Street Guardian v2 Pro Edition Versus KDLINKS X1 Dashcam

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A dashboard camera can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you choose to record a scenic drive or you want to use it as a form of protection. Many people have begun installing dashboard cameras to protect themselves from theft, fraud, and to provide a clear picture of what occurred in the event of an accident.

There are now hundreds of quality options for dashboard cameras, including the latest offerings from two of the biggest names in the business – Street Guardian and KDLINKS. The Street Guardian v2 Pro Edition is a best-selling camera with a number of wonderful features. Though, the KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camcorder is also a fine option.

So, how do you choose between these two wonderful cameras? By taking a look at the rest of this comparison review. Explore the features, advantages, and disadvantages of both camcorders in a direct comparison – starting with an overview of each model.

Overview Of Street Guardian v2 Pro Edition Dashboard Camera

A full 1080-pixel HD camera, the Street Guardian v2 Pro Edition is one of the finest dashboard cameras on the market. It features a large 2.7-inch LCD screen, easy-to-use menus, and supports SD Cards up to 512GB. Using the new Sony Exmor IMX322 CMOS Sensor, the Street Guardian is capable of capturing crystal clear images. It also captures GPS data and embeds it into the video – in case you need an exact address for a legal reason or an insurance claim.

Technical Details Of The Street Guardian v2 Pro Edition

Before getting into the advantages and disadvantages, you should explore the technical details of each camera. The Street Guardian v2 Pro Edition has the following features and specifications:

  • 2.7” LCD touchscreen
  • 64GB SD Card included (support for up to 512GB)
  • Enhanced Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor
  • 1920×1080 pixel resolution
  • Captures at 30 frames per second
  • Records in H.264 MP4 format (with bitrates of 12Mbps/15Mbps/or 18Mbps)
  • Suction cup swivel-mount
  • Weight – 5-ounces

Technical Details Of The KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camcorder

The KDLINKS X1 Dash Camera is a quality camera with some amazing features. As mentioned, it does include many of the same technical specs as the Street Guardian V2 Pro. Though, there are also some major differences. Here is a closer look at the technical details of the KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camcorder:

  • 2.7” LCD screen
  • 8GB MicroSD Card included
  • AR0330 Sensor
  • 1920×1080 pixel resolution
  • Captures at 30 frames per second
  • Records in H.264 MP4 format
  • Suction cup swivel-mount
  • Weight – 1.1-pounds

Notice any differences? They both have 2.7” LCD screens, capture video in HD, include suction cup swivel mounts, and record in MP4 format. Looking at these details, there are a couple of things that stand out. The KDLINKS uses a micro SD card, while the Street Guardian uses a large format SD card.

Obviously, they use different lenses and sensors. Both are capable of capturing video at 30 frames per second in full 1920×1080 pixel high-definition resolution. They can both capture crystal clear images. Though, they both have limitations when it comes to camera bounce – which will be explored later on in this review.

Another difference is the weight. The Street Guardian v2 Pro Edition weighs less than half as much as the KDLINKS. Luckily, the heavier KDLINKS swivel suction cup creates a strong enough seal that you will not have to worry about the camera falling from your dash.

Pros Of The Street Guardian V2 Pro Dash Cam

What are the main advantages of using Street Guardian? By now, you can see that both cameras are nearly identical when it comes to some of the main features. But, there are few advantages to point out:

  • Updated Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor
  • Parking mode
  • Supports large SD cards
  • Updated Sony CMOS Sensor

The Street Guardian Dashboard Camcorder is an updated model that previously went by the name Panorama G. With this update comes a new Sony CMOS Sensor. This improves the quality and clarity of the video. You should have no problem capturing the license plates of nearby vehicles, even when traveling at fairly high speeds.

Parking Mode For Heat Resistance

The parking mode is designed to ensure operation in high-heat environments. When you are parked, with your windows rolled up, it can get very hot in your vehicle. The Street Guardian is capable of operating at temperatures up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. This surpasses the heat resistance of the KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam.

Supports Large Format SD Cards

The Street Guardian uses large-format SD cards. This can actually be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your preferences. It comes with a 64GB SD card, which is significantly larger than the 8GB microSD Card included with the KDLINKS unit.

It is also capable of supporting SD cards up to 512GB. This is another area where the Street Guardian has an edge over the KDLINKS – which does not have a rating for its max support.

Pros Of The KDLINKS Dash Cam

Does the KDLINKS outshine the Street Guardian in any department? The KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camcorder does have a few advantages, including the following:

  • Superior night mode
  • Check your speed, location, and route via Google Maps
  • Wide angle lens (165-degrees)
  • Superior Night Mode

It works great in both day and night settings. In a direct side-by-side comparison, it is hard to notice any differences in picture quality between the two cameras – though, the KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camcorder is capable of capturing higher quality video at night than the Street Guardian.

As wonderful as the night recording with the KDLINKS can be, it still does not surpass the night recording of the DOD LS460W GPS Dashboard Camera.

View Your Route Via Google Maps

Using the included software, you can view your exact route on Google Maps. You can use this to view your exact location from any of the videos that you capture. Along with capturing your location, you can watch an animated view of your route. You will also be able to view your speed at any given time during the video. This is incredibly beneficial in the event of an accident, lawsuit, legal trouble, or insurance claim.

Wide Angle Lens

Both the KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam and the Street Guardian V2 pro have wide-angle lenses, but the KDLINKS is wider. This gives a better view of your surroundings, which could be important when reviewing your video. The KDLINKS lens has a 165-degree view, while the Street Guardian V2 pro lens offers a 154-degree view. Though, this is still a bit narrower than the True X3 Dash Cam, which features a 170-degree view.

Cons Of The Street Guardian Dash Cam

  • Awkward placement of the power port
  • A short power cord

The power port on the Street Guardian is located on the side, which is a bit awkward. It does not provide the same clean look that the KDLINKS provides when you attach the camera to your dashboard via the swivel suction cup mount.

Another issue is the length of the power cord. Depending on your vehicle, you may not be able to reach your console. If this is the case, you will need to keep your camera charged before heading out. This can be a major inconvenience, depending on your vehicle.

Cons Of The KDLINKS Dash Cam

Now that you have looked over the disadvantages of the Street Guardian, what about the cons of the KDLINKS X1? There are now major issues. As with the Street Guardian, there are only a few small complaints:

  • Only supports microSD cards up to 64 GB
  • The menus can be complicated

The KDLINKS is only capable of supporting micro SD cards up to 64 GB. This is much smaller than the maximum size offered by the Street Guardian – 512 GB. If you plan on recording hours of video before uploading to another source, this may not be large enough for your needs.

The menus on the KDLINKS X1 are not overly difficult to use, but they are more complicated than the Street Guardian V2 pro. This could result in the accidental change in various settings. If you decide to go with the KDLINKS camera, you should make sure that you review the instruction manual before using it.

Final Thoughts – Which Dashboard Camera Should You Choose?

Which dashboard cam should you buy? Both cameras are great, so no matter which one you choose, you will be getting a quality camera. Though, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Street Guardian has better heat resistance than the KDLINKS. It can withstand temperatures up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. It also supports SD cards up to 512 GB in size, which is much larger than the 64 GB limit for the KDLINKS camera.

Though, the KDLINKS also has some advantages over the Street Guardian V2 pro. The KDLINKS X1 can capture higher-quality video at night. If you do not a lot of night driving, this could be important. It also has a wider lens, allowing a greater view of your surroundings. Another advantage is the included software, which allows you to retrace your route on Google Maps so that you can see your exact route, location, and speed.

The bottom line is that they are great cameras. The Street Guardian V2 pro has a better heat resistance and supports a larger memory card. The KDLINKS captures better video at night, has a wider lens, and includes software for retracing your route on Google Maps. There you have it – both cameras are wonderful options. The choice comes down to a few small issues concerning your preferences.