VanTop H610 is a modern mirror dash cam backup camera that offers impressive features and outstanding recording quality. This device released in September 2019 offers you 2.5k recording, f/1.4 aperture, Sony Starvis sensor, and dual camera recording.

This dual recording camcorder is quite easy to install and looks extremely good. The large screen, extendable camera in the front and square camera in the rear can create a very good impression to other people traveling in your vehicle.

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VanTop H610 dash cam backup camera will operate without problems in temperatures from – 4 F to 140 f. The guidelines for easy and safe parking will automatically show on screen the moment you shift to “r” gear.

Design & Aspect of VanTop H610 Dash Cam

In terms of looks, VanTop H610 resembles the VVCAR Dual Dash Cam backup camera. They are both constructed of high-quality plastic that withstands impact and lasts very long in time. You can discover more about the VVCAR camera here.

Another great device that looks similar to VanTop dashcam is Boscam r2, a unique dash cam that features a laminated and anti-glare display. You can’t but fall in love with this spending dashcam from Boscam. Read about it here.

How to Set Up VanTop H610 Dash Cam

In order to set up the VanTop H610 dual camera, you need to follow some precise steps. Without any prior experience and without any guide, you might need a couple of hours to install the device. Fortunately, there are lots of videos and guides available online, plus you can always contact the manufacturer and they will offer you the support needed.

First of all, you want to mount the monitor over your rearview mirror. You can do that with ease using the straps inside the box. Next, connect the monitor to a continuous power source to ensure it has access to constant power.

Run the wire from the monitor to the back of your car and connect it to your rear camera. You can place the rear camera anywhere, but the manufacturer recommends you place it on your license plate. Finally, connect the rear camera to the taillight to power it up and then sync it with the main unit.

Options To Use

The large 10” monitor is very easy to use and responsive. It comes with a wide range of options to make your life easier and to enable you to leverage the benefits that come by having two cameras. You have a lot of options to choose from.

For instance, you can take photos with each camera or with both of them at the same time. You can set up your own timelapse for photos. You can also enable sleep mode so that the screen turns off and you can use it as a rearview mirror.

Because this is an IPS screen, you can clearly see what lies behind you, even if you use it as a rearview mirror. It also offers you a greater variety of colors, higher display quality, and improved color accuracy. You’ll be able to enjoy your recordings in 2.5K and share your media across all social media platforms.

Vantop h610 ​2.5k Recording Quality

The front camera records at such exceptional quality that it’s impossible not to see the difference. Compared to most other dashcams out there, VanTop H610 is simply in a league of its own. Basically, you can record at 2.5k with one camera and 1080p with the other. You have the freedom to switch between the cameras. You can record at 2.5k with the front camera, or with the rear one.

However, you can’t use 2.5k when recording simultaneously due to technology limitations. This dashboard camera offers you a very good range of view. The front camera allows you to see everything at 160 degrees, while the rear camera has a field of view of 140 degrees. Because bot cameras record simultaneously the moment you start your car, you can enjoy 300 degrees of all-around protection at all times.

The Sony Starvis sensor combined with the f/1.4 aperture and 6 glass lens ensures that you enjoy a flawless recording quality and exceptional footage.

Exceptional Night Vision

The Sony Starlight sensor ensures that you get the highest quality videos and see all the details clearly, even during pitch black driving conditions. This is a high-sensitivity sensor that is used in just a few other models of dashcams. Because it can deliver high sensitivity coupled with low noise, the Sony Starvis sensor enables you to clearly see all objects, even if they are in a dark corner.

You can notice street signs, license plates and even animals that linger on the sides of the road.

Reversing Aid System in VanTp H610 Dash Cam

The VanTop H610 is a dual dashcam recording system that is equipped with a vast array of features. One of the best it provides is the reversing aid system. More specifically, when you shift in the reverse gear, the rear camera will get automatically in 2.5k and will get priority on your screen. Moreover, the system will turn on the guidelines, so you can park easily and safely.

In order to benefit from this feature, you need to connect the red wire of the rear camera to the positive pole of the rear reversing light.

Loop Recording, G-Sensor and Park Monitoring

Another 3 features that are extremely useful are loop recording, G-sensor, and park monitoring. Because of loop recording, the system will keep recording even is the SD memory card is full. You can rest assured that the system will never stop recording. Obviously, you need a larger SD card in order to contain as much footage as possible. The device limits you to 128 GB, but that’s more than enough for 3-4 hours of continuous footage.

The G-sensor kicks in when it detects an accident, crash or any other bump on the road. When it triggers, it will save the recording in a separate spot, so you won’t lose the footage. In case you need it in court or you want to share it with your friends, you can rest assured that it is on the card.

Lastly, the park monitoring enables the device to turn on when your car is parked, and it senses movement or hits. The camera turns on if it detects vibration or someone touches your car and records a short 20-seconds video.

Vantop H610​ Technical Support

For technical support please follow this link