Vantrue X4 UHD 4K Super Capacitor Dash Cam

Vantrue X4 UHD 4K is probably the hottest dashboard camera available in 2019. Even though this product has just hit the market at the end of March 2019, it has managed to gather an impressive following of fans in just a matter of months. As a more advanced version of Vantrue N2 and Vantrue T2, the X4 boasts with the most advanced image sensor to date.

For example, Vantrue X4 is equipped with the ultimate Sony IMX317 image sensor and Ambarella A12 processor, while Vantrue N2 and T2 both have an older NOVATEK NT96655 version processor. These dashboard cameras released in 2018 can offer you a maximum of 1920×1080 resolution @30fps, while the Vantrue X4 UHD 4K gives you an impressive 3840X2160P @30fps resolution.

Vantrue X4 UHD 4K 3840x2160P 30fps Dash Cam, 3' LCD 160° Wide Angle Car Camera with 24 Hrs Parking...
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Vantrue X4 UHD 4K 3840x2160P 30fps Dash Cam, 3" LCD 160° Wide Angle Car Camera with 24 Hrs Parking...
  • 【Real 4K Dash Cam】Vantrue X4 dash car camera offers excellent video footage without distortion at 4K 3840 x 2160 @30fps...
  • 【24/7 Parking Mode】The 24 hours parking monitoring feature protects your car when parked. The motion detection sensors...
  • 【Super Night Vision】Using the F1.8 plus 6 glass lenses and WDR, the dash camera automatically adapts the exposure to the...
  • 【Loop recording & Emergency Locked】 With continue loop recording functionality, the dash cam will automatically delete...
  • 【Other Powerful Functions】Built in capacitor allows the camera to withstand severe weather and also last for a longer...

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Needless to say, the image quality is just exceptional. This 4k dashboard camera allows you to experience ultra HD quality recordings both during the day and night. Even though this system is not a dual-camera system, it makes for a perfect front-recording camera.

You can use it in any climate thanks to its supercapacitor. You can also mount it on any car because its all-black finish can easily complement any design. In this Vantrue X4 UHD 4K review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of this unit for you. Let’s start with the most impressive features: design and recording quality.

Vantrue X4 – Outstanding Design

The design of this latest release from Vantrue is by far the most innovative ever released. While previous models such as Vantrue T2 and Vantrue N2 Pro had a similar tubular design, the X4 has a cool “x” design, with futuristic details and smooth curves.

This modern camera can easily complement modern hybrid cars from Toyota and Honda or elegant models from Mercedes and Audi. Even if you have an older model, you can successfully use this product to boost the interior design.

Out-of-this-World Recording Quality

The piece-de-resistance of this dashcam is the recording capability. This dashcam is one of the few models available on the market that can record at a flawless UHD quality of 3840X2160P, at 30 fps. You can also enjoy a super smooth image at 60 fps, with a resolution of 2560X1440P. This device is equipped with an 8-megapixel element and 6 glass lenses.

The image clarity is 4 times better than that of standard HD cameras. The car plates and signs are extremely easy to read, even on the small 3.0” LCD. Thanks to the 160 degrees wide recording angle, you can rest assured that you will be able to capture most of the road ahead.

Vantrue X4 – Supercapacitor

Another impressive feature you will definitely like about the Vantrue X4 UHD 4K dashboard camera is the supercapacitor. This unit is equipped with a supercapacitor, which is an advanced form of battery that allows the camera to withstand severe weather. Thanks to the supercapacitor, X4 can easily record at -20 degrees Celsius and at over 55 degrees Celsius.

The performance of the unit is not affected in cold or warm climates. You can successfully use it in the Sahara Desert, as well as in Siberia or Alaska. Best of all, the unit is resistant to heating, fires, or explosions.

Super Night Recordings

Not that X4 from Vantrue can record exceptionally well during the day, on a hot summer day in California, but it also offers above-average recording capabilities during the night. Thanks to the 6-glass lens, F1.8 aperture, and WDR, the camera automatically adapts the exposure to the external environment.

Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy smooth images during the night. Your driving at night becomes much better with this camera. You’ll be able to notice obstacles with ease and also see any potential dangers up ahead. Of course, you can watch the recording and notice interesting things that you missed, or you can use the footage in court to prove your innocence.

Vantrue X4 – Seamless Recording & Card

This device, just like any other modern dashcam, records seamlessly thanks to loop recording. You can set the rewriting interval to 1, 3, or 5 minutes. After the card has run out of space, old footage that is not protected will be erased in intervals of 1, 3, or 5 minutes, and the new footage recorded will be stored over.

In terms of card capacity, the great news is that Vantrue X4 UHD 4K allows you to use a large SD card with up to 256 GB space. You can record for up to 10 hours and enjoy ultimate quality footage.

Vantrue X4 – Time Lapse

The time-lapse feature is another impressive feature that makes the X4 a highly sought-after device. You can use this feature to take high-quality photos at a pre-set time interval, and then use the photos to create a video collage. You can easily share the video with your friends and show them how marvelous your trip actually was.

Parking Monitoring

Vantrue X4 does not just record extremely well but also acts as a true guardian to your vehicle. The 24-hour parking monitoring feature protects your car when parked. The motion detection sensors feel any potential thieves that approach your car and turn on the camera. Thus, you’ll be able to record anyone who tries to steal from you or damage your property.

Nonetheless, remember that you can only use the parking monitoring feature if you hardwire the unit. Use the hardwire kit available online for the Vantrue X4 model or connect the camera to an external power source.

Optional GPS

Ultimately, X4 seamlessly integrates with GPS. You can use it to track your location, driving route, time, date, and speed. The logging will all be stored on your computer, along with the video. The GPS feature is priceless, especially if you want to stay protected against unfair lawsuits. You’ll have everything on tape, including speed, time, and location.

This feature is also helpful if you want to return to a gorgeous place you’ve visited. All in all, the Vantrue X4 is the true king of dashboard cameras in 2019, especially in terms of recording quality and design. Definitely a good buy this year.