Driving Accidents

Getting into a car accident is one of the worst things you can go through. It’s even worse when your whole car gets totaled. A major crash can put a dent in your psyche – and your wallet. What better way to reduce the damages than to have solid proof for the insurance companies that you were not at fault? 

Finding out the party at fault can be a prolonged and difficult process – from the very first moment two drivers get out of their cars and start arguing to the difficult, protracted arbitration process. You want to steer clear of all of this stuff. Installing a dash camera can prevent the majority of the legal headaches that often succeed in major accidents by recording the events of what happened. If you have the evidence on cam, you will have a solid case for the police to look at. 

Parking Accidents

It might seem silly to say, but one of the most at-risk places for your automobile is in a parking garage. The automobile next to you might scrape you when you’re pulling out, or worse yet, your car might get vandalized by a nogoodnik. Anytime you leave your car unattended – whether in your driveway or in a parking garage – you don’t know what could happen to it.

The cool thing about dash cams is that they don’t need to cease recording when your car is stopped. Many of the dash cameras out there are battery-operated, so you can leave on dash cams on while you have to go and do something. Imagine if a careless driver in a parking garage sideswiped your car.

Wouldn’t you want to have his license plate recorded on your dash cam? You could then get his insurance company to pay for the damages.

Insurance Fraud

Having a car accident is one of the worst nightmares of any driver. Whenever you hit a bump, dip, or pothole in the road, does a little part of you ever worry that you ran over a pedestrian? It can be hard to believe, but there are individuals out there who make it their mission to really get hit by a car – they’re more than willing to get a broken leg so that they can get a big, fat insurance settlement check.

If you put a dash camera in, there will be video footage if someone purposefully tries to run out into traffic in order to get hit by your car. Some people just sprint out toward moving cards and bounce right off the windshield. This is a dirty scam, and it puts the pedestrian and the driver at risk.

Hopefully, you’ll have a dashboard camera installed if this kind of thing happens to you. Nothing would be worse than having a criminal record and a civil settlement against you – just because you hadn’t put a dash camera in.

Show Of Your Skills Behind The Wheel

Dashcams aren’t just used for crashes, accidents, and scammers. Sometimes, these car-ready cameras record some really amazing footage of great driving skills. There are a lot of enthusiasts who utilize their dashboard cameras to record all sorts of daring driving maneuvers. As long as it’s legal, and as long as you’re a skilled driver, why not record your exploits on a dash cam? You can upload the footage to YouTube later.

Get Footage Of The Unexpected

If you have a dash camera, it’s a good idea to keep it on all the time. Even though the main motivator is your legal protection and safety, you will be able to capture some excellent footage by keeping your camera turned on. You probably already heard about the meteor that flew over Russia this past February. There are a lot of short clips of this amazing event, but the main reason is that so many people had dash cams installed.

Record Your Road Trip

If you like to take road trips, there is no better way to record the memory than with a dash cam. A dashboard camera will preserve the memory of your journey, and you will be able to put the tapes in and look over them in old age when you’re too old to get out there on the open road again. If you’ve ever been worried that you’ll forget your life-changing experiences out on the open road, don’t worry anymore.

A dashboard camera can preserve your memories. If you take a lot of road trips, you will have some great footage of travel experiences for your grandchildren. There are so many reasons to buy a dashboard camera. Plus, they’re cheap. You can definitely afford one, and it could save you a ton of money down the road.

Police departments in major cities around the country are instituting a new accident policy

Police departments in cities like:
Las Vegas,
Los Angeles,
San Diego,
San Francisco, and all around the world are telling their officers not to respond to accidents unless they are injury-related or hit-and-run accidents.

It is smarter than ever to install dashboard cameras and backup cameras in your car so that you can prove your case to the insurance company, if the other driver contests who was at fault, or if they drive off from the scene of the accident.

Backup cameras and dash cameras work together. Having a recording device in the front interior and the back interior of the car can help you capture footage of an accident, whether the accident takes place in the front or the back of the vehicle.