SPADE A2000 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera Built in Sony IMX 335 Sensor

One of the most common things drivers deal with every single day is the struggle of backing up. It is not exactly hard to back up, but if we’re in a public place it can be pretty weird for even the most experienced drivers. This is why having something like the SPADE A2000 Mirror DashCam is such a useful thing.

The United States Government mandated that any model vehicle from 2017 and on must have a back-up camera in it. Of course, this is good to see for the newer vehicles but what of those made before this point? Dashcams, different from the electronic back-up cameras, are in every vehicle.  

SPADE 12" Mirror Dash Cam 2560P Backup Camera with GPS Touch Screen Front and Rear View Dual Lens...
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However, often the ones we’re given from the manufacturer aren’t very good. Obviously, we need to be careful backing up too, right? Not only do we take our own lives into a chance by backing up at times, but we could also hurt those we do not see behind us.

Dashcams are rarely helpful in this area because so many aren’t made well. This is where the SPADE A2000 Mirror Dashcam shows off and stands out in the dashcam market, in our opinion. It helps you to stay safe and even keep others safe by properly helping you back up without worry. The question for most might be, how does it go about this? 

Since we’re nice people, we felt the best thing to do is to tell you about the great features in this dashcam. We feel you’ll be in agreement with us by the end that this is one of the best dash cameras on the market today!

SPADE A2000 Mirror DashCam Is Impressively HD

We love this dashcam for a few reasons. The first is that it’s actually a 2K streaming media device that is completely touchscreen. That’s right, touchscreen people! This allows you to use it similar to a camera, as you can use your fingers to zoom in and out. The IPS touchscreen helps to give you a rearview viewing experience that won’t allow you to miss the important things behind you.

All you have to do is slide your finger across or up and down the screen to adjust the camera. You can see a full rearview experience or only the road. If you’d like, you can even see both at the same time! To top all of this off, you see ALL of this in Ultra HD with sharp color!

Like us, you may have difficulty seeing everything around you once pulling out from your parking area. You can only see so much, right? Well, that’s for those who do not have the SPADE dashcam. The dashcam allows you to see an ultra-wide field of view with OEM looking. This is essentially a wide-angle lens that will eliminate the dreaded blind spots around you.

Safety Is The Word

We mentioned that safety is a huge asset with the SPADE A2000 Mirror DashCam and we meant it. Another huge issue for us is how to back-up or see behind us in any way during the nighttime period. Sure, during the day it is already tough but at night, we’re often just letting Jesus take the wheel there. While you may still want to go to some night event, the Spade A2000 Mirror DashCam will allow you to safely see at night.

The cam has an incredible night vision that only helps when parking and moving out. This is due to the analog 1080p high-definition, as it helps to pick things up in low light. Then if that was not enough, the camera display also has guidelines to help you park safely. Since you can adjust the angles so seamlessly, it can be adjusted to help you park pretty much anywhere.

In addition to all the cool stuff it does that we mentioned above, it also comes with a loop-recorder and G-sensor. What is this? The dashcam has a memory system within that will store footage until space if full, of course.

This means you can record things around you if something problematic goes down. This is also terrific for possible run-ins with the boys in blue or those who may seek to rob you too. Of course, the main use for it is to prove to the court that you were not in the wrong if a wreck occurs.

The sensor captures everything if a sudden collision or incident occurs. However, you can also manually turn the recording section on too.

Set-Up & After-Sales Care

In case you might be wondering, no, the device does not use Wi-Fi in order to record something. The memory system is internal, so it does not need an internet connection to operate! The memory card used is made by the good people at Toshiba and offers an impressive 32GB of space. 

There isn’t much of set-up with the memory system. You just make sure the card is in before you add the dashcam to your rearview mirror. It can also be removed at any point, of course. Therefore, it is possible to get numerous cards just like the one you are given.

From what we have seen, the set-up is a breeze when it comes to adding the dashcam to the existing mirror. Of course, this dashcam straps right onto your existing dashcam. It does this by using strong rubber straps, meaning you won’t need to be a rocket scientist to set this thing up.

The display can even be turned off and the dashcam will work just like a regular rearview mirror too. Best of all, professional customer service members are standing by to help you with any issue you may have with the dashcam 24 hours a day! This is an after-sales experience that very few companies offer. That is especially true with companies in this field. Therefore, we cannot possibly love the people at SPADE enough for that.

Spade A2000 – All Functions

  • 12” IPS Touch Screen
  • Super Night Vision
  • Reversing Aid System
  • Streaming Media
  • 2K Front + 1080P Rear / 1080P Front + 2K Rear Recording
  • 170° Super Wide Viewing Angle
  • G-Sensor (Emergency Recording) & Loop Recording
  • Parking Monitor
  • Simple Installation
  • As a Normal Mirror

We feel this should give you all the information you need to love the product as much as we do. See, we told you that you’d likely agree with us by the end! You can also see very similar dashcam Toguard 2k review here this one is voice-controlled

Technical Support for Spade A2000 Mirror Dashcam 

If you have any problems with this product please contact NZACE – Direct here