Z-EDGE Z3D Dual Dash Cam with GPS – WDR and Night Vision

When it comes to high-end dash cams available on the market, Z-EDGE Z3D is one of the most sought-after products. This dual dashcam comes with a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology and a robust imaging processor. Even minute details are captured with precision.

With impeccable credibility, all Z-EDGE products offer great value for money. This Z-EDGE Z3D is not an exception. High performance and energy-efficiency along with outstanding longevity make this dashcam one of the fast-selling products nowadays. 

Dual Dash Cam, Z-Edge Z3D 2.7' Screen Dual 1920 x 1080P Dash Cam Front and Rear (2560x1440P Single...
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Dual Dash Cam, Z-Edge Z3D 2.7" Screen Dual 1920 x 1080P Dash Cam Front and Rear (2560x1440P Single...
  • DUAL 1080P RECORDING, NEVER MISS A LICENSE PLATE: Both front and rear cameras of the Z3D dashcam can record in Full HD...
  • NIGHT VISION SAFEGUADE: Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology compensates for light/dark spots and balances exposure. Having a...
  • GPS NAVIGATION: Accurately record your vehicles location, speed and route with the GPS module. The GPS logs and driving...
  • DUAL 150° WIDE ANGLE VIEW: Both the front and rear cameras boast a 150° wide angle lens. So this dash cam records a much...

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The features and benefits of this dashcam have many similarities with Z-Edge Z3 pro in terms of WDR, performance, and night vision. If you compare Z-EDGE Z3D to Z-EDGE Z3 Pro, you can find that the latter does not come with the parking monitor feature. However, the supercapacitor of Z-EDGE Z3 Pro makes it an ideal choice in extremely hot climates. You cannot find this feature on Z-EDGE Z3D.

This product was first released on the market on December 27, 2018. Making use of the most innovative features and technology, it lives up to the expectations of the customers. It weighs 4.5 ounces and has the following dimensions: 3.8 x 2 x 1.3 inches.

Let us take a look at the features, technology, and benefits of Z-EDGE Z3D. This review explores all aspects in detail with an unbiased approach. You can make a well-informed buying decision after reading this Z-EDGE Z3D review. Let us start with the design.

Z-EDGE Z3D – Design 

You can find the design of this dual dash camera attractive and sturdy. The powerful design enhances the longevity of this product appreciably. You don’t need to worry about front and back cameras interfering with the overall look of your vehicle.

Camera and Recording Features

Recording in full HD 1920x1080P at 30FPS, the front, as well as the rear camera, offers super recording experience for the users. It captures everything around you in the road and never misses out even a license plate.

If you disconnect the rear camera, the front camera of the Z-EDGE Z3D dash cam can record in impressive WQHD 2560x1440p at 30FPS.

Let us check the wide-angle views of the cameras. Both the front and back cameras come with a 150 wide-angle lens. The wide-angle view is capable of recording at a much wider field of vision compared to other dash cams.

If you are searching for a dashcam that reduces blind spots admirably, you can choose this one. It covers 4 lanes of traffic in front as well as behind.

Outstanding low light compensation for rear and front recording is another remarkable feature of Z-EDGE Z3D. You can find a built-in high-end NTK96663 CPU and an OV4689 image sensor on this high performing product. It also comes with a 6G lens front camera.

The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology provides excellent night vision. It makes up for dark or light spots and balances exposure to perfection. As mentioned above, all minute details are captured using the 6-layer glass lens and powerful imaging processor. 

GPS Function and Emergency Locking 

You can find a highly vibrant GPS module on the Z-EDGE Z3D. It precisely records the location, route, and speed of your vehicle. The Mac and Windows compatible software allows you to playback the GPS logs and driving locations on Google Maps.

Unexpected driving accidents are captured by the G- Sensor of Z-EDGE Z3D. This feature provides evidence and safeguards your interests.

The seamless loop recording feature of Z-EDGE Z3D overwrites the oldest footage with the new ones. This device provides support to the TF card up to 256GB. You need a class 10 or above with a writing speed of 20MB/s card is required if there is no TF Card included.

It is always advisable to ensure that the TF/Micro SD card is formatted before you start using Z-EDGE Z3D. You can prevent battery drainage if you unplug the USB charger before getting out of your car.

The G-Sensor comes with an Emergency Locking feature. It captures and locks video clips or footage automatically as an Emergency File when there is a vibration or a collision. You don’t need to worry about these files being overwritten. 

Z-edge Z3d Responsive Parking Monitor

With the help of a built-in battery, this dashcam keeps monitoring your vehicle even when the engine is in off-mode. You just need to enable the parking monitoring feature to enjoy this benefit.

If the G-sensor identifies any vibration, the dashcam is activated. It starts recording around 30 seconds after the stoppage of the vibration. After this duration, your Z-EDGE Z3D will automatically turn off and go back to monitoring mode.

What does the package contain? 

What are the contents you can find on the Z-EDGE Z3D package? It contains one Car Dash, one rear camera, one car mount with built-in GPS, two micro USB charging cables, and a dual car charger. You can also find one mini USB cable for the rear cam, six cable clips, a user guide, a Thank you card, and one cable tool. 

Easy Installation

You can find the installation of Z-EDGE Z3D extremely simple. This device comes with a suction cup mount. You need to slide the car mount into the slot on top of the dashcam and stop when you hear a click sound.

Keep the windscreen clean and dry before placing the dashcam on a preferred location. You have to peel off the protective backing on the suction cup. The liver needs to be pressed down firmly to keep the device secure on the windscreen. For locking position, you should rotate the level clockwise.

The rear camera of Z-EDGE Z3D comes with 3M adhesive backing. You need to attach one end of the mini USB cable to the device’s mini USB port. The other end should be connected to the rear camera’s mini USB port.

After turning the camera on and watching the rear-lens view on the display screen, you need to choose a suitable location on the windshield. Peel off the protective plastic backing from the adhesive mount. Press firmly against the rear windshield to secure.


  • Exceptional camera quality with dual super HD recording
  • Easy installation
  • Powerful imaging processor and 6 layer glass lens
  • Low power consumption
  • Super night vision and dynamic GPS function


  • The built-in battery runs out of charge fast when the engine is in off-mode
  • The parking mode is a bit hyper-sensitive
  • The display doesn’t come with any protective film

Z-edge Z3d​ Final Words

You don’t need to doubt the efficiency of Z-EDGE Z3D. This product stands taller in terms of longevity, performance, clarity, and vision range compared to other dash cams available today. It captures everything on the road clearly with the help of a powerful imaging processor and 6 layer glass lens.