Toguard 2k Voice Controlled Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

When it comes to high-quality combo cameras for cars, the TOGUARD 2K is one of the first few that stands out of the crowd. This modern device is a combo camera, meaning that it acts both as a dashcam and as a backup camera. It includes two cameras, one in the front and the other one in the rear, that can record simultaneously.

This mirror dash cam was just launched at the end of 2019. However, despite being new on the market, it has come to the attention of countless drivers, because it offers unique features and it is manufactured by a top company. The TOGUARD 2k 2019 is the first dashcam that is fully into voice commands. You can simply use it by speaking certain voice commands.

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This is undoubtedly the future of dashcams, not just because it is fancier but also safer for drivers. By simply speaking, you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, which could prevent accidents or dangerous driving. In this TOGUARD 2k review, I want to take a closer look at all the features and benefits of this modern device. In the end, you should be able to decide whether this is the right backup camera for you, or you need to pick an alternative.

Let’s begin this TOGUARD 2K Mirror Dash Cam review by looking at its design.

TOGUARD 2k – Looks & Quality Built 

In terms of design, this modern dashcam looks similar to all other mirror dashcams. It has a large 12” rounded screen that successfully replaces the rearview mirror. It has the same high-quality plastic mesh that protects the monitor and keeps the front camera safe.

However, what makes this device stand out of the crowd is the high-resolution and responsive touchscreen that makes your driving so much easier. While you can use voice commands to automate every single feature of this device, you can also use your fingers on the touchscreen to set up various features.

Of course, the screen is perfect for streaming the video in real-time. You can easily see the road behind when trying to park, so parking becomes a breeze. Because of the H.264 compression, the recordings are compressed to the best quality and lowest space, so you can fit more recordings on the microSD card. You can use a maximum of 128 GB card.

The rear camera is waterproof, so you’ll be able to get great recordings even during heavy rain. If you live in an area with a lot of rain, you can gain peace of mind that parking will not be a problem for you.

TOGUARD 2k – Recording Quality 

This device is fairly good at recording. TOGUARD 2k records in 2k quality with the front camera and full HD quality with the rear one. You can swipe on the screen left and right to adjust the recording angle and ensure you get the maximum footage angle.

The front camera records 170 degrees of footage, while the rear one 140 degrees. Adjusting the recording angle and the brightness is made easy by swiping on the monitor. Expect high-quality recordings both day and night, due to the HDR quality.

Of course, there are other dashcams that record much better during the night. For example, the Boscam R2 is equipped with a Starlight processor, which is the ultimate night recording perk. This modern device offers you an unprecedented quality of your recordings during pitch-black driving conditions.

Smart Voice Control System

The best feature of TOGUARD 2k is the innovative smart control system. This is the first dashcam to be released on the market that allows you full voice control. In other words, you can easily control it by talking to it, similar to how you talk to Siri, Cortana or Alexa.

You can turn on/off the screen, lock the video, switch to the rear camera, start & stop recording, switch the cameras or turn on and off other features. What’s truly amazing is that you don’t even need to waste your precious time trying to connect the rear camera to the reversing light via the red wire.

All you need to do is to speak the command for reverse and the rear camera footage gets on the screen.

In order to make sure that the camera understands the command, you need to ensure that the music is turned at a lower volume and people in the car are not talking loud. You’ll find a list of all the vocal commands in the instructions, but you can also find some hidden commands online.

When it comes to reversing, you can go with the standard way and connect the red wire to the reversing light, or simply capitalize on the power of technology and speak the command. The choice is all yours.

Optional GPS 

Another great feature that not many dash cams are equipped with is the optional GPS. You can add an optional GPS mount in order to stamp the driving route, speed, time, and location on each video recorded. This will protect you in court or in case the police ask for evidence regarding an accident.

Toguard 2k​G Sensor & Emergency Lock

These are two standard features that the TOGUARD 2k combo dashcam has. The G-sensor is used to lock in the footage whenever it detects a collision or impact. This feature is priceless, as it helps saves crucial evidence. In case you notice that the device locks too many sequences, change the sensitivity to medium or low.

Parking Monitoring

When your car is parked, you can hardwire the camera to turn on if it detects a bump or collision. It works just the same as the G-sensor, but it only works when your vehicle is locked. This feature turns on the camera, which will record short 20-seconds videos.

Toguard 2k ​Final Words

TOGUARD 2k is definitely not your regular dashboard camera. This modern device comes with a whole lot of useful features that make your life easier. In addition to the voice commands which are priceless, you can integrate a GPS mount and also adjust the view angle and brightness with ease.

This modern camera is very easy to set up and offers you great security features. If you choose to purchase it, you’ll be able to be a trendsetter, as more and more manufacturers will start producing voice-controlled dashboard cameras.

Technical Support  

For any issues with this dash cam please contact Toguard Direct