Z-EDGE T4 Dash Cam Front and Rear 4.0″ Touch Screen Dual Dash Cam FHD 1080P with Night Mode

Z-EDGE T4 is the latest dashboard camera from Z-Edge. This powerful unit has just been released a few months, ago, in Q4 2018. Coming with a large 4” touch screen, 4 preset modes, one-hand operation, dual HD recording, super clear night vision, and many other features, this dash cam is poised to take over the market in 2019 and beyond.

Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam 4.0" Touch Screen Front and Rear Dash Cam FHD 1080P with Night Mode, 32GB Card...
  • 🚗🚕🚓ONE-HAND OPERATION TOUCH SCREEN : Featuring 4-inch sensitive touch screen with simple and elegant icons, The dual...
  • 🚗🚕🚓4 PRESET OPTIMIZED MODES: Selecting a mode automatically optimizes four features with preset values designed to...
  • 🚗🚕🚓YOUR ON-THE-WAY WITNESS: The dash camera ensures simultaneous recording front and rear both in Full HD 1080P....
  • 🚗🚕🚓SUPER CLEAR NIGHT VISION WITH WDR TECHNOLOGY: Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology compensates for light/dark...
  • 🚗🚕🚓AUTOMATIC SAFEGUARDS: Records automatically with vehicle ignition - switches off automatically with ignition off...

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Thanks to its smooth design, this device makes for a very good dashboard camera. It offers a clear range of view and enables you to stay protected during all your trips. It also protects your parked vehicle using the parking monitoring feature.

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam – Design

Z-EDGE T4 looks just gorgeous. The black plastic mesh looks quite stylish and helps you boost the appeal of your vehicle. However, make no mistake about it. The materials are not as high quality as what other manufacturers have to offer. For example, the materials used in idealTech X1D are of premium quality.

The black mesh includes aluminum finishes, while the ergonomic design boosts heat ventilation grills. Not the same can be said about the T4 from Z-Edge.

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam – One-Hand Operation

One of the aspects that make this dual-recording system extremely appealing for modern drivers is the one-hand operation. Since all drivers are quite familiar with using smartphones, we can only assume that they love this device. The way you can use this unit and the fact that it is so easy to personalize can give you huge satisfaction. The sensitive touch screen can be operated with just one hand.

Thus, the operation is effortless, and the commands are extremely responsive. You can easily lock the current video, navigate the settings, navigate the menu, and perform additional operations. All with just one finger. No more buttons, fuss & hassle. This unit is specially designed for optimal feel and is created to simplify the navigation in order to enhance your experience.

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam – Preset Modes

Another aspect you will love about the Z-EDGE T4 dual dash-cam is the numerous preset modes. While most other dashboard cameras available on the market, including T4’s younger brother, Z-EDGE S3, have only one mode, our camera has 4. You can choose between scenic, drive, WDR, and park. Let’s discuss each of these modes below.  

The scenic mode is an excellent choice for you when driving long distances. It makes it super easy to process videos and get longer footage. The drive mode is the standard one, optimized for daily use. You can also choose the WDR mode, which is perfect for night time driving or when driving in sunny days.  

This mode automatically balances the brightness and decreases light sensitivity. Ultimately, you can go to the park mode, which is a must-activate mode when you park your car. This mode increases the sensitivity of the G-sensor and improves battery efficiency.

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam – Recording Clarity

At 1080p, both cameras record in full HD. Also, the cameras are equipped with WDR and an advanced chip processor to capture everything. You can be sure that you won’t miss any more license plates. An interesting aspect is that you can disconnect the rear camera, and get to record in WQHD at a stunning 2560x1440P resolution.

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam – Important Stuff

This unit has a touch screen of 4”. The clarity and contrast of the screen are absolutely fantastic, both during the day and during the night. Both cameras record at 155 degrees, so you can pretty much get a good vision around your vehicle.

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam – Advanced WDR

Another feature Z-EDGE T4 shines at is the advanced WDR. The night vision is super bright. The cameras compensate for dark spots and can successfully balance the exposure. The license plates are very easy to read and all darker details are captured on the camera. With this unit, you can see during the night almost as good as during the day.

Recording  Info

This unit can work with a card of maximum 128 GB. In the package, you’ll already find a standard card of 32GB. That’s a bonus from the manufacturer to remind you how important you are to them.

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam – Parking Mode 

This is a very important feature that could help you save thousands in car damage. When you park your car and turn on the parking mode, the device continues to monitor the vehicle thanks to the built-in battery. Even as the engine is turned off, you’ll get to enjoy super smooth recordings. In case the G-sensor detects movement around your car, it turns on the camera so that it can record everything.

Note that both cameras are turned on simultaneously. What’s amazing is that the burglars or the people who want to hurt your car won’t even know they are being recorded. At around 30-35 seconds after the vibrations have stopped, the camera stops recordings and saves the file in a secure location on the card. This event, together with other events saved when the G-sensor is on, will never be erased by loop recording.

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam – Full 4 Lanes View 

Thanks to the 155-wide viewing angle, each camera can record up to 4 lanes of road traffic. You can basically see the entire road, ahead and behind. You can even see some parts of the open country on the sides. This is really good, as it enables you to record important events that you would otherwise miss with your naked eye.

Thus, you can stay focused on the road ahead while having the peace of mind this camera device records everything for you. 

Bottom Line

As a conclusion, Z-EDGE T4 is a modern dashboard camera that brings numerous great features to the table. Each of its cameras is equipped with thick 6-layer glass, advanced WDR technology, and high-end processing technology. The recordings are super clear, and the exposure is perfectly balanced.

This unit also comes with one-hand operation, 4 unique modes, and a 4” scratch-resistant LCD. Leverage the benefits of this dual dashboard camera and get all the important events on the camera.