TOGUARD CE66 3.2″ Three Channel Dash Cam

TOGUARD CE66 3.2″ 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam | Infrared Night Vision | GPS Tracking | HDR technology | Sony sensor and starlight night version | durable in horrible surroundings | and more

Dash cameras have become a trendy and popular accessory for vehicles apart from the benefits they offer. Dash cams are especially helpful nowadays because they are means to providing evidence in case you get involved in accidents or have witnessed one.
​But with several models surfacing the market today, it can be challenging to choose the best dash cam for your vehicle.

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One of the hottest models today is the TOGUARD CE66 3.2″ Three Channel Dash Cam. In this review, you’ll know its features, specifications, benefits, and more so you know if this unit is worth your money.

Futures of TOGUARD CE66 3.2 ” Dash Cam

The TOGUARD 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam has many excellent features. Get to know more about them below.

Dash Camera

This model unit has a three-channel dash camera that offers 170 degrees front camera, 150 degrees inside cabin camera, and 150 degrees rear camera. It also records 1080P. With its high-quality capture, even during nighttime, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your car has a spy camera to record events around.

4K UHD Front Recording

The best thing about this model unit is that its front camera comes in UHD 4K (3840 x 2160 30fps) and an inside cabin camera with 1080P 30fps. These two front cameras capture high-definition videos that are so much better than ordinary cameras. This is especially helpful when identifying the faces of people in an event of a crime or accident.

Infrared Night Vision Feature

Ordinary cameras can’t capture details during nighttime. But this dash camera has infrared night vision that allows high-quality recording even without light. It’s equipped with the Sony STARVIS IMX335 sensor as well as the F1.8 large aperture 6-glass lens. This camera is capable of automatically increasing the exposure in dark situations to record clearly such as the passenger footage and license plates.

GPS and Screen Saver

This dash cam also comes with a GPS that enables you to track speed. This is helpful to determine locations and driving speeds for additional evidence in the events of road accidents. Moreover, it has an optional screen saver that automatically displays the date and time.

High dynamic range

The front camera of the dash cam is equipped with the latest HDR technology to make sure that there is excellent exposure and dynamic range in low-light conditions.

Frame mount optional

Both adhesive ingredients and adhesive base materials are included in the dash cam’s package. You can choose whatever you want. The three flexible rotating camera lenses provided additional security

Interval recording

The video recording is accelerated with an interval of every second, and the dash cam can keep more extended playtime while reducing the video file size. This type of function can save memory card space and record great scenes for you.

Strong weather resistance

The camera can withstand even harsh environments. For instance, it still performs well at 14 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other Features of Toguard Ce66

toguard ce66

Compared to the average dash cams, this model unit has the following added features: loop recording, parking monitor, emergency recording lock, parking assist, and time-lapse. It also comes with two kinds of mount for installation options. It also supports up to 256GB Max SD card. The SD card is not included in the box though. So, if you love long trips go for the maximum capacity so you can record and capture more memories on the road.

TOGUARD CE66 3.2” Dash Cam vs. Garmin Dash Cam 56

The compact, GPS-enabled Garmin Dash Cam 56 got your back as it releases its updated features: a field of view of 140 degrees. It has the power to capture and save essential details within a range of 1440p HD video. So, what makes this model on par with the TOGUARD CE66?

Notably compact

This pocket-sized dash cam is notably compact, making it a perfect device for capturing video moments without much hassle getting in your way. There are two power cable options that are included mainly for upward or downward routing purposes.

1440p HD video and Garmin Clarity HDR plus a filed view of 140-degrees

With the help of 1440p HD video and Garmin Clarity HDR, you will have a chance to record explicit videos of vehicle details in any shade or light. Along with it is the wide 140-degree field of view that can capture the road ahead, including cross traffic and the likes.

Round-the-clock recording

Once this camera is plugged into your vehicle’s power source, it will continually record so that you don’t have to overthink about the process of turning it on or turning it off or even the thought that you could actually miss an incident or scenario.

Automatically saves footage

The camera has the power to save footage when it detects something or an incident automatically. And with its built-in GPS, you will have solid proof of the exact time and exact location where the events occurred. Garmin Dash Cam 56 would require an average of 8 GB microSD™ card, preferably Class 10 or faster (sold separately).

Safety features

To encourage safe driving, you must get alerts if you’re driving too closely to the vehicle ahead of you. You can receive alerts if you drift off the road or into oncoming traffic. It also have Go alerts and signals; this feature notifies you when stopped traffic in front of you has started to move.

With red lights and speed cameras, this camera has got you covered with alerts for red lights and speed cameras nearby. Keep your focus on the road, your hands on the wheel, and make use of the voice commands to tell the camera to instantly save video, start and stop the audio recording, and more.

Travelapse feature

Also, share your drive with friends by the use of the Travelapse feature. It has the capacity to condense hours of driving into minutes of highlight moments, creating a fun and delightful video which you can easily share.

Extra USB ports

It also has an extra USB port that allows you to keep the dash camera powered on and also charge the camera at the same time. This way, you don’t need to turn off your camera while charging.

Parking Surveillance Mode

The dashcam has a parking surveillance mode that automatically records motion in front of and inside your vehicle when it’s parked and turned off.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled

Its Bluetooth technology and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to upload the saved footage on your mobile phone using its very own app – the Garmin Drive app. This will let you view, edit, and even share the videos directly to your social media accounts.

4 Dash Cameras

The Garmin Drive app can control and play back synchronized videos from up to a maximum of four dash cameras. These cameras can be placed on the sides of the vehicles so you can capture footage from different multiple viewpoints.

Benefits of a Dashcam

Securing a dash cam for your car is helpful in the event of an accident as the recordings can serve as good evidence. The devices are appropriately placed for the purpose of capturing every detail of the road ahead.

Most of the authorities in the US are now accepting dash cam footage as solid evidence of value. Therefore, they can be used as an essential type of prevention mechanism for future accidents caused by reckless and dangerous drivers.

Road rage, drink driving, and other related dangerous behaviors while driving is prevalent. However, a dashboard camera can minimize such incidents and help the authorities punish real offenders as quickly as possible.

Reduced insurance premiums

On a lighter note, a dash cam can save some of your money as a driver. A good example is by having lower insurance premiums.

Some insurance companies are recognizing the preventive nature of some drivers by offering a discount. For example, you state and prove that you have one fitted in your car; therefore, you will get a reasonable discount.

Aviva pioneered this move by including a 100% freebie – a dashboard camera for drivers who take out its discounted black box insurance. AXA and Swiftcover likewise did the same.

Encourage safe driving

You cannot undo what a dash camera can capture in just a blink of an eye. This fact encouraged everyone to practice safe driving since they positively regard the dash cam installation as a preventive measure that promotes safe driving.

As stated earlier regarding the Aviva example, its camera uses a unique and high-end technology that provides you with a particular score after each journey or travel. You will get a high score once you have shown that you’re responsible enough for driving and taking turns. As a reward, you will get reasonable discounts; the higher the score is, the higher the discounts.


1.) Is there an app for cell phones for this camera?

No, this 4k dash cam doesn’t have any phone app.

2.) Can all three cameras be set to record all the time on a loop?

Sure, all cameras can be set to loop recording all the time.

3.) How is 24-hour parking monitoring sustained? Does the item have motion detectors?

Yes, when parked and the ignition disconnects power, the internal battery will supply power, and the motion detector will be activated. Some have theirs set on high and will automatically start recording if somebody hits the car.

4.) Does this come with a hardwire kit?

No. But what users do is buy a cigarette lighter socket with a “pigtail” (2 wires coming out), plugged the two together, and wired the pigtail. Some also wrap the plug/socket with electrical tape and hide it all behind the dash.

5.) Will I have a cord hanging off the display from the front camera down to the car charger? (Or anywhere else?)

Correct. A continuous power supply is needed to keep it charging. The built-in power is not enough for a longer time.

6.) Is it a mini USB used or a micro USB for main power?

It comes with a cigarette lighter power cord that is a mini USB. If you try to get a wiring system for this, make sure it’s a mini USB to the camera.

7.) Does this camera have an option to use the ODB2 port?

Sorry, the ODB2 port can not be used with a dash camera.

8.) Does Toguard Ce66 come with a lithium battery or a supercapacitor? I have Vantrue N4.

Yes, this three-channel dash cam has a small lithium battery.

9.) How can I slow down playback? Stuck in fast forward?

Ease kindly disable time-lapse video recording; then the video will slow down. For further queries, feel free to contact TOGUARD after-sale support at [email protected]

10.) Does Toguard Ce66 come with GPS?

Yes, it does.


Technology evolves as innovations, inventions, and new discoveries are likewise constantly developed each day. One of these is the dash cameras which are now common in almost all types of vehicles.

Dash Cams can provide an array of benefits, and most importantly, they make the roadways much safer to navigate. Dash cameras vividly record accidents, but they also promote a stronger sense of accountability and responsibility for the drivers. Reckless drivers can now be punished and put to jail once they are caught on the camera.

The simple idea that someone’s driving is being recorded will now be convincing enough to practice safe and responsible driving. This will also mean that drivers will be conscious enough to reevaluate and prevent any unsafe habits.

The TOGUARD CE66 3.2 ” Dash Cam, with its excellent features and specifications and a reasonable price, is definitely a good buy. If you’re aiming for the highest level of quality in your recordings, whether during the day or at night, then this dash camera is perfect for you.