Get In Line For The Thinkware FA200 Dash Cam: A Review

THINKWARE FA200 Dash Cam | 140-degree Distortion-free Wide Angle | Built-in Wi-Fi | Mobile Viewer app (iOS/Android) | Thermal Protection | Super Capacitor | Safety Camera Alerts | and more …

Vehicles are indeed a beauty. Not only does it take you wherever you want to go, but it also protects you from the dangers of the road. While we think only of the specs when it comes to cars, it provides more than it looks. One of the best features of a vehicle is the dashcam. Taking photos and videos of your journey is only natural.

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Documenting stuff like that only makes the travel fun. If you are looking for a tool that can provide that, finding the best dashcam out there is a must. Which takes us to the matter at hand: which dashcam model and brand should you get? If you are on the lookout for the best, you have come to the right site. Let us take a look at one of our recommendations.

Thinkware FA200: The New Trend

Things are part of a trend because of their popularity. It means that more and more people are into it for several reasons. It might be because of its function or the satisfaction that it gives to customers. Nevertheless, it cannot hurt to try out something new and trendy, right?

With that in mind, dash cams with sophisticated and impressive specs are the trend nowadays. In all honesty, who does not like having a camera in your car that captures events in real-time? The Thinkware FA200 dash cam is just the best example of that. It functions as the ears and eyes of the road. Hence, you can be rest assured to know that you will not miss anything. This product is equipped with only the best features that most popular dashcams can offer.

For unforgettable travel memories, along with pieces of evidence for various purposes, the Thinkware FA200 dash cam is all you need. As such, let us check out what it has in store for us.


• Display: Full HD 1080p & 720p with 30fps
• Display size: 140° viewing angle
• Color: Black
• Battery Cell Type: None


• Front and Rear Coverage
• Wireless Connection with Built-In Wi-Fi
• Full HD 1080p resolution with 140° viewing angle
• Anti-file Corruption
• Time-Lapse Recording
• Advanced Parking Mode
• Thermal Protection
• Safety Camera Alert

Customers are treated with a lot of different features offered by the product. Choose from a list of impressive abilities that this dashcam can do, and you are good to go. Nevertheless, let us look at the following features more closely.

Front and Rear Coverage

With a dual camera, you can trust that you are backed with video shreds of evidence from front and back. Enjoy the kind of comfort and assurance that such cameras provide, along with clear images. For specifications, the rearview camera can capture the whole landscape from all angles. It can run at 135° free from any distortions.

What’s more, it has a wide viewing angle provided as well. The front camera can capture a full high definition resolution at 1080p. On the other hand, the rear camera can capture at 720p with 30 frames per second.

Such a feature can provide all-around protection from all angles. If you want a camera that can provide you with clear images, plus coverage in all parts, think about it. The THINKWARE FA200 Dash Cam with Front & Rear Cam Bundle might just be your endgame.

Wireless Connection with Built-In Wi-Fi

These days, everyday life is not complete without the power of the internet. We need it to amuse ourselves and entertain our eyes while on the road. Of course, it is not only necessary for our smartphones; it is needed by our dashcams as well. What that, the Thinkware FA200 has got you covered. Wireless connection is made possible by the built-in Wi-Fi feature of the product.

You can use the mobile application available to control the camera. It includes positioning the camera, reviewing the videos taken, and customizing the settings to fit your preferences.

If you want, there is also a variety of recording modes, so you can navigate the dashcam whichever way you want. Furthermore, configuring your dashcam is made easier! Try out this wireless feature only with the new THINKWARE FA200 Dash Cam Bundle with Front & Rear Cam.

Full HD 1080p Resolution with 140° Viewing Angle

No one likes a video without any clear footage. Drivers need a vivid image to monitor the video evidence. Without that, it can be significantly hard. What’s worse, it might become useless in the long run. However, with Thinkware FA200, you do not need to worry about that. As mentioned before, it provides a full high definition 1080p resolution for all types of recording modes.

Furthermore, a 140° viewing angle can be experienced by the viewer. The rear camera can also capture a 720p resolution video, which is quite satisfactory on its own as well. Experience clear and vivid images in your travels only with this dashcam.

Anti-file Corruption

It can be a pain to have your videos and files erased due to unforeseen circumstances such as corruption. Yet, with this product, that is something that you do not need to be worried about. For one, the feature’ anti-file corruption’ speaks for itself. Drivers can now save and manage their video footage without the fear of it getting lost somewhere.

The files and the data are protected with protection from data fragmentation and file corruption. This is only possible with Thinkware’s technology. Such technology allows the camera to save pre-allocated storage space in the memory card for every video segment. Hence, preventing any bad data storage and eliminating the worry for any defragmentation of the video. This, in turn, also extends the memory card’s life. Employ only the best when it comes to your vehicle!

Time-Lapse Recording

Time-lapse is one of the most impressive techniques in videography or photography. Excellent footage is produced, which allows the viewer to observe the changes that otherwise proceed slowly over time. This is done in quick succession, so the changes are observed rapidly. In short, it is a work of art. With Thinkware FA200, vehicle owners can get this feature and more!

If the dashcam has smaller storage in its SD card, the time-lapse feature can significantly shorten the data. It allows the footage to be quickened without missing any vital information. Time-lapse typically records footage with a frame rate that is considerably lower than any other type of recording. This, in turn, reduces the size of the video. Hence, covering a more extended period of footage and surveillance.

thinkware fa200

An operation for this feature can last up to 72 hours, even after the ignition is killed.

Advanced Parking Mode

Maximum protection is offered to the vehicle with this feature from Thinkware FA200. Even after the ignition is turned off, you can bet that the car is still secured. This feature offers three different safety precautions:

– Impact detection

If a vehicle is to hit your car and run away with it, it will capture the impact. This way, you are given information plus evidence on the accident. For personal purposes, you can use this to capture the criminal.

– Motion detection

The motion detection feature will record any incident surrounding the vehicle. Detection encompasses any potential attempts for vandalism or robbery.

– Energy Saving

To save energy, the duration of coverage for power-saving mode is extended when the vehicle is not active. The dashcam goes into sleep mode and is woken up whenever an impact is made instantly. It then records the incident safely for the next 20 seconds.

Thermal Protection

Thinkware is equipped with a supercapacitor along with a thermal sensor. Such equipment enhances the reliability of the dashcam even in extreme conditions. With that said, even when the vehicle heats up, the thermal sensor will automatically cease the dashcam’s operation. Moreover, the supercapacitor acts as an alternative to batteries made of lithium-ion. It has no chemicals that include explosive contents, so the vehicle is kept safe.

Safety Camera Alert

Once a vehicle is equipped with a GPS antenna, the dashcam itself can navigate the road as well as the direction of the destination. This will notify the driver of the areas using photos for a safe journey. To use this, all the safety alerts must be turned on first. Furthermore, a GPS antenna must be installed. It is, however, sold separately.

Package Inclusions

  • Front and rear cameras
  • Windshield mount
  • Cigarette power adaptor/cable
  • Camera cable connector
  • Three small hooks
  • 16GB micro card with SD card adapter

There are also optional accessories that you can purchase separately. It includes a TWA-SH Hardwiring Cable for Parking Surveillance Mode and a TWA-SGM GPS antenna.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long is the cable connector for the cameras?
The size of the cable that connects the front and back cameras is six meters.

2. Will I get informed if there is a failure in my SD card?
Yes, the dashcam will automatically inform you once there is a need for reformatting or other actions that need to be taken regarding the SD card.

3. Are both front and rear cameras covered by the SD card?
Yes, the SD card stored in the front camera works for both.

4. Does the application show the real-time footage?
It does show you on your phone. However, you need to be inside and connected to the dashcam to do that.

5. Does it support an international warranty?
Unfortunately, Thinkware does not provide any support for that.

6. Does it provide quality footage at night?
Most definitely. The 1080p and 720p resolution is still applicable no matter what time of the day or night.

7. Are all footage stored in the same file?
Yes, they are, for convenience.

8. How long is the hardwire cable?
It is three to ten meters long.

9. Is the application compatible with all devices?
It supports iOS and Android devices 7.0 and up.

10. Is it available worldwide?
The product is sold worldwide. However, the ones on Amazon are for North America only.


The PORMIDO D50 might also be a popular choice. Some might have heard of the product and are torn between it and the Thinkware FA200. To give you a clear picture and help with the decision, this review is for you.

Let us take a look at both products.

First, both dashcams are great within their own rights. They are manufactured quite impressively with a set of excellent features. However, such features are in contrast with each other rather widely.

The PORMIDO D50 significantly has more advantages with its triple camera. As compared to the THINKWARE FA200 with only a dual camera, it definitely wins in this aspect. However, the former does not have a built-in Wi-Fi connection, whereas the latter does.

THINKWARE does not have a GPS tracker included, while PORMIDO has it built-in in its system. On the other hand, both are also quite advantageous when it comes to the weather. While Thinkware FA200 has a thermal sensor, the PORMIDO D50 is equipped with a waterproof and high-temperature resistant feature. 

Both can function in set temperatures, with PORMIDO withstanding up to 190 degrees. Thinkware, meanwhile, can operate up to 140 degrees and 150 degrees storage temperature. Both products also offer a high definition display. Whichever model and the product you choose, you can bet that you are given maximum protection and satisfaction.


With the various features on your hand, you cannot be dissatisfied with the kind of service that Thinkware provides. This dashcam is perfect for all your travels. What’s more, you are protected and backed up with evidence during accidents. There are a lot of things you can do with this product. If you do not have a dashcam yet, the THINKWARE FA200 Dash Cam Bundle with Front & Rear Cam might just be the product for you.