Street Guardian SG9663DC Dual Dash Cam With Excellent Camera Quality

Street Guardian SG9663DC – the newest dashboard camera from Street Guardian has just hit the market. If you’re accustomed to SG9665GC v3, the previous dash cam released by Street Guardian, you will love the perks and features that the new model has to offer.

Street Guardian, the Australian-based company that manufactures high-end vehicle safety & security products, is no newbie to the niche of dashboard cameras. Their top dash cam models have taken the US market by storm in 2017. They love to launch dash cameras that offer a complete experience. Street Guardian SG9663DC is one of these dash cams.

Street Guardian SG9663DC Overview

The latest dash cam released by Street Guardian is the SG9663DC. This modern device is a set-and-forget dual camera that was first available in the US on September 1, 2017. This device is one-of-its-kind, not just because of its features, but because of the huge number of components included in the original box. Inside the box, you will discover a whole array of photo accessories that can offer you a COMPLETE experience.

In addition to the camera, you’ll also discover the stickers, cord slips, circular lens filters, GPS extension cable, GPS antenna, 3 & 6-meter video cable, 12/24 V cable cord, microfiber cleaning bag, windshield cleaning wipes, EVA foam pads, GPS tape, thin & thick mount bracket, and even an Android micro USB card. As you can notice, the package contains EVERYTHING you need in order to enjoy a flawless recording experience and to personalize your trip.

Street Guardian SG9663DC Design

Probably the only unimpressive aspect of this device is its looks. Street Guardian has not put a huge emphasis on the design. In fact, this might be considered by some drivers to be the most unattractive dash cam released in 2017. The small 2.0-inch TFT screen does nothing to help. Viewing the live footage on the screen is obviously not the best way to use this dash camera.

However, one positive aspect of the design is its compact size and dark color scheme, which makes this camera to be unnoticeable from the outside.

Software & Capabilities

If the design is not stepping out of the ordinary, the software and recording capabilities of the SG9663DC dual channel dash cam is extraordinary. This unit is equipped with a Novatek 96663 Processor and complemented by a Sony Exmor Sensor (used for both cameras).

Additionally, it has 6 powerful lenses and an extra IR cut filter to provide the best quality, both during the day and the night. The processor is powerful enough to withstand the recording capabilities offered by this modern dash camera. The videos recorded by this unit in low light environments are exceptional.

You can easily spot all the details inside dark underground parking space, on a dark laneway, or outside your window when there is limited visibility outside. The Sony Exmor sensor offers very good night recording performance thanks to the WDR capability. You can also add the clip right on the circular lens filter in order to reduce the reflections that are coming from inside your vehicle.

You can literally play with the accessories in the package to perfect the image and ensure you get the best footage possible. The Street Guardian SG9663DC is equipped with a full HD camera that records at a perfect 30 fps. The medium-wide horizontal cut results in an enhanced, crystal clear image quality during the day. During the night, you can place your trust in the WDR and the Sony Exmor sensor to get flawless recording quality.

Camera – Street Guardian SG9663DC

In case your vehicle has near-vertical windows, you can also personalize the image quality. Simply use the secondary stick on the mount, which is thicker. The end result will definitely surprise you. Overall, you will enjoy the output of the camera. SG9663DC is a unit that does best what a dashcam is supposed to-do – a record at the best quality possible and helps you use the footage in the future.

Top Futures  

Unfortunately, the Street Guardian SG9663 dual channel dash cam is very slim when it comes to features. It lacks built-in GPS, Wi-fi connectivity, smart integration, ADAS, parking mode, and any other features that most modern dashboard cameras have to offer. In the end, this is a Street Guardian product.

In regards to GPS, it is an external build equipped with Ublox 720 made in Switzerland chipset, which acquires signal very fast no matter if you are driving in the city or less signal area. Street Guardian is renowned for creating high-quality, simple products that have a clear purpose.

With Street Guardian SG9663DC, their purpose was to design a simple unit that excels in what a dash cam should do: record footage. The lack of features takes the shine away from this dash camera and makes it a basic dash cam, not a premium product. However, you might be pleasantly surprised by its quality recording, ease of installation, and ease of use. Let us not forget excellent technical support.

In terms of features, SG9663DC comes with large StarVis pixels, BSI capability (backside illuminated), clip-on CPL, USB android card reader, a 64 GB SD card included, GPS logger, and one year of warranty.

Street Guardian SG9663DC Vs SG9665GC V3 – Comparison

Compared to its previous version, the SG9665GC v3 released in February 2017, the newer model has a more advanced Sony Exmor sensor, better CMON element with an additional IR cut filter, a medium-wide cut for better image quality and GPS enabling.

Street Guardian SG9663DC outperforms its predecessor by coming with a few extra features and components, such as a StarVis sensor with BSI, selectable recording cycle, external GPS, soft shutdown, EVA foam pads, and an extra thicker camera mount bracket. The newer model offers a better recording performance, has fewer software bugs, and has improved features.

Final Conclusion

Street Guardian SG9663DC is a modern dual channel dashboard camera that has just been added to the successful lineup of Street Guardian. This Australian-based company has managed yet again to surprise its fans with a simple, yet reliable product that does its job to perfection.

The Sony IMX291 CMOS Sensor, Novatek processor, IR cut filter, StarVis sensor with BSI, and large pixel native ensure that you will get the most out of each recording. The free 64 GB card included in the package makes for a great round-up package to entice drivers to try this innovative dash cam.