The VicoVation OPIA2 is a great device to buy if you are in search of a superior dashcam that takes care of all your requirements for surveillance. It comes with an amazing array of features and has a promise of quality and versatility that is difficult to beat. Although it looks simple from the outside, the camera packs a punch with its fantastic range of features and state of the art technology.

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All this comes at an affordable package, which makes it better for purchase. Read this review and know what the Vico OPIA2 has on offer for you.

VicoVation OPIA2 Ease Of Use

You will love how easy it is to use this camera. The VicoVation OPIA2 starts recording as soon as you turn it on. This can look very easy. However, while you are driving, it can be very advantageous to press as less number of buttons as possible. However, if you do not wish to record footage, you can simply turn it off.

You can easily and quickly mount the dashcam on the windshield. The camera has various mounting options, such as quick release brackets, adhesive, and suction cups, which you can choose from. It features well-constructed mounting brackets, which can keep the VicoVation OPIA2 securely mounted in the place. There is little vibration or shaking in the video or movement in the footages even when you are riding on a smooth roadway.

Design And Build

The VicoVation OPIA2 has a solid and superior construction and can offer you the best video and image quality. This is a small camera, at only under 500 grams, and is light enough. When set up within the car, it does not result in any problems.

Camera Quality

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging of the camera ensures the clearest quality of captured footages, similar to the Saimly 2.7. The camera lets you record at low, medium, and high exposures, and can blend all the focal ranges into single video footage. It is particularly assistive, given that nothing is out of focus or blurred out.

The photos and videos captured in 2,560 X 1,440 Resolution can offer footages in a lot of detail. The HDR ensures greater viewability and solid contrast. The video quality is the best that you can expect from such type of a shooter. There are fantastic recording options, such as engine-on auto recording, seamless recording, emergency recording, and circular recording.

These can help you in varied situations while driving. The option for night time recording is an excellent one, and the VicoVation OPIA2 keeps the same high-quality resolution intact. You can also find a time-lapse video mode, which can be quite helpful. 4 MP image sensors support the camera and ensure high-quality video, stable recording, and bright colors.

The VicoVation OPIA2 has a 6G MP lens, and the video quality is excellent for its size. It has 2560 x 1440 Resolution and you can get finished footage of 1440p @30 fps HDR or 1080p @ 60 FPS. You can record videos at a speed of 30 FPS, and there is no missing of any minute details while recording.


The GPS setting includes an overlay option. The device, similar to any other dashcam such as Saimly 2.7, can record footage in real-time with the present time and date. This lets the device show the exact time when something exactly happened. Similarly, the GPS overlay adds a fresh dimension and can help you to demonstrate further your exact location during the recordings.


The VicoVation OPIA2 stands out from similar offerings with its emergency recording feature. Once you push the orange button, the camera begins to record footage. Whatever is recorded does not get overwritten. In case that is insufficient for you, note that the device even records the first half-minute after and before completing the emergency recording.

Once you press the button fast, you can record footages that would be missed by other cameras, except perhaps shooters like LG Innotek LGD521. The VicoVation OPIA2 keeps the recorded footages in an isolated folder, and as many as 10 footage files can be stored at a time.

The mute button is another notable feature. In case you are having a fully private conversation, whether, with other people in your car or talking on your phone, you can use the button to cease audio recording without blocking the visual feed. In other words, the video footage can be recorded although the audio is muted.

The VicoVation OPIA2 makes use of a supercapacitor instead of a regular lithium-ion battery. It is much more heat-resistant and can withstand heat under windscreen glass even in peak summer, unlike other cameras.


The camera has an intelligent parking mode, which is activated by default. It makes use of a G-sensor for recording any activity while you keep your vehicle parked. In case your car is static but any object hits it, the VicoVation OPIA2 automatically starts recording and notes it for you. When you are making any insurance claims, the data can be extremely assistive for you.

Even if the object that comes in contact with your vehicle is not enough to physically dislocate or knock your car, the dashcam can record anything close with motion sensors.

Buying The VicoVation OPIA2 – Is It A Good Choice?

The VicoVation OPIA2 is definitely worth buying. It has fantastic video quality for its size and offers seamless, hassle-free recording while you are driving. The night vision is one of its strongest points, and you can be assured of fabulous footage quality even in low lit or completely dark surroundings while driving. Despite being small, it packs in quite a punch and deserves to be in your car.