VAVA 4K is a modern dashboard camera that has just hit the market. It comes with impressive features and a plethora of benefits for savvy drivers. For example, you can use this camera to record flawless 4k quality. That’s 3840X2140 at 30fps, which is the best you can get.

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At this quality, the recording is so good that you can easily play it on your smart TV and enjoy all the details. You can even play it on your home cinema. It’s like watching a movie with your buddies. This dashcam is also equipped with night vision, comes with an advanced app, offers Wi-Fi connectivity, and protects your vehicle thanks to the 24-hour parking monitoring.

Vava 4k is Made by a Top Company

VAVA 4K, also known as VA-VD004, is one of the best dashcams made so far by VAVA. This product was just released last month, in September 2019, and it’s already getting rave reviews from fans. Many drivers expected this model because they are getting used to the quality of the VAVA products.

Needless to say, VAVA is a company that has won our hearts. Their dashcams have all had impressive features, allowing drivers to stay safe behind the wheel while capturing footage in high quality. Some cameras, such as VAVA dual, were even able to capture both the front and back of the road.

The VAVA dual allows you to capture almost 300 degrees of footage and enjoy crystal clear clarity. In a single-mode, you can get QHD quality and record at 2560x1440P@30fps. However, VAVA 4K in a much better version. Let’s take a closer look at how this modern dashcam can help you enjoy unforgettable moments behind the wheel.

More Than Extraordinary Recording Quality

As far as the recording quality is concerned, I wasn’t able to find any drawbacks. This camera is simply perfect, allowing you to record in Ultra HD 4k quality even you’re driving at a high speed. Thanks to the Ambarella H22 chipset, F 1.8 aperture, and 6 glass lens, you’ll be able to enjoy unforgettable recordings.

The Sony IMX307 sensor does its job flawlessly, making the camera record almost perfectly at night. During a low light environment, the camera will automatically enhance lighting and exposure, so the end result will be more than satisfactory. That’s also when the image signal processing technology from Sony kicks in, adding in more brightness in dark spots and decreasing strong light from headlights and street lamps.

Vava 4k – 360 Degree Rotating

This camera is equipped with 155 degrees wide-angle lens to help you capture more of the road ahead. It also offers you a gorgeous design with a 360-degree swivel angle. As a result, you’ll be able to record at any angle and rotate the camera however you want.

This feature is something you can’t but falls in love with. You will be able to capture footage inside your car and record your own driving experience. Then you can upload the movie recorded online with just a few taps on your phone screen using the app.

App & Seamless Sharing

Another feature you’ll get to love about this modern dashcam is the app. The VAVA 4k mobile app allows you to do a whole lot of tasks, from sharing live video footage with your friends across social platforms and video & photo editing to direct video transfer to police or insurance companies.

You can easily download the app on both Android and iOS devices. You should spend less than one minute connecting your phone to the actual dashcam and then you can streamline the operation of your new camera. Additionally, the VAVA 4k dashboard camera connects to WiFi, so you can hook it up to your Hotspot for firmware updates and other useful features.

24/7 Parking Monitoring

This modern dashcam is not just great at recording and at sharing videos. It also comes with parking monitoring thanks to the built-in battery. Once your car is parked and you are away from your vehicle, the camera will automatically turn on when triggered by bumps or hits on your car.

Thanks to the battery, it can record for up to 15 seconds. That’s all the proof you need in court in case someone damages your vehicle or tries to steal it. What’s truly amazing about this device is that it can record up to 40 sessions of 15 seconds. The built-in battery has enough space for 40 short recordings. Of course, you should consider replacing the battery once you get past 30 recorded events.

To use this feature, do not forget to activate it in the menu.

Loop Recording

This is a standard feature that all dashcam has. VAVA 4k records videos in 1,2, or 3-minute increments. Not that the maximum card capacity this device works with is 128 GB. That’s the only downside I can find about this device. Also, note that the card is not included in the package, so you’ll have to order it separately.

Snapshot Button

Ultimately, the snapshot button is a true upgrade over previous dashcams. The team behind this camera has gone above and beyond and have truly managed to exceed all our expectations. This feature is totally unique in the dashboard camera industry. The button comes inside the package and can be mounted on your steering wheel. You can press it whenever you want to take quick 4k snapshots and save them to your smartphone.

If you press the button a little longer, the camera will instead take a short 20 seconds video. Of course, you can easily share the snapshots and the video with your friends or upload them on Facebook and YouTube.

Vava 4k Conclusion

The VAVA 4k is a dashcam that I strongly recommend. Despite the lack of a memory card, this device looks amazing, comes with a 360 swivel degree design and records in full 4k. It also streamlines the sharing of photos and videos and protects your car from accidents.

If you want to buy this camera, click on the amazon link we included above. You certainly won’t be disappointed once you test for yourself how good it is. Instead, you might buy a few for your best friends too.

Technical Help Information

If you need more help with Vava 4k dash cam please send email to [email protected]