Your Search is Over with VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K

VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K | Built-in WiFi and APP Control | 3″ LCD Display | 170° Wide Angle for Front | 130° rear ultra-wide lens | Super Night Vision | 24H Parking Monitor | and more …
After reading all the dash camera reviews that you searched online, you already know what features to look for. VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K can be the best choice for you. It can help you maximize security and protection for you and your vehicle because of its features, including the parking monitor, G-sensor, and emergency accident lock. You would also appreciate this dual dash cam because of its 3-inch display and video quality.
VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K comes with complete pieces of accessories so you can start using it. No worries about the installation and operation as these are very simple and straightforward. Continue your read to know more about this car accessory. You may also continue checking other dash cams available online by checking our latest reviews for 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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To make your search easier for you, here are the features and specifications of the VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K:


– Video resolution of 3840×2160 for the front camera
– Video resolution of 1920×1080 for the inside camera
– 3-inch LCD screen
– Audio recording
– Screensaver
– Wi-Fi (built-in)
– MP4 video format
– 170° wide lens
– Micro SD up to 256GB
– DC 5v/1.5A working voltage


– 4K Ultra HD Resolution
– 3-Inch IPS Screen
– Superior Night Vision
– Wide Angle (Front and Rear)
– Parking Monitor
– Loop Recording
– Emergency Accident Lock
– Built-in Wi-Fi
Read below to understand—and appreciate—each VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K feature:

4K Ultra HD Resolution

Buying a VANBAR Dual Dash Cam with 4K Ultra HD resolution gives value to your hard-earned money. You know you are not wasting your money if you get such amazing video quality.
Imagine being involved in a road accident. The authorities asked you to present proof. Then, you downloaded a particular video recording. You have to see the plate number of the car that hit you then escaped. When you check the video, you are able to read the plate number so clear.
You now have proof to show who is the offender. Well, thanks to your VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K. The 3840x2160P resolution (front lens) makes it all possible. The rear lens, on the other hand, produces 1080P.

3-Inch IPS Screen

Talking about a better operation experience, the 3-inch IPS screen lets you see the road it is capturing sharply. Because of this, you get to appreciate the VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K more. Aside from this, the operation interface is so simple and the icons are easy to recognize that you would have no difficult time operating it.
Additionally, you may opt not to remove the transparent film on the LCD screen as it serves as protection from scratch.

Superior Night Vision

Some dash cam users are disappointed with the video quality of their devices during the low-light condition. But you would not experience this disappointment with VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K. The front and rear cameras can capture beautiful sceneries, roads, and others vibrantly even in a low-light situation or during the night. Thanks to the wide dynamic range or WDR technology.

Wide Angle (Front and Rear)

VANBAR 4K dash cam has a 170° wide angle for the front camera. The rear camera, on the other hand, offers a 130° wide angle. Because of the wide-angle, video captures are more detailed and useful for investigations.

Parking Monitor

You have no reason to feel awkward or fearful whenever you leave your vehicle in the parking lot. With the parking monitor, you can rely on your VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K. When your car gets shaken or collided with an object or another vehicle, your dash cam would automatically start to record for 15 seconds.
Now, you have security to monitor—and even record—what’s happening on your car. Use a hardwire kit for long-time parking monitoring.

Loop Recording

Running out of storage space would not be a problem if you have the VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K. Luckily, your device has the loop recording feature where it overwrites the oldest files to be able to save the new ones. In the process, you would never experience a full memory card. More importantly, you do not have to buy a second one for back up.

Emergency Accident Lock

VANBAR 4K dash cam has a built-in G-sensor. Because it is so sensitive, it has the capacity to detect sudden acceleration or collision around your car. Soon as it does, it immediately locks the video, 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact is detected.
Unlike other dash cams that can’t record what happens before the collision, this device successfully gets this job done.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Do you want to check a specific video on your dash cam? Or, do you just want to watch all the videos captured so you can revisit the beautiful scenery you’ve seen? You can do this on your smartphone. Search for the “KACAM” app on Google Play Store and download it.
Vanbar dash cam 4k
Connect your phone to the built-in Wi-Fi of the VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K. Now, you can download snapshot or accident videos directly to your smartphone.

Package Inclusions

To make sure that you get what you paid for, you have to know what you would receive. Aside from the VANBAR C100 4K Dash Cam, you also receive:
– Rear Camera (1)
– 3M Tape (1)
– Plastic Crowbar (1)
– Car Charger (1)
– User Manual (1)
– Cable Clips (1)
The package does not include the micro SD that you would use to save your video recordings. You have to buy it separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if the storage space of the micro SD card gets full?

VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K supports loop recording. Therefore, your dash cam would overwrite the oldest video on file automatically. It will then continue saving video recordings without getting your micro SD full.

2. Is the dash cam screen on all the time?

Yes, it is on all the time. However, if you do not want the screen on full-time while you are driving, you can go to the screensaver function. Turn it off. Do not worry about the dash cam as it would continue to record in the background.

3. Is the SanDisk 128GB Extreme microSDXC USH-I Memory Card compatible with VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K?

Yes, it is. Just make sure to format the SD card before you use it.

4. Does it have a parking monitor? How long should the wire be so I can connect the rear camera to the front camera?

Yes, it has a parking monitor. You would need a 6.5-meter long wire for the rear camera.

5. Can I install the rear camera either in the interior or exterior of the vehicle?

Yes, you can mount your rear camera either in the interior or exterior of the vehicle. You have nothing to worry about if you choose to mount it outside because the rear camera is waterproof. You can place it in the rear window or just above the license plate.

6. How do I install the VANBAR Dual dash cam?

First, use the 3M tape so you can fix the dash cam on the windshield. Then, plug the power adapter (included in the package) into the cigarette lighter socket. When the indicator lights up, it means the power is on already. Next, connect the power cable to the dash cam.

At the back of your vehicle, install the rear camera. You can put the wiring alongside the car roof. Attach the rear plug to the rear cam interface of the recorder. You would notice the red reversing cable. Connect it to the positive pole of the reversing lamp.
7. Does the package include the memory card? If not, what type of memory card is it compatible with?

The memory card is not included in the package. VANBAR Dual Dash Cam is compatible with an SD card size of up to 256GB. They recommend SanDisk Class 10 or above.

8. Can this dash cam record audio?

Yes. See the “recording” in the menu. Turn it on so the dash cam would start to record sound.

9. Does VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K have a motion detection feature? If yes, would it activate when someone tries to break in?

Yes, VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K can detect motion or impact. Soon as it recognizes that someone is trying to break in in your car, the dash cam would turn on and record a 15-second video.

​10. Is there an app that a dash cam user can download so the video recordings can be viewed using a smartphone?

On the app store or Google Play, you may search and download the “KACAM” app. By using the app, you can view and then download your 4K videos to your smartphone. Subsequently, you can share your videos on social media if you choose to.

Comparing VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K with Other Dual Dash Cams

Unlike the APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam that only has 2560x1440P resolution, VANBAR Dual Dash Cam boasts of its 4K video quality. In terms of wide-angle, both can cover 170° angle. Therefore, both units of dash cam can be more helpful during investigations. They are also similar in having the accident lock and loop recording features, as well as parking monitor.
The LCD display size for APEMAN C880 is 2.31” while the VANBAR dash cam has 3”. So, if you prefer a bigger one so you would have no issue viewing the screen, VANBAR Dual Dash Cam is for you. However, APEMAN C880 has a time-lapse video recording feature; thus, each of your video clips uses only a small amount of storage space.

VANBAR Dual Dash Cam Conclusion

Your car deserves the VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K. To maximize security and protection, getting a dash cam that provides 4K Ultra HD resolution is a must. VANBAR offers that. Driving on the road or parked, you can get the evidence that you need in case of an accident. Specifically, the G-sensor feature is the one that detects motion or collision.
More importantly, the 4K quality of the video recordings makes it easier to identify road signs, sceneries, and plate numbers.
The 3-inch LCD screen of VANBAR Dual Dash Cam 4K has a very simple interface and easy-to-identify icons. If you’re new to dash cam, you would not have difficulty using it. Aside from the Wi-Fi, the “KACAM” app is also available. It lets you view and download the video footage from the dash cam straight to your smartphone.
The customer support for this device makes you feel safe with your purchase as well. They advise buyers to contact them immediately when problems arise and they promise to reply within 24 hours.