The Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera is a compact unit with a 1.5-inch LCD screen, G-sensor, and other features that may appeal to anyone in the market for a new dashboard camera. If you are currently searching for a dash cam, then learn more about the Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera. Read the rest of this in-depth Vantrue N1 review.

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  • Emergency Lock & Auto Motion Detection (G-Sensor) : As a qualified car safeguard camera, G-sensor detects any impact will...
  • Seamless Loop Recording : Like most dash cams, N1 also come with a small battery(130mAH), It requires hard wiring to power to...

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Features Of The Vantrue N1 Dash Cam

As you shop for dashboard cameras, pay close attention to the features. The Vantrue N1 dash cam dashboard camera has numerous features. Some of these are standard for dashboard cameras in 2016, while others are a welcome addition.

High-Performance N1 Processor
The Vantrue N1 dash cam has a high-performance N1 processor. This allows the Vantrue dash cam car dashboard camera to record exceptional video in almost any setting. The NT96650 processor and AR0330 color CMOS sensor continuously record HD video without any stutter or lag.

Loop Recording and Auto File Lock
These next two features are fairly standard for a dash cam. You get loop recording and auto file lock. With loop recording, the camera will automatically delete the oldest video files in order to make room for new video clips. This lets you continue recording, even if your memory card is full.

The auto file lock is used during collision detection. When the Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera detects strong vibrations or a collision, the most recent video files are locked. This keeps them from being accidentally deleted during loop recording.

1.5-Inch TFT LCD Display
Despite being a compact camera, the Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera includes an LCD display. The TFT LCD display measures 1.5-inches. This is a small display but allows you to properly position your camera after mounting. In order to cut down on battery usage, the LCD display features an auto shut off feature. After 3 minutes of recording, the LCD display will turn off. This also helps prevent a distraction.

Snapshot for Taking Individual Photos
Along with recording HD videos, you can take individual pictures. The Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera allows you to take 12MP snapshots. In the event of an accident, you can detach your camera from its mount and take photos of the damage. The individual snapshots are taken at 12-mega pixels.

Strong Suction Mount
The Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera is easy to install and detach. The provided suction mount easily sticks to your windshield or any other smooth surfaces. It keeps your camera securely in place and helps to minimize camera shake.

1080P High-Definition Video Recording
What about the quality of the video? The Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera records 1920 x 1080-pixel HD video at 30 frames per second. This gives you a clear picture while recording during the day or night. The video is clear enough to capture license plates and road signs.

156-Degree Viewing Angle
The HD video recording is complemented by the 156-degree viewing angle. This gives you a wide view of the surrounding area. Having more coverage of your environment increases the chances of recording the cause of an accident.

G-Sensor Can Detect Collisions
As mentioned, the Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera includes a loop recording and auto-lock. The G-sensor is used for identifying when an accident occurs. The auto-lock gets put in place when the G-sensor detects a collision or major vibrations.

Parking Monitor with Motion Detection
The G-sensor is not your only form of protection. The Vantrue N1 dash cam also has a parking monitor with motion detection. When you park your vehicle, you can turn the parking monitor on with the press of a button.

Once the parking monitor is engaged, the motion detector will signal to the camera to begin recording when people or objects approach your vehicle.

Pros Of The Vantrue N1 Dash Cam

The Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera contains several amazing advantages that are worth pointing out. This includes a thermal protection circuit, a compact design, and super night vision.

Vantrue is Compact
Another wonderful advantage of the Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera is its size. It measures a compact 2.36×1.34×1.97-inches and only weighs 3 ounces. This small size makes it discreet. It also helps to minimize camera shake, providing more stability and clearer video.

Super Night Vision Recording
When recording at low light levels, you get to truly examine the quality of the lens. With the Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera, you get super night vision recording. The high-class F2.0 6-layer glass lens helps to deliver enhanced video quality, even when driving at night.

Cons Of The Vantrue Dash Cam Car Dashboard Camera

The Vantrue N1 review would not be complete without examining the disadvantages of this camera. Keep these issues in mind while comparing your choices. The drawbacks include limited support for memory cards and a complicated update system.

Only Supports Up to 32GB Memory Card
The Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera uses MicroSD cards. But, it only supports sizes up to 32GB. This should be fine for most users. With 32GB, you should be able to record up to 5.5 hours at full 1080-pixel HD. When recording at 720p, you should get about 9 hours of video recording.

Can Be Difficult to Update Firmware
When it comes time to update the firmware for the Vantrue dash cam dashboard camera, you will need to follow the instructions carefully. The process can be confusing and requires you to take your time. Some users may struggle with the updating process. Luckily, you do not need to update very often – or you could choose to never update.

Final Thoughts On The Vantrue Dash Cam Car Dashboard Camera

Hopefully, this Vantrue N1 review has given you enough information to make an informed decision. If you are searching for a new dash cam, consider all of your options. This includes the Vantrue dash cam car dashboard camera. A comparable camera is the Z-Edge Z3 3-Inch 2K dash cam. Both options are compact and easy to use. The major difference is the recording quality.

The Z-Edge is capable of recording in full 2K HD while the Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera can record up to 1080-pixel video. Though, the Vantrue N1 dash cam has a few advantages over the Z-Edge. The Vantrue dash cam car dashboard camera is incredibly compact. It is more discreet than Z-Edge. This is beneficial if you are purchasing your camera for security purposes. It also has a wider angle lens, with a viewing angle of 156-degrees.

The Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera is a quality option. It records in 1080p HD and includes all of the features that have become standard for modern dashboard cameras. Consider the features that are most important to you. When comparing dashboard cameras, directly compare each of these features.  

This could include the resolution of the video, the type of memory card used, and the various settings. Take your time and review all of your options, including the Vantrue N1 dash cam car dashboard camera.