Are you searching for the best dash cams to buy today? There are dozens of quality choices, including the Vantrue X1, the Powerlead Dash Cam Dual Camera, and the Rexing V1 2.4” LCD FHD camera. But, those are just a few options. You also need to check out these 6 best 2017 dash cams.

Dashboard cameras are constantly being improved and updated. Each year, new features help make the latest entries superior to previous options. If you want the best dash cam for your vehicle, then you need to compare the latest cameras. This includes the following list of the top 6 best 2017 dash cams.

You’ll find cameras with full HD recording, quality zoom, easy installation, and other useful features. Before you purchase your next camera, make sure that your review the top 6 best dashboard cameras for 2017.

Top 6 Best 2017 Dash Cams Are :

#1 – Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD

The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD is one of the best cameras available, thanks to a variety of useful features, including the sleek design and simple operation. You should have no problem installing this compact dash cam in your vehicle. It even comes equipped with two docking stations.

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This allows you to place a docking station in two separate vehicles and easily switch the camera to the vehicle that you’re using. Along with these wonderful features, the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD dash cam has all the technical specs that you’d expect from one of the top 6 best 2017 dash cams. This includes GPS geo-tagging, 1080P HD recording, and a large 4-inch touch screen.

Another benefit of choosing the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD is 24/7 surveillance. When connected to your car battery using the provided hardwire kit, the Falcon dash cam will receive continuous power. You can click here to read the full Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD dash cam review.

#2 – KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Dash Cam

The next entry in the top 6 best 2017 dash cams is the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD. This camera includes a rearview mirror display, which allows you to use this unit as a backup camera. Another highlight is the option of using the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD as a single front camera or as a dual-camera setup.

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The cameras are easy to install. You can place one camera on your front windshield and the other in the back. With an anti-glare screen, you always get the best video, even on exceptionally sunny days or rainy days. Regardless of the weather, you’ll get a clear video with the KDLINKS R100. And, you can record in Ultra HD with the front camera.

It records at 1296p HD, while the rear camera records in full 1080p HD. You can get the full details on why this is one of the top 6 best 2017 dash cams by reading the complete KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD dash cam review.

#3 – Falcon Zero F360 HD Dash Cam

The Falcon Zero F360 HD is another of the top 6 dashboard cameras for 2017, due to the inclusion of two cameras. Both cameras are equipped with night vision, 1080p recording, and 120-degree viewing angles. You can save space on your dashboard. The Falcon Zero F360 can be mounted on the rear-view mirror. Cord management is also easy. You get a 10-foot power cord, USB charger, and clips to keep the cords from getting tangled.

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Another reason that this is one of the top 6 best 2017 dash cams is that this camera comes with a 32GB SD card. This lets you record at least 6 hours before needing to delete files. And, it features a loop recording. With loop recording, the camera will automatically record over the oldest video file when the card is full. Read the review of the Falcon Zero F360 HD dash cam to learn more about why this is one of the top 6 dashboard cameras for 2017.

#4 – KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD Dash Cam

The KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD is also one of the top 6 best 2017 dash cams. It is ready to use right out of the box. You get a 16GB microSD card, along with the necessary cords and mounting equipment. The KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD camera comes equipped with some of the features you’d expect. It includes a loop recording. You also get a G-sensor, wide-angle viewing lens, and superior night mode.

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The superior night mode lets you record clear video at night or during low light conditions. This is ideal if you live in a rainy region or plan on recording at night. What helps this camera stand out is the simplified design and dual cameras. You can record at 1080p with the front camera and 720p with the rear camera. Check out the KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD dash cam review to discover all the details of one of the top 6 dashboard cameras for 2017.

#5 – Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 Dash Cam

Another option from the list of the top 6 best 2017 dash cams is the Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 2017 Edition dash cam. The previous version made it to the list of the top dash cams for 2016. This newer camera offers some of the best video recordings available. What’s new? They’ve added a new Sony IMX322 CMOS sensor and an infrared cut filter. These additions help deliver a clearer picture, even while recording in foggy or rainy environments.

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You can record day or night, in any weather conditions. The Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 2017 camera also supports large microSD cards. While it comes with a 64GB card, you can upgrade up to a 256GB microSD card. With a 256GB card, you should be able to record up to 48 hours of HD footage before needing to clear space on your memory card.

Some of the other advantages of the Street Guardian includes a 1.5-inch screen, built-in speakers and microphone, and motion detection. To learn more, click here to read the full Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 2017 dash cam review.

#6 – KDLINKS X1 Dash Camera

This Product Has Been Discontinued

The final entry in the top 6 best 2017 dash cams is the KDLINKS X1. This is a camera that has been updated numerous times, which is why it’s still one of the best options. The KDLINKS X1 records full 1080p HD video and features a super-wide 165-degree angle lens. It also provides GPS tracking, an emergency lock button, and other useful safety features.

You may also like superior heat resistance. The KDLINKS will continue to work at temperatures up to 170-degrees for at least 6 hours. This means that you should be able to leave it in your car without worry. Another benefit is the quality of technical support available from KDLINKS. You can get a response to any issue that you have within 24 hours. But, there is still more to explore. Here is the full review of the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera!

Choosing The Best Dashboard Camera For Your Vehicle

That covers the top 6 best 2017 dash cams. These are your best options for finding a quality camera for your vehicle. But, how do you choose the right one? You should start by thinking about the features that are most important to you. For example, do you want the best picture quality or do you require GPS geotagging?

Think about these details as you compare the top 6 dashboard cameras for 2017 and narrow down your selection. Good luck with your search and don’t forget to check out the full reviews of each of the top 6 dashboard cameras for 2017.