THINKWARE Radar Accessory for U1000 Dash Cam

Why buy THINKWARE Radar Accessory for U1000 Dash Cam?
You were too sure about the dash cam you bought online. The collision detection feature makes you feel confident about your purchase. You know it’s going to be of huge help to you in case something happens to your car while parked.

But when your car was hit in a mall parking lot, it failed your expectations. It was not able to record what happened before the impact. You did not realize that the ‘collision detection feature’ functions only during the crash itself. It would have been your proof so you can clearly identify the culprit—only if it is able to capture the complete scenario.

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Maybe it’s time to replace your old dash cam with U1000 Dash Cam. Then pair it with the THINKWARE Radar Accessory for maximum use. Learn more about this radar module.


Just how far can THINKWARE Radar Accessory for U1000 Dash Cam reach so it can detect motion or impact? According to the specifications provided for the product, the following are the detection range:

Detection Distance Range: roughly 23 feet or 7 meters
Detection Vertical Angle Range: about 35°
Detection Horizontal Angle Range: about 80°

Additional specs:

Operating Temperature: -22°F-167°F
Weight: 57.4g
Dimensions: 48x36x42mm

You may ask, “Why should I buy a radar module when I already have a dash cam that works to protect my car while parked?”
Yes, that’s true. But getting the THINKWARE Radar Accessory for your U1000 Dash Cam gives you more—from its functions to benefits.

How THINKWARE Radar Accessory Works

Your U1000 Dash Cam is in Energy Saving Parking Mode 2.0 soon as you park your car. Meaning, it is on standby. When it detects an impact, it is only then that it wakes up and begins to record for 20 seconds. Then it gets back to standby mode again. 

When you pair this particular dash cam with a THINKWARE Radar module, the process becomes different. The recording it saves makes for a complete story.

In case something bumps into your car or somebody try to get in, the radar accessory for the U1000 dash cam begins recording right at the moment it detects motion. The THINKWARE Radar Accessory helps U1000 Dash Cam wakes up then prepares it to record.

So, when an impact transpires, the dash cam is able to do a 10-second recording before the impact and another 10 seconds after. When the THINKWARE radar does not detect a motion, it does not save anything. The U1000 Dash Cam gets back to Energy Saving Mode 2.0. This helps reduce power consumption.

What THINKWARE Radar Accessory Offers

Before you buy any car accessory, you must know its use. Moreover, you must make sure that it serves its purpose and it serves you well. So before you order THINKWARE Radar Accessory online, let us point out to you what it has to offer.

Provides A Full Picture Of The Event

The radar accessory wakes up the U1000 Dash Cam soon as it detects movement. It then helps the dash camera to prepare for recording the impact—10 seconds before and 10 seconds after. Because of this, you—and the investigators—get a full picture of what really happens while your car is parked. This is not the case with other dash cams. It only begins the recording during the impact.

THINKWARE Radar Accessory

Extends Parking Surveillance Duration

THINKWARE Radar Accessory for U1000 Dash Cam extends the duration of parking surveillance. The wake-up process only during movement and impact makes this possible. At the same time, this radar module also helps reduce power consumption.

Gives You More Storage Space

Because it does not save footage when no impact is detected, you get more storage space. Unlike other dash cams that continuously function while your vehicle is parked. That’s right. They offer 24-hour parking surveillance. However, some of the saved videos are not important at all that they only eat up your storage space. With THINKWARE Radar Accessory for U1000 Dash Cam, you only have what’s vital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surely, you have a lot of questions on your mind but can’t seem to get them out of your head. Let us help you with these Frequently Asked Questions about THINKWARE Radar Accessory. You’ll find all of them useful and relevant to your inquiries. After reading, you would be well-informed and come up with a decision that this radar module is the right one for you.

If My Car Windows Are Tinted, Will The Performance Of The THINKWARE Radar Accessory Get Affected?

No. The tint does not affect the performance of this device. According to a car owner, who claims his car windows are tinted in the front and darker at the back, the radar module still works perfectly well. For this reason, you have nothing to worry about if your car windows are tinted.

Does This Detect Movement All Around The Vehicle?

No. It only senses motion in the front. It does not work on the sides or rear of your car. So if the movement comes from the sides or at the back, this radar module may not detect it.

Is it Possible To Put This On The Rear Camera Rather Than The Front?

The radar senses motion or impact closer to it. This prompts the front and rear camera to start recording.

How Do I Know If The THINKWARE Radar Accessory For U1000 Dash Cam Is Working?

If it is able to record a person or people in the parking lot before they even get near your car, then it is working. When you also see a recording before and after the other car hits you then it works excellently.

THINKWARE Radar Accessory Conclusion

Buying the THINKWARE Radar Accessory for U1000 Dash Cam is a wiser thing to do. You would see it not as additional spending but rather as added security for your car while parked. As it gets to record the entire incident before and after it happens, you can easily identify the culprits.