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If you are like most of us, you probably travel a lot from point A to point B. Whether you want to see your family in the West, go shopping, find new customers for your company or simply take a day off and drive around the neighborhood, you obviously choose to take the car, as it is the most reliable means of transportation.

However, more and more drivers have a reckless driving style, so safety has become a primary concern for drivers. There are many ways to protect you and your dear ones on the road, but the single best method to ensure your vehicle is safe is to record your trip with the Thinkware F550. This modern dash cam lets you deal with reckless and aggressive drivers and can protect your investment in case of an accident or theft.

Unlike a smartphone, this dash camera recorder is always watching, always recording. It powers up the moment you turn your ignition on and continues to record until you turn off the engine. With this modern device, you can keep a record of your journey while having the peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

Top Quality Dashcam Made In South Korea

What sets Thinkware F550 Full HD dash cam apart from its competitors is its out-of-this-world build quality, excellent recording capabilities, and unique design. This dash cam is designed by some of the best engineers in South Korea, boasting a sleek design with tons of unique features that are extremely useful.

Considered one of the most reliable dash camcorders, the Thinkware F550 provides all necessary evidence you might need in case of an accident. However, even though this device is exceptional, it has some drawbacks, just like any other product available on the market. In this Thinkware F550, we will review this dash cam from the perspective of a customer, taking into account both its positive aspects and negative ones.

Thinkware F550 Pros

High-Performance Cortex A8 Processor:
thanks to its extremely fast processor, the F550 is always up to date with your location and can record seamlessly at 1080p. Moreover, this processor supports the Advanced Clear Video Technology for a greatly improve image quality.

Built-in GPS Antenna:
its built-in antenna records the location and vehicle speed into each video. You can then track the location of your own videos using PC Viewer and discover exactly where you have recorded that accident or that astounding view.

2.4MP CMOS Sensor:
a high-performance lens that lets the dashcam capture video in 1080p.

Dual Save Technology:
this new feature helps you save videos that feature impact or important events right into the built-in memory so that they won’t get erased so easily. This technology ensures that important events will never be erased. The need for a device battery is completely eliminated. Additionally, thanks to the fail-safe recording technology, the dash cam can withstand high temperatures inside the vehicle.

Dedicated PC Software:
this is one of the few dashcams which comes with dedicated apps for both Windows and Mac. The software offers a plethora of features, allowing you to edit the videos and configure the video settings.

Several Autonomous Recording Modes:
this dashcam offers various recording modes that you can use according to your own needs. You can choose from incident recording, continuous recording, manual recording, and motion detection recording. Additionally, the F550 supports parking surveillance mode, a feature extremely useful that protects your car from hit-and-run incidents.

Thinkware F550 Cons

No Night Vision:
unfortunately, even though this dash cam is excellent during the day, it does not offer an infrared vision. Driving at night is quite a tedious task, especially as you will have to deal with the blue light of the device that is very distracting.

Need to use the Software:
you won’t be able to play .avi files unless you use their app. This is a great drawback, especially if you want to play the videos on a new laptop where you have not installed the built-in software.

Long time to Power up:
usually, it takes up to 10 seconds for the F550 to power up.

The Bottom Line

Coming with both pros and cons, Thinkware F550 has a lot of bells and whistles, but does also come with numerous drawbacks. However, we recommend this dash cam as a good product that does its job amazingly well. Read about Rexing V1 here: