VSYSTO P6F is a modern, sleek motorcycle camera that is considered to be one of the top motorcycle cameras available in 2019. It’s also one of the few recording systems for motorcycles that are equipped with a supercapacitor. Most other top systems, including the highly-rated INNOVV K2 do not enjoy the benefits of supercapacitors.

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VSYSTO P6F has already been on the market since March 2018. With over 1 year, we can consider that this motorcycle camera system is a veteran. It comes close to what its older brother has to offer, which is the VSYSTO M2F Pro.


The P6F is a modern, sleek motorcycle dual cam system that automatically records your trips from two focal points. Both cameras record in full HD and are equipped with a genuine 6-layer all-glass lens. This device is also equipped with Wi-Fi, super capacitor power supply, G-sensor, seamless loop recording, and full-body waterproofing.

On the other hand, M2F Pro is a more advanced unit that is specially designed for bikers. It’s easier to mount and is equipped with better cameras. Each camera features 7-layer glass and can record better during the night. This unit also supports Wi-Fi and GPS and is equipped with an advanced supercapacitor that protects the unit from explosions.

M2F Pro’s cameras capture 170 degrees of an image, while P6F’s camera can only capture 150 degrees of footage. However, both systems are similar in nature and are equipped with top-notch features.

Recording Quality of VSYSTO P6F

VSYSTO P6F is a modern motorcycle recording system equipped with 2 cameras. One is mounted in the front, one in the rear. Together, they capture a super-wide 300 degrees of footage. You’ll only have 30 degrees of dead angle on each side of the motorcycle.

This is exceptional, especially if you want to view the footage in order to detect sideways objects. As you’re driving your bike, you’ll clearly see any sideways objects once you pass a certain point. Of course, having 170 degrees instead of 150 is much better, but 150 is also much better than 130 or 120 degrees, which is the norm in this industry.

The cameras record exceptionally well. They are made of the genuine 6-layer all-glass lens and are equipped with the latest Sony Exmor sensor for superior image processing. In bright light, the image is darkened, while in low-light conditions the system adds more light in the background.

HD video transmission is entirely based on MKT, which is an advanced solution. Moreover, the hardwire is made of copper core, which is known to dramatically extend the life of the unit. Each camera records in full HD at 1920*1080P, 30fps, and stores the videos in MOV format.

The 6-layer glass lens is the best feature this unit can boast with. The camera lenses are covered by a special layer of anti-glare polarized filter, which filters out reflections and enables you to enjoy perfect light balance. You’ll enjoy superior image clarity and flawless performance during the night.

Super Easy to Install

This modern dual-camera system is equipped with a smart power module that offers a continuous power supply. What you need to do is connect the main unit to your motorcycle battery, install the cameras and you’re good to go.

The system starts when your motorcycle starts and also turns off when you turn off your bike. All in all, you’ll probably spend less than one hour setting up this unit. The wired controller is small enough so you can mount in below your seat, while the camera’s mounting brackets can easily fit any type of motorcycle.

VSYSTO P6F – Recording Features

The main unit includes a 2” display. The screen is crisp and clear and has 4 buttons to help you set up the cameras and switch between the features. The screen allows you to see both the recordings or see only one camera at a time.

The wired controller that is connected to the main unit contains a LED to show whether the camera is recording and 2 buttons. Short press one button to take snapshots that won’t be erased by loop recording and long press to turn on/off the Wi-Fi function.

Camera is Full Waterproof

All the components of this recording system are IP65 waterproof, except the camera lens which is IP67. You can seamlessly record in any weather, knowing that the unit will withstand a good amount of water, rain, or ice. However, since this unit is not IP69K weather-resistant, we do not advise you to drive in heavy rain or ice. The system might break, plus you’re exposing yourself by driving through dangerous weather.

Permanent Power Supply

Another exceptional feature of this camera is the supercapacitor design. Thanks to the supercapacitor, the VSYSTO P6F motorcycle camera does not risk a battery explosion. Moreover, it increases the life of the unit and allows for seamless recording. The unit starts recording the moment you turn on your bike and stops recording when you turned off the engine.

Other Features

VSYSTO P6F supports SD cards of up to 128 GB. That’s not too much, knowing that other motorcycle recording devices can support up to 256 GB. However, the great news is that you can pre-set the loop interval to 1, 3 or 5 minutes. The G-sensor is also active for this unit. It’s 3-axis collision detection ensures that any accident is captured on tape and won’t be erased by loop recording.

You can either use the automatic G-sensor or use the manual one by pressing the button and taking snapshots of the road ahead and behind.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Mobile App

Ultimately, the VSYSTO P6F motorcycle camera allows you to easily connect the unit to your smartphone over Wi-Fi and view, download, or share your videos. The app, which is available for both iOS and Android, allows you to set up the camera, personalize it, and also make it work better.

You’ll definitely love how smooth this app works. Moreover, add the optional GPS tracker to share your speed, coordinates, and route to your friends and allow them to look you up in Google Maps.