WheelWitness HD Pro Night Vision Dashboard Camera

Wheel Witness is a groundbreaking company that has stormed the dash cam market creating one of the best dashboard cameras ever made so far. The WheelWitness HD Pro is one of the few products created by this company, being released at the end of 2014. Since then, this dash cam has captivated tens of thousands of drivers from all around the world who were eager to try one of the best dashboard cameras ever made.

The WheelWitness HD Pro competes against dash cams such as Falcon Zero F170 or Kdlinks X1. However, its capabilities greatly surpass those of its competitors. The dash cam from Wheel Witness offers a Super HD recording resolution of 1296p (2304×1296), which is the highest in the industry.

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS - 2K Super HD - 170° Lens - Advanced Driver Assistance - for...
  • ✅ PREMIUM DASH CAM w/ 2560x1080 / 2306x1296P SUPER HD - The highest resolution currently available on any dash camera....
  • ✅ WDR (WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE) / HDR Technology - WDR technology allows for the best night video. WDR is able to show a fully...
  • ✅ 3x MOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE VEHICLE - 2 Sticky Mounts + 1 Suction Cup ★ PLUG & PLAY - Once a microSD card is inserted, all...
  • ✅ GPS Enabled - Follow your video alongside a Google Maps screen showing you exactly where you were! ★ EXTRA WIDE ANGLE...
  • ✅ CONTINUOUS LOOP RECORDING - The HD PRO will start recording automatically and will fill up the microSD card until full....

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Offering an extra level of clarity and even clearer footage, this dash cam lets you pick out additional details and gives you extra clarity on the road. Needless to say, identifying number plates becomes a much easier task with this device which makes WheelWitness HD PRO undoubtedly one of the best dash cams available on the market.

Having a resolution no other camera offers, WDR, a 170-degree wide-angle, DVR security, 3.0” built-in LCD, and easy plug and play installation, this product is a premium choice when it comes to high-quality dash cams. Driven by an innovative, powerful processor, this device is equipped with all the bells and whistles professional cameras have, including but not limited to motion detection, cycling recording, and the list goes on.

WheelWitness HD Pro – Pros

  • One of the best video recording qualities available:

as already discussed, this top-notch dash cam is capable of recording seamlessly at 1296p at 30 frames per second. The images recorded are crisp and all the details can be noticed with ease. At this high resolution, you can make out many more important details at greater distances than otherwise would have appeared blurred. In a nutshell, this camera is a game-changer, enabling drivers to experience the highest video quality possible.

  • Well build:

this camera is well manufactured, being equipped with an Ambarella A7 chip that can easily process all amount of information the camera offers. This device has a black matte exterior that enables it to easily blend into the car interior.

  • WDR:

thanks to the wide dynamic range option that is embedded in the HDR technology offered by this camera, you get the best possible quality for your recording, both during the day and night. WDR enables you to enjoy balanced exposure and great image quality.

  • Large 3.0” LCD screen:

in the rear of the device, facing the driver and other passengers, WheelWitness HD Pro offers a large 3.0” LCD that enables you to view the recording in real-time. You can also use the screen to watch the footage you’ve recorded earlier in the day and erase unnecessary parts.

  • G-Sensor:

in case a collision is detected, the G-sensor automatically locks the footage before the collision, enabling you to identify with ease the plate number of the car that hit you.

  • Loop recording:

this is a standard feature most other dash cams have. However, when it comes to WheelWitness HD Pro, this feature becomes much more. Loop recording, from Wheel Witness’s perspective, means continuous recording while automatically saving important moments on the card. Those important moments include car accidents, bumps, sudden breaks, and the list goes on.

WheelWitness HD Pro – Cons

  • Missing footage:

when the motion detector and G-sensor are both active at the same time, some of the footage might erase itself. When recording, make sure you turn either one of these features off in order to avoid missing footage.

  • Burnt charger:

according to several users, the charger fuse burns if the camera records seamlessly for a longer period of time. If this happens, you can send the product back and get a new one or simply buy a new charger online.

All in all, the WheelWitness HD Pro is a gorgeous dash cam that offers countless useful features. Order this dash cam today if you want to record at the highest quality possible, in true HD, while driving having the peace of mind that your car is secure against theft or damage was done on purpose from other drivers.