More and more people have preferred mirror dashcams over the regular ones. But, with so much to choose from, it becomes harder and harder for anyone to decide. Today, we will be reviewing the VanTop H612T 12” 4K Mirror Dashcam. Let us find out if this dashcam is one that is worth considering.

Upfront, this dashcam’s sleek look will certainly catch you off guard. It certainly looks great for its price range. Not only that, but it also has 4K recording capabilities. Having a Sony Starvis IMX425 sensor for its front camera will make sure that all your recordings will always be crisp and clear with that 4K resolution feature.

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Additionally, it offers a 170° wide-angle view for its front camera and a 160° wide-angle view for its rear camera, giving it an overall perspective of almost 360°. Compared to a standard center mirror, this gives it a wider range of view, especially for the vehicle’s rear. It allows you to change perspectives, viewing the front or the rear, or even going as far as allowing you to display both.

How It Compares With Vantop H612

Compared to its cheaper counterpart, the VanTop H612 12” 2.5K Mirror Dashcam, this dashcam is so much better. Being the very first 4K mirror dashcam available in the market, this has certainly caught the eye of a lot of car owners out there. Not only that, its camera sensor and better resolution are also of an entirely another level compared to its cheaper counterpart.

Looking good right? But let’s not be rash in our decision making. Let’s get to know more about the product and see for yourself if it has the features you expect it to be having. After all, you are paying for it with your hard-earned money.

VanTop H612T Specifications

One of the best ways of getting to know the product is by checking out its technical specifications. It is a summary of things it can and can’t do. Additionally, it is a good place to start with especially when you have no idea what technology it is packing. Looking at VanTop’s H612T’s specifications will also allow you to gauge better if this model is good for you and your needs. After all, we don’t just purchase something because it looks good but because it has what we are looking for.

To know what exactly does the VanTop H612T Dash cam has to offer, please see below:

Vantop 612T

Model Name: VanTop H612T
Video Resolution Supported: Front Camera: 3840x2160P Back Camera: 1920x1080P
Image Sensor: Sony IMX415
Lens Angle: 170° for the front and 160° for the back
Display: 11.66” IPS

Storage: 64Gb up to 128Gb expandable storage (not included)
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Parking Mode: Yes, w/ impact detection
WiFi Support: No
GPS Support: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
App: No

What Comes With The Package?

Knowing what comes with the package allows you to know if there is any need to spend more than you already have. VanTop H612t will include the following accessories right outside the box:

• VanTop H612T Mirror Dashcam
• Rear Camera Kit
• GPS Antenna
• Rubber Mounting Strap (4pieces)
• Adhesive Pads (2 pieces)
• Pry Tool
• Screws (2 pieces)
• Cleaning Cloth
• Car Charger
• User Manual

VanTop H612T Features

Being the world’s first 4K Mirror Dashcam, the VanTop H612T has a lot of features to boast about. This is what makes this dashcam worth considering. However, what exactly are the features that the VanTop H612T comes with? Come let us dig further together and know what exactly these features are and what’s so good about them.

VanTop H612T Video Quality

One of the best things the VanTop H612T has to offer is its video quality. With its Sony Starvis IMX415 sensor, you will surely not miss a single detail. There are a lot of things that become unclear/blurry when recorded in 1080P resolution like license plates in a distance and the 4K resolution support solves this problem.

Not only that but with this dashcam’s sensor, you will be able to capture clear night time footage even under lowlight conditions. Compared to the conventional 4K-resolutions sensor being used in the market nowadays, it has 3.3 times higher low light performance. Thanks to this, may it day or night, you will always be able to record clear and high-quality videos without a problem.

It is unfortunate though that the resolution supported by the front cam cannot be changed to a lower resolution making it impossible to save on memory storage.

Larger Monitor Display

Being a mirror dashcam, it has a big advantage over regular dashcams in terms of display size. Having a 12” IPS Display, you will have a bigger view and perspective of the road. As most mirror dashcams in the market go only up to 10”, the VanTop H612T offers a wider horizontal perspective than most of its competition.

Since it has a larger display, the video output presented will not look cramped like how it does in regular dashcams. You will have clear and full control of your sight or vision with the help of this mirror dashcam. Also thanks to its wide display, it gives more perspective to your vehicle’s rear-view compared to when using your vehicle’s center mirror.

With this, you will be able to prevent unwanted accidents or collisions with the vehicle on your back.

Voice Control Features

Another thing that’s great about this dashcam is its voice command features. With this feature, you are able to perform simple commands without having to touch the dashcam. If you want to view the rear cam’s view, you simply have to say ‘show rear camera” or if you want to display the front cam’s view, all you have to say is ‘show front camera”.

It can understand your voice commands to a certain level allowing you to perform simple tasks even while driving. Isn’t that great However, it is not limited to just that. You can also perform other tasks such as taking a photo or a recording all with your voice. Talk about convenience right?

VanTop H612T Parking Mode

When in parking mode, the VanTop H612T mirror dashcam also ensures all-around protection for your vehicle. Although it does not say that it is possible to continue recording even when you are parking, it can detect any abnormal impact or vibration around your vehicle. It automatically records a 20-second long video capturing the entire accident and how it happened.

This dashcam also has a G-sensor built into it. During a collision, it automatically locks the real-time video for it not to be accidentally removed or overwritten. So even if you are not around to witness the accident itself, you are sure to have a recording that will show you exactly how it happened and how it happened without fear of it being deleted.

Furthermore, this mirror dashcam also has parking assist features. What it does is, when your car is in reverse, it automatically displays the rear of your vehicle marked with parking guidelines to help and guide you to park your car safely.

GPS Support

A good dashcam will always have reliable GPS support. Navigation and traffic monitoring is made more convenient and easier thanks to this feature. Not only that, this device’s GPS allows the dashcam to record your vehicle’s speed and location data when driving. You can also check your driving route by replaying the saved videos on its included GX player.

VanTop H612T Conclusion

So, is the VanTop H612T Mirror Dashcam worth the hype? Although the VanTop name hasn’t been long in the market, it is certainly living up to the expectations of the majority.

With its ability to record true 4K resolution videos, it makes it a cut above the rest. This dashcam is able to provide you with more detail and information on your video recording. Not only that, it has sensors that allow you to record videos even under lowlight conditions. It has a 330° over-all camera perspective leaving little to almost no room for a blindspot.

Having voice control features also gives it the option of operating it hands-free which is certainly useful. However, even though it has all these amazing features, it also has its setbacks which are understandable given its price range. First, let’s start with its supported memory storage. A storage limit of 128Gb for a dashcam that supports 4K recording will never be enough. The higher the quality of the video is, the more space it takes.

With no option to change resolution makes it unfortunate as it means this dashcam will always be recording 4K resolution videos. Aside from this, it also has no Wi-Fi and App support which could have made it convenient for anyone to monitor their vehicles even on the go.

The VanTop H612T’s pros do outweigh its cons. This means that even if it has its shortcomings, it is undeniable that it is still one of the best options there is. With an affordable price tag packed with desirable features, what exactly is there not to like about it? If it has all the features you need and is right for your budget, then this dashcam is certainly a catch.