VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam 12″ 2.5K With Voice Control And GPS Tracking

The VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam has so many features you’d never expect it to have. However, is it the perfect fit for your needs? With so many to choose from, what exactly makes this model stand-out? Aside from its 12” IPS display, which is certainly a larger display than most dashcams, how does it compare to every other mirror dashcam in the market?

With its Sony Starvis IMX335 sensor, H612 is able to produce high-quality images and sharper photos even under lowlight conditions. Aside from this, it also comes with outstanding and amazing features. Some of these are Split-Screen Display, Parking Mode, and Parking Assist features.

Moreover, the H612 gives you a wider range of vision for both the front and rear of your vehicle with its 170° front camera view and 160° rear camera view. The rear camera is also useful especially during reverse and parking functions. It gives a wider and clearer view of the back of your vehicle, so you can perform the tasks you need easier and with comfort. Parking your vehicle has never been made so much easier.

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How Vantop H 612 Compares With Vantop H612T

When compared to its close relative, the VanTop H612T Mirror Dashcam, it does not lose by a large margin. It offers almost all the features that come with its upgraded counterpart. Both have large displays, excellent feature support, great function, etc. However, it clearly cannot beat it in one area of function – video quality. H612T’s 4K recording capabilities is by far so much better than H612’s 2.5K resolution.

I am not saying that the video itself is terrible but it just cannot stand against H612T’s 4K recording. For you to be able to assess the unit further, let us go more in-depth and know more about the VanTop H612 mirror dashcam.


To know exactly what the VanTop H612 has to offer, it is important to check its technical specifications. Here, you will see the basic things that come with your device and the technology it has. Basically, it is a summary of sorts listing the things it has to offer. To learn more about this device’s technical specifications, please see below:

vantop h612
Model Name: VanTop H612
Video Resolution Supported:
   Front Camera: 2560x1440P
   Back Camera: 1920x1080P
Image Sensor: Sony IMX335
Lens Angle: 170° for the front and 160° for the back

Display: 11.66” IPS
Storage: up to 128Gb expandable storage (not included)
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Parking Mode: Yes, w/ impact detection
WiFi Support: No
GPS Support: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
App: No

What Comes With The Package?

After having known the VanTop H612 mirror dashcam’s technical features, it is now time to know what comes within the box. There are a variety of things that could come with your dashcam upon purchase. Depending on the model, you could end up getting more than you paid for. Thus, it is essential to know what you can get out of this.

Package includes the following:
• VanTop H612 Mirror Dashcam
• Back-up Camera Kit
• GPS Reciever
• 4x Rubber Mount
• 2x Adhesive Pads
• Pry Tool
• 2x Screws
• Car Charger
• Cleaning Cloth
• User Manual

VanTop H612 Features

After sorting out the product’s technical specifications and the accessories that come with it, it is now time for the next step. Knowing the different features that the H612 has to offer in great detail will help you know and understand what exactly does this mirror dashcam can do. Is it worth it? How is it compared to the standard set-up? Does it fit your purpose?

Vantop H612 Video Quality

Image quality has always been one of the bases of a good dashcam. Good image quality and resolution mean better recording quality in the long run. The clearer the recordings are, the easier it will be for you to get out of legal troubles in case of involvement in road accidents and the like.

Although the VanTop H612 mirror dashcam’s supported resolution is not the best in the market, it still is better than most. It has a 2.5K resolution support for its front camera and a 1080P resolution support for the rear. Though it is not capable of 4K recording, being able to capture or record at 2.5K resolution can still be considered a cut among the rest. Furthermore, with its Sony Starvis IMX335 sensor, it is still able to produce good recordings even under lowlight conditions.

Unfortunately, though, the front and rear camera’s resolution is fixed and cannot be changed based on your preferences.

Large Monitor Display

Larger doesn’t necessarily mean better, but in this case, it does. With its 12inch IPS display, you are now able to see more road perspective than ever. Most mirror dashcams available in the market go only up to a 10” display and that extra 2” display is very much appreciated.

Another good thing that comes out of this large display is that viewing both perspectives, both front and back at the same time will no longer look so crowded on the monitor. You will now be able to see more and with more clarity thanks to this set-up. Not only that, driving in reverse and parking has never been so much easier. Thanks to its 160° rear camera view, you can now see more of the behind of your vehicle. Isn’t that great?

Voice Control Feature

Being able to control your mirror dashcam hands-free and while driving is a perfect plus. And with the VanTop H612 mirror dashcam, this is now possible. H612 has voice control features that can perform basic commands for you. With just a word, you now have access to the little things that come with this device. You can now change the perspective being displayed on your monitor just by saying ‘show front view’ or ‘show rear-view’ and with no hassle at all.

You can even command it to display both the front and rear views at the same time. How convenient is that?

G-Sensor And Parking Mode

Even when in parking mode, the VanTop H612 will not disappoint you as it ensures the protection of your vehicle even when you are not around. It can detect even the slightest vibrations around your vehicle. When that happens, it automatically records a 20-sec video entailing the happenings of the entire accident, protecting your legal rights.

Furthermore, it also has a G-sensor which will automatically lock your recording of an accident during the collision and makes sure that it is not accidentally deleted or removed. Whether it happened during the light of day or while it was parked, you will not have to worry about losing your hard-proof evidence to show what exactly happened. You can also change the G-sensor’s sensitivity of collision in your dashcam’s settings.

Lastly, the H612 also has parking assist features which will make parking easier for even beginner drivers out there. When it detects that your car is driving in reverse, it will automatically go into assist mode. It then displays the rear of your vehicle together with parking guidelines. With this feature, you see the back of your car clearly and guide you in parking. Isn’t that just great?

Vantop H612 Has GPS Support

Aside from the basic recording functions, it is also important for your dashcam to have GPS features. This will make navigation easier. Lucky for you, the VanTop H612 has a built-in GPS system that allows real-time tracking of your car’s position, speed, route and etc. With this, you will also be able to review your driving route by replaying the saved videos.

Having this additional information included in your recording is a great help, especially if you are involved in an accident.

Loop Recording

Loop recording is another feature of the H612 that is certainly nice to have. With this feature, you can record events continuously. If your storage device is full, older videos will automatically be deleted and replaced by newer recordings.

Not only that, but you can also set the recording time for each video. By default, the recording time is set at 1 minute, but you are able to change this to either 3mins or 5mins, depending on your discretion.

Conclusion On Vantop H612

In summary, the VanTop H612 mirror dashcam is undoubtedly good for its price and the range of features that it offers. Not a lot of dashcams in the market can best the H612. It not only makes driving convenient but also provides quality assistance to its driver. It has a lot of advanced features that are easy to operate and navigate through as well.

Installing it on your vehicle can also be surprisingly easy but might require a bit of effort. However, aside from this, there is nothing much else to do.

It is unfortunate that the VanTop H612 mirror dashcam can only be expanded up to 128Gb though. It would be nicer if the storage size can be expanded more; however, this storage capacity will still do. Wi-Fi support is also something this device does not have, making it hard to monitor your dashcams on the go with the help of your mobile phones or other portable devices.

Nevertheless, it is still a great dashcam over-all.