SplashETech Mini 0806 Dashboard Camera Review 2015

The new SplashETech Mini 0806 dash cam is the latest in the Mini 080X series. The Miniseries from SplashETech has made a name for itself due to its high-quality dash cams that work for all types of cars. While the Mini 0801, 0802, and 0803 were quite similar and featured the same casing and pretty much the same features, the 0806 model released last year in December has a completely redesigned casing with more cooling holes and an improved design.

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However, this improved edition uses the same CMOS sensor and processor as the 0805 model.

Technical Details

For those of you who are a little bit more into technical stuff we will list the technical aspects of this dash cam:

  • Ambarella A7LA50 control chip
  • 1.5” TFT display
  • OV4689 image sensor
  • Maximum resolution: 1296p
  • Other resolutions: 1080p, 720p
  • Video format: mov (H.264)

World’s Smallest Dash Cam

SplashETech Mini 0806 Dash Cam is arguably the world’s smallest dash cam. Offering exceptional video quality both during the day and the night, this camera overshadows all its predecessors, including the 0805. Bit rates of 21 Mbps, 18 Mbps, and 15 Mbps can be selected for additional personalization. At 65x37x35mm, this dash cam is quite small and easily conceivable.

Its 1.5” LCD screen coupled with a G-sensor makes it extremely reliable and very easy to use. It weighs only 18g, which makes it the perfect addition to any dashboard. There are lighter dash cams on the market, but none of them comes with an integrated GPS sensor.

This is the favorite dash cam of many users, who got in love with the ease of use and concealability of the Mini 0806. They can now record seamlessly without being observed by people from the exterior. They can feel more secure in case an accident happens, as they will have proof of the guilty party. This is extremely helpful in court, being considered important evidence.

Improvements Over The Older Version

Here are some improvements of the Mini 0806 over the 0805 version:

  • Higher quality lens: while the 0805 version has 120 degrees lens, the 0806 has a 135-degree lens.
  • Two external MicroSD cards instead of 1.
  • Numerous more cooling holes.
  • 3 LEDs instead of 2.
  • Optional parking mount
  • Magnetic ring for CLP mounting

SplashETech Mini 0806 Pros

Here are some benefits of the SplashETech Mini 0806 Dash Cam:

Rubber plastic housing:
this camera has a sleek design which is much more appealing than the design of the previous models, not to mention the design of other dashcams available on the market. Together with the rubber buttons, the overall aspect is of a well-built camcorder.

Awesome video quality:
most other dash cams are only able to offer a maximum of 1080p recording quality. Not this cam. The Mini 0806, despite its small size, offers outstanding video quality. Due to its great bitrate and good image stabilization, drivers can now enjoy perfect recordings. What’s even better is that this dash cam offers outstanding video quality during the night too or in low light mode.

Wide-angle lens:
thanks to the 130 degrees wide lens, you can now record more than ever before.

Easy to install:
you can use silicone adhesive for extra security.

Almost invisible:
thanks to its size, this dash cam is nearly invisible with the naked eye. Only those who get really close to your car might be able to notice it. That helps a lot in many circumstances, such as car crashes, reckless driving, personal assaults.

SplashETech Mini 0806 Cons

Like any other product on the market, the SplashETech Mini 0806 Dash Cam is not perfect. Here are some of its disadvantages:

GPS might break:
a huge number of complaints have been filed against the manufacturer from unhappy customers claiming that the GPS was not working, or that it took way too long for it to come online. If you are experiencing this issue, make sure the GPS feature is turned on, and that the green LED is blinking to establish a network.

Blurry video:
sometimes the video can get blurry, especially during the night.

Should You Buy It

Overall the SplashETech Mini 0806 Dash Cam is a great camera, quite similar to the Mini 0805 which had a resounding success. Even though the price might be higher than its predecessor, this camera is exceptional. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.


Ultra MINI size: 2.7″*1.5″*1.5″
Display Size: 1.5 inch TFT
full HD 2304*1296PX 30fps Ultra Clear video
support HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) for superior low light
Camera Pixel: 4 Million Pixel CMOS
135 degree of Viewing Angle
camera rotating 160 degrees for reverse mounting
Built-in G-sensor
Support HDMI Function, connect to TV for Video and Photo
Support Route Tracking via GPS (with GPS mount base)
support dual TF cards recording, 128GB Maximum each
Support Movement Detection
Support parking mode
Support LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
Seamless Link Loop Recording
Support Video Protection, prevent overwrite important video Video Format: MOV (H.264)
Video Resolution: fullHD1296P, fullHD1080P; HD720P
Video Frame Rate: 30FPS/60FPS
Support Audio On/Off while Video Recording
Battery: 180MAH Li-polymer Battery
Adapter: Mini USB or MicroUSB 5PIN Port DC 5V

What In The Box?

Standard Package:
Mini0806 Device *1
User Manual *1
GPS Mounting Bracket *1
Car Charger *1
USB Cable *1
2 Degree Wedge *1
4 Degree Wedge *1
3M Adhesive *4
Wire Holder *6

Standard Package:
Mini0806 Device *1
User Manual *1
GPS Mounting Bracket *1
Car Charger *1
USB Cable *1
2 Degree Wedge *1
4 Degree Wedge *1
3M Adhesive *4
Wire Holder *6

Supports HDR (high-dynamic range)
135-degree viewing angle 

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