When it comes to advanced, professional, and flawless dash cams, the VVCAR Dual Dash Cam backup camera stands out from the crowd. This gorgeous backup camera is a modern device that looks exceptional and offers you a whole lot of impressive features.

This mirror dashcam was introduced on the market in October 2019. However, it already has numerous rave reviews from drivers who have tested it. VVCAR does not just look great, but it also has a super large screen of 12”, which is similar to what DMYCO dual dash cam brings to the table.

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These two devices are quite similar, and both come with a free 32 GB card. However, VVCAR seems to have an edge thanks to the LDWS and GPS module compatibility. Inside this VVCAR Dual Dash Cam review, we will take a closer look at all of the features of this device, its design and extras. We’ll try to help you determine if this modern dashcam is a good choice for you or you should buy another dashboard camera in 2020.

VVCAR Dual Dash Cam – Design & Usability

The first thing you’ll notice about this dashboard camera once you take it out of the box is the super large display and matte finish. You’ll also notice the rear camera, that looks simply exceptional.

This is a dual-camera system that can record 310 degrees of footage. The front camera, which is strategically placed in the back of the screen, records 170 degrees ahead, while the rear camera records 140 degrees. The rear camera is connected to the main unit via a long 50 feet extension cable.

Because of the longer cable, you can seamlessly use this backup camera on most trucks, RVs, 4×4 and even on trailers. Thus, you can park with ease while also being able to record your trip to the destination. The monitor clamps over your rearview mirror, so it replaces it completely. You’ll end up with a nice looking unit that has the potential to enhance your vehicle appearance and boost its design.

The black plastic mesh is scratch resistant and also rustproof and dustproof, so you can enjoy the device for a long time to come. Using this dashcam is a breeze. You can swipe on the screen, pinch it, adjust the view angle and turn on/off certain features and tools.

VVCAR Dual Dash Cam – Very Easy to Install

Because this is not a wireless backup cam, do not expect to install it in less than 10 minutes. However, this unit can be easily installed by people with experience. Similarly to Boscam R2, which is another mirror dashcam that can be installed fairly easily, you can install the VVCAR dual dashcam by following a few simple steps.

After you mount the monitor over your rearview mirror using the rubber straps in the box, you need to snake the wire to the rear and connect it to the rear camera. Place the rear camera above your license plate and connect it to your tail light. You can eliminate the need to connect the main unit to your cigarette lighter or 12V plugin by using a hardwire kit. By hardwiring your camera, you can also enable it to automatically turn on when your car is in park mode using the G-sensor embedded.

Recording Capabilities

Both cameras record automatically. You can stream both of them on the same screen or separately, either the front or the rear. The front camera records in full HD at 1296p, while the rear camera does a great job recording in HD at 1080p. In order to prevent glare and to help you see the image crisp and clear, the IPS screen is treated with low-reflexive glass.

The cameras are equipped with a standard Sony lens and have an IMX 335 sensor. This is not the best recording quality possible, but it is definitely much better than other cameras that can only record in HD at 720p, both front, and rear. Thanks to the wide recording range, which is 170 front + 140 rear, you’ll be able to reduce blind spots and perfectly see everything that happens outside your car. You’ll be able to see the license plates, notice the scenery, and also record the beautiful nature.

In terms of night recording, this device does not disappoint either. The advanced WDR technology combined with IR lights and a super-wide lens enables you to enjoy superior night vision and clearly see license plates. The F1.8 aperture completely eliminates the need for an external light source and allows you to enjoy sharp, accurate images with flawless details.

Additional Features of VVCAR Dual Dash Cam

To help you park with ease, the manufacturer of this dashcam has equipped it with guidelines. The guidelines adjust automatically when turning right or left, so you can park with ease without scratching your car. The G-sensor works flawlessly with collision detection to protect you from accidents and to protect all the footage that was recorded during an accident.

The loop recording feature functions automatically, recording the footage in intervals of 1,3 or 5 minutes. However, it will not overwrite footage that is locked by the G sensor. To adjust the front camera angle, you can slide the screen up and down. You can also swipe right and left to adjust the brightness and the light angle. These features are quite useful during the night.

Optionally, you can purchase an external GPS module that keeps track of your actual location and allows you to be in control of your trip.

LDWS Very Important Future

The lane departure warning system is a smart feature that is not so common in 2020. This is a feature that might save your life, especially if you’re driving a lot and you tend to fall asleep. In case that happens and your car leaves the lane, the LDWS sensor will emit a powerful alarm to let you know your life is at risk. This feature has saved countless lives so far, so we suggest you turn it on, especially for long trips where fatigue and lack of sleep can affect your focus.

The Bottom Line

The VVCAR Dual Dash Cam is a modern recording device equipped with numerous features and perks. This dual dash cam is perfect for drivers who are used to drive a lot and can be successfully mounted on most of the vehicles, including longer ones. Leverage the free 32GB card and the 3 years of warranty and stay safe while driving.