Vantrue R3 1296P Dashboard Camera Super HD 2K

If you are looking for the best dashboard camera in 2018 and you are on a budget, stop right here! Vantrue R3 1296P Dash Cam might be exactly what you are looking for. This affordable dashboard camera is one of Amazon’s choices at the moment. This means that this product is highly rated, well priced, and available for shipment immediately.

Let’s take a look at this Vantrue R3 Review to find out if this model is a suitable choice for your need.

Vantrue R3 Dashboard Camera – An Overview

Vantrue R3 is equipped with everything you need in order to drive safely, enjoy your ride, and make the most out of each moment spent behind the wheel. Moreover, it has all the features necessary to give you all the proofs needed to win any case in court (of course if it was not your fault).

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For starters, this unique dash cam that has been launched in July 2017 is equipped with an advanced Ambarella chipset that can provide an impressive Super HD 2340*1296P@30fps recording quality. Make no mistake here, believing that a 2k camera does not compare with a 3k or 4k one.  

This device offers such an impressive recording quality that you can easily see the plate of any car at 5 meters ahead of you. This 2k dashboard camera is also equipped with 6 layers of a glass lens with an aperture of F 1.8. The result is an impressive night vision, with flawless exposure and good footage without any distortion whatsoever.  

This dash cam can easily capture 4 lanes of traffic due to its 170-degree wide lens. Another aspect you will love about this dash cam is the parking mode, GPS feature, time-lapse functions, and looping recording. You can’t but fall in love with how much this dashboard camera can offer. But before diving into the features, let’s start off by studying its looks. 

Vantrue R3 Dash Camera Design

Most drivers would agree that Vantrue R3 looks gorgeous. In fact, it looks better than all its predecessors: Vantrue X3 and Vantrue N2. This cool dash cam comes with a suction mount which enables you to mount it right beneath the mirror. Thus, the discretion factor increases considerably. You can easily mount the dash cam on your windshield and no one will ever notice it.

The black finish and rounded edges make this dash cam a truly appealing model that could easily win in a dash cam beauty contest. However, that’s now what Vantrue R3 is recognized for. Its features and specs are what make this a true master of dashboard cameras in 2018.

Vantrue R3 Image Clarity & Chipset

The Ambarella A12 chipset is simply extraordinary. The power consumption is greatly minimized, while the performance of the camera is enhanced. Thanks to Ambarella, you get to enjoy a seamless recording at 1296 ultra HD. You also get to enjoy all the features of this camera: event/normal save, loop recording, WDR, HDR, parking mode & super night vision.

As for image clarity, you will be thrilled to discover the great footage offered by this dashboard camera. Even though there are many cameras out there that offer 3k, even 4k at 2860p recording, the Vantrue R3 offers very good and reliable recordings at only 1296p. The 2k resolution offered by this camera is more than enough to read all street signs and plate numbers or capture any other important detail while on the road.

Vantrue R3 Top Features Explained

The Vantrue R3 is equipped with all the important features needed for a safe drive. Let’s start with the loop recording. What you’ll love about this feature is that you can select your favorite recording interval. You can choose to record in 1, 3, or 5-minute increments. The clip automatically rewrites over the old clip when your card is full. Of course, the footage that was intentionally saved won’t be erased.

Another exceptionally helpful feature is the G sensor. Your new Vantrue R3 automatically locks important video segments right in the “events” folder on the card. This list of important events includes but is not limited to the events you choose to save, collisions, thefts while in parking mode, attempted thefts, hits or bumps.

When in parking mode, expect R3 from Vantrue to turn on when motion is detected. Once you turn off the engine, the device automatically enters the parking mode. However, make sure you connect it to an external battery or hardwire it if you want to ensure each important event is recorded.

R3’s parking mode can record people who come close to your car at around 4 meters, or those who walk straight for your car. If you have parked in a crowded parking space where there are cameras, you might want to disable this feature in order to save battery. And last but not least, the optional GPS feature could come quite in handy.

In case of an accident, it helps to assess the actual status of the accident by listing the direction of the collision, vehicle speed, location on the map, and even the severity of the impact. In case you want to share a video you’ve just recorded, the GPS feature helps you to tag the location and save it right on your mobile device.

In order to leverage the GPS function, you need to purchase an additional GPS mount and connect it to the dash cam. The whole process is as easy as installing the Vantrue R3 in your car.

Vantrue R3 Conclusion

With numerous features, tons of benefits, and very few drawbacks, the Vantrue R3 1296P Dash Cam comes close to what an ideal dashboard camera should look like in 2018. Even though it is not equipped with Wifi and its 1.5 LCD is quite small, this modern camera offers impressive design, ease of installation, gorgeous footage, perfect night recording, G-sensor, parking mode, loop recording, and time-lapse.

With an extra GPS module, you will be able to pinpoint your exact location on Google Maps and check your speed, direction, and route in real-time. Overall, we can’t but recommend the Vantrue R3 dashboard camera as one of the top dash cams in 2018. However, the final say in this matter is yours. Choose wisely and reap the benefits of using a high-performance dash cam in 2018.