Vizomaoi P28 Features A Powerful Supercapacitor Instead Of A Battery

Vizomaoi P28 is a modern, sleek dashboard camera system equipped with dual rotatable cameras. This unit allows you to record both outside and inside your car. Because of that, it is an excellent recording system for Uber, Lyft, or Taxi drivers. Since it was released in November 2018, the Vizomaoi P28 dashcam has managed to impress thousands of drivers due to its exquisite design, practicability, a vast number of advanced features, and utility.

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Thanks to its supercapacitor, you can use this device in any season and in any area, including the Death Valley in California. In this Vizomaoi P28 review, we will take a closer look at all the features and benefits of this camera. Ultimately, we’ll try to help you determine if this is a good buy for you in 2019 or you should look for other top-rated dashcams available on the market.

Vizomaoi P28 – Exquisite Design

Most of the time, the first thing drivers notice about a dashcam is its design. If they don’t like the design, they won’t dive deeper and study the other features. Hence, the design is crucial for a dashcam. If you love bold, high-tech designs, then you will fall in love with this device in an instant. Vizomaoi P28 is unlike any other dashboard camera you have seen.

For example, the Pormido mirror dash cam is a standard rearview mirror camera that clamps over your mirror. There are tens of similar devices that look just like that. Conversely, Vizomaoi P28 is mounted right behind the windshield, above the rearview mirror. You can also remove the mirror and mount the camera in its place.

The design of this unit is super creative. It has a small 2.7” screen in the middle, 2 speakers underneath it, then two cameras at the sides, and the buttons above each camera. The black plastic is super high quality and is specially made to withstand impact, heat, and rust.

If nothing else, you will be able to impress your passengers with this high-tech piece of equipment. Even if this camera has a safe and unobtrusive design, it can be easily seen from the inside. Your passengers will notice it with ease and will behave back there, knowing that they are recorded. Nevertheless, if you want to get a camera with a super large 10” screen and see clearly what happens outside, then we recommend you get the  VanTop H610 .

Dual Cameras For More Fun

What’s totally unique about this system is that it contains 2 cameras that each can rotate at 330 degrees. Vizomaoi P28 has 2 sleek cameras that can rotate up and down, front and back. You can record with one in the front, and with the other in the back. You can also switch positions and switch angles by manually adjusting the cameras.

The fun factor is definitely there. You can personalize the cameras angle just as you want. Rotate them as much as you want, knowing that the mechanism is anti-rust. This device will last for years to come. Both cameras record at a wide 150 degrees, with full HD at 1080p, 30 frames per second. What’s terrific is that you can choose to record with just one camera, at 2196p or 1440 with 120 fps.

At 120 fps, you’ll get an incredible steady image, with flawless quality and super high detail. At this quality, you’ll be able to clearly see any details, including hard-to-see license plates.

Vizomaoi P28 – Add-Ons

This unit works with Micro SD cards. We recommend you use Class 10 or higher SanDisk or Samsung Evo cards. Note that you can only use a card with a maximum of 32 GB of storage. Vizomaoi P28 has two USB ports: a 2.0 and a mini USB. It also has a built-in supercapacitor, G-sensor, and built-in Wifi. Moreover, it is equipped with the auto power-off feature, which turns off the device when no operation or movement is detected.

The camera starts automatically with your car. It also features the loop recording, which erases old footage and records new footage over and over again. Note that thanks to the G-sensor, footage that is recorded during a collision is saved on the card and cannot be erased.

Advanced Recording Capabilities

To help you enjoy super recording quality, Vizomaoi P28 is equipped with a NOVATEK NT96660 processor and a Sony IMX323 sensor. It features H.264 compression that allows you to record dual-channel and capture 300 degrees of vision. Thanks to the super high recording capabilities, you can enjoy single-channel recordings of 1440p with smooth 120 frames per second. You’ll be amazed at how well the details appear at this quality.

The only drawback of this device is that it has no IR lights. Thus, the recording during the night is mediocre at best.

Vizomaoi P28 – Wi-Fi Integration

Another useful feature of the Vizomaoi P28 dashboard camera is the Wi-fi. You can install the TimaCam app right on your smartphone and easily share, preview, save, or store footage recorded. You have this connectivity at all times, which is excellent.

For example, you can see the recording live on your smartphone instead of looking on the screen. You can also download footage right on your laptop via the Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Vizomaoi P28 – Super Capacitor

Lastly, Vizomaoi P28 features a powerful supercapacitor instead of a battery. This enables the unit to work flawlessly even at super high temperatures of over 65 Celsius or 150 Fahrenheit. This device can also be used during cold winters, but it is specially made to withstand high summer temperatures.

Note that you need to connect the unit to an external power source to make it work. The supercapacitor can allow for a few hours of recording, but its main purpose is to serve as a backup, not as a primary power source.

Vizomaoi P28 – The Bottom Line

Vizomaoi P28 is a modern dashboard camera that deserves all your interest. It has a super cool design that can definitely boost your car appeal. It also features 2 gorgeous cameras that can be rotated at 330 degrees and record at 150 degrees.

This device is also equipped with a supercapacitor, has Wi-fi capabilities and allows you to easily share videos via the smartphone app. You can record at 120 fps single-channel and enjoy exquisite recordings.