony optical imaging lens. The processor offers an astounding running speed, allowing you to enjoy the best recording experience.

Ambarella is an American-based company that is recognized as a leader in the image processing and HD video compression industry. They provide the best user experience and offer the highest-quality processors in order to render the clearest images possible. Now, the optical lens from Sony works hand in hand with the Ambarella processor to offer you the best quality of the recording.

The lens can be turned up and down in order to avoid direct sunlight and to offer you a better image clarity. Last but not least, the WHLZD 2K Dash Cam has an aperture of F 1.8, which is excellent for a dashboard camera. Most other dash cams can’t compare with WHLZD when it comes to aperture and sensor clarity.

WHLZD 2K Dash Cam Image Quality

The sensor, processor, and lens allow your dashboard camera to record 2k at full HD. At 2560x1440p (30fps), you get a 150 degrees width with a recording that surpasses your expectations. This device is equipped with WDR, offering you a fairly good night recording quality. Of course, there are many dash cams that record much better than WHLZD.

However, most of them are not equipped with the features that this unit is equipped with. WHLZD 2K dash cam also boasts advanced H.264 video compression technology. You can watch the recordings straight on the screen or enjoy them on your laptop or tablet.

WHLZD 2K Dash Cam Top Features

Probably the most interesting feature of this unit is the ADAS. No other older dash cam models are equipped with this feature, and that includes the well-famed Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD. What should astound you is that even a lot of new dash cams released post-January 2017 are not equipped with ADAS.

ADAS includes the lane deviation system, front car warning system, low light warning system, and others. When a car in front of you is too close to you, your vehicle deviates from a straight line, or when the luminosity outside is below the recommended level, the dash cam will beep continuously. You might find this alarm to be disturbing, but remember that it might save your life.

The WHLZD 2K Dash Cam is also equipped with a G-sensor. When the device notices motion, vibration, or a crash, be it a minor one, it activates the camera automatically. The camera records the whole incident, and then the recording is saved in a secure place on the SD card so that it cannot be erased. Of course, just like all other dash cams released in the past couple of years, WHLZD comes with loop recording.

A huge drawback is that it supports SD cards of a maximum of 64 GB, which means you are limited in what you record. Many other dash cams can support SD cards of up to 128, even 256 GB. Some other important features this device is equipped with are lane deviation, gravity induction, parking monitoring, and front vehicle warning. It also has the automatic on/off feature, which saves battery life.

Last but not least, the WHLZD dashboard camera is equipped with a built-in GPS logger. You can basically see your speed and the exact location on the Google map. All important events are recorded and stored in the Player, so you can know exactly where each one of them took place.

Who Should Purchase WHLZD 2K Dash Cam

Here is a list of potential drivers who could greatly benefit from the WHLZD 2 Dash Cam:

  • Those who want to leverage the power and functionality of the ADAS
  • Drivers who fancy a lovely dash cam that can make quite an impression
  • Those who want to invest in a highly reliable unit that comes equipped with all the features needed by modern drivers


– This is a great dash cam equipped with almost all important features a driver needs

– Very easy to set up

– The design is exceptional

– Great image quality thanks to the advanced processor

– Leverages the power of ADAS to keep you safe


– It does not have a Wifi connection or smartphone integration

– Small LCD screen

– It is not a dual dash cam


Overall, the WHLZD 2K dash cam is an above-average product that could prove to be an excellent choice for drivers who want to reap the benefits of ADAS. We advise you to review this product and see if it fits your needs. Despite the obvious cons, WHLZD is a super HD dashboard camera that could remain invaluable for the months to come.