Vantrue M1 Dual Dash Cam With Backup Camera

Vantrue M1 is a modern, sleek dashboard camera system that has been launched in September 2019. You can use this innovative device to get a double view outside, 160 degrees in front, and 140 degrees in rear. You can also clamp the mirror screen over your rearview mirror and enjoy a few select advantages.

You can basically use this device to replace all of your 3 mirrors. The monitor clamps over the rearview mirror, while the camera in the back shows you everything that happens in the rear, in astounding full HD clarity. As a result, you won’t need to turn your eyes left and right to check both sideways mirrors.

Looking at the screen will be enough to see everything behind your car, so you can save a few precious seconds and make that U-turn faster. You’ll also be able to park quicker and get the peace of mind you are safe from any sharp objects that might scratch your car.

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This modern dashboard camera is the most recent update released on the market. It comes with improved image clarity, better night vision recording capability, external GPS module and enhanced performance. It also offers better motion detection performance and collisions detection.

Nice Design that Boosts your Car Value

If you’re wondering why you should purchase this product, you should look beyond just its features. The first thing you need to realize about the Vantrue M1 is that this device looks absolutely fantastic. The cameras look sleek and are very hard to notice from the outside.

However, the “piece the resistance” is the screen, which at 9.88” stands high and above everything else on your dashboard. Because it’s a touchscreen, you can easily use it to configure the cameras and set up your preferred recording methods. It is highly responsive and offers you a multitude of cool features.

Moreover, the screen can dramatically boost your car value. If you choose for whatever reason to sell your car in the future, you can easily add $500 to the original price. That’s around 2.5x more than the value of this dashcam recording system. All in all a win for you.

Vantrue M1 Has Extremely Useful Screen

The large TFT screen is very responsive and easy to use. You can easily navigate it by swiping, touching and pinching. It works similarly to a smartphone. You can simply swipe left and right to adjust the brightness of the screen, or up and down to choose the most comfortable display range. Virtually, you can select how much of the image you want to see, by zooming in and out.

Both of these features are highly useful, especially if you are driving during the day and the night. You’ll definitely want to be able to easily dim the screen during the night or increase the brightness during powerful sunlight.

Recording Quality

In terms of how good it records, Vantrue M1 is on the high side of the spectrum. The front camera records flawlessly at 2k, while the rear one offers really good images and footage at full HD. However, this device falls flat when it comes to details.

The JX-F22, CMOS, and image sensor, combined with the Dual Core_600MHz processor, cannot match the output offered by other dashcams on the market. More specifically, the Vava 4K can record at an astounding 3840X2140 resolution, which is 3 times greater than what M1 can provide.

Nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed by the image output offered by the Vantrue M1. It’s well above average. The fact that the rear camera can record in Full HD is a great improvement over previous models, where the rear camera could only record in HD, at 720x480p.

During the night, you can enjoy superior recording quality, because of the CMOS sensor that is highly sensitive to light. The sensor is capable of capturing the license plates with ease, as it uses the street lights and headlights in its advantage. In low light environments, expect to be able to clearly see how to park and where to do it.

Two Cameras Instead of One

This is a dual-dashcam device, so it can record with both cameras simultaneously. You can choose between which camera footage to see on the screen, or you can select to see both recordings. The front camera is slightly fancier, as it can be extended. You can basically slide it left out of its location, to get a super-wide image and capture more of the road. This is a very useful feature when driving on the highway.

When reversing, the rear camera gets on priority mode and will be displayed on the main screen in full size. This way, you won’t have to fumble with the settings to waste precious time trying to make the rear cam footage bigger. The rear camera is manufactured to be water and dust resistant, so you can use it in any weather conditions worry-free. Note that the cord to the rear camera is 32 feet long, so you can pretty much use this dashboard camera system in any sedan, SUV, 4v4, or small truck.

Vantrue M1 And Full Parking Mode

One of the best features of this dashcam is the full parking mode. You’ll love this feature, as it can save your car from theft or expensive repairs that result due to an accident. After parking the car, the cameras turn on. Both cameras stay in standby mode and can start recording the moment they detect a collision, impact, or disturbance around the car. The video is locked in the emergency folder, so you can rest assured that it won’t be accidentally deleted.

Other Useful Features

Of course, this device is also equipped with loop recording and G-sensor, two standard features of all dashcams. Vantrue M1 also comes with an external GPS module and LDWS Lane Departure Warning System. Each video will be stamped with speed, location on Google maps and time. You can then play the footage on the Vantrue player on your laptop or desktop computer.

Vantrue M1 – A Really Great Dashboard Camera

This device is an exceptionally useful dashcam made especially for the modern drivers. It keeps you safe behind the wheel and allows you to drive and park like a pro. Make use of its GPS module and full parking mode. Keep track of where you’re going and leverage its other benefits to dramatically improve your driving experience.