Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K UHD WiFi Car Dash Cam Review

Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K is the latest and hottest dash cams that have hit the market in 2017. Being released as the third and most advanced upgrade of all Rexing V1’s dashboard cameras, the V1 3rd Generation is poised to take over the market in the months to come. Compared to the Rexing V1LG Dual Channel camera, which was able to record seamlessly at 1920X1080 FULL-HD quality, the new model can easily record at a whopping 2880×2160 4k quality.

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The quality of the recording is simply exceptional, especially when compared to 2k or 3k cameras. The newer model also comes with the Wi-Fi connect features, which is a very good upgrade over the traditional cameras. Rexing V1 3rd Generation is a dash cam with truly great potential. Just like its predecessors, the Rexing V1LG Dual Channel camera, Rexing V1P and Rexing V1, the new V1 3rd Generation 4K is designed to impress and to exceed expectations.

Overall Description of Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K

Use it to capture more pristine footage than ever before, read all plate numbers with ease, save all of your recordings in real-time to your mobile device or tablet and prove once and for all that your style can never be matched. The Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K is the best dashboard camera to help you achieve all of that, at the same time.

The latest dashboard camera from Rexing was released less than a couple of months ago, at the beginning of November 2017. Even though it is just in its infancy, this dash cam is beginning to grow in popularity. That is partly due to the legacy of high-quality, reliable dash cams Rexing has managed to leave behind.

At 4.8 ounces, and with the dimensions 6.7 x 5.1 x 3 inches, this dashboard camera is one of the tiniest available on the market, and undoubtedly one of the most unobtrusive. Coming equipped with a multitude of powerful features and offering countless benefits, the Rexing V1 3rd Generation can definitely leave a long-lasting positive impression. Let’s start with the looks.

Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K Design

This unit is really nice and well built. If you’ve enjoyed the aspect of the previous Rexing V1 models, you’ll definitely love the smaller size and curvy aspect of the new model. This tiny device can be easily mounted right beneath the rear mirror, making it become invisible to the privy eyes. If mounted correctly, it won’t interfere with anything on your dashboard, and will definitely not disturb anyone.

When you take it in your hand, you can’t but notice the smooth, curved lines. The high-quality plastic mesh offers you the warranty that your new investment is safe behind the mirror. The 2.4 large TFT screen is more than enough for a wide view of the road ahead. Just ensure that you install it well below the mirror, in a strategic place on the windshield.

Software & Hardware

The Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K stands high above the competition when it comes to its capabilities. The ultra-HD screen is powered by an advanced CMON sensor and processor that help you get the most out of each recording. At 2880×2160, 24 fps, or 1080p for 60 fps, you can rest assured that no insignificant detail will get lost during the playback.

The recordings are really sharp and each detail can be perceived at perfection. This dash cam offers an impressive 170 wide view, which is more than what the vast majority of manufacturers are able to offer. Of course, Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD and WheelWitness HD PRO-PLUS, two of the best dash cams of 2017, also have a wide 170-degree view.

Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K Features & Performance

The third generation of Rexing V1 dashcam does not compromise on build quality. Moreover, it does not go below the standard when it comes to features & performance. This gorgeous camera that captures your trip at 4k Ultra HD quality is equipped with WiFi integration, Wide Dynamic Range, loop recording, gravity sensor, and collision sensors (G-sensor). You can’t ask for more from a modern dashboard camera.

In terms of performance, you need to be aware that this unit is built to last. The camera can record seamlessly for hours thanks to the loop recording function. It automatically overwrites old recordings in increments of 1, 2, or 3 minutes. In case of an accident or collision, the recording automatically stops and the previous recording is stored safely into the drive. This ensures that the most important part of your footage is safe on your personal device.

Thanks to the built-in Wifi, you can instantly save each recording on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. This is an incredibly useful feature, especially when you want to share your best trip moments with your closest friends. Of course, the recording is exceptional, even during the night, so your friends and their friends will like, share, tweet, and distribute your trip to all their networks.

And last but not the least, this unit can accept SD cards of up to 128 GB. That gives you plenty of space to store your recordings and capture as many beautiful moments as possible.

Optional Accessories

When you purchase the unit, you get a USB cable, adhesive mount, in-car charging cable, a free 16 GB SD card, and the camera. You can also buy several optional accessories to make your life easier and to fully leverage the benefits offered by this dashboard camera: mini-USB hardwire kit, 3M adhesive mounts, suction cup mount, and 2.0 car charger.


The Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K is the latest and most advanced dashboard camera released on the market. 2018 is definitely going to be a great year for dash cams, with this unit at the forefront of this trend. Probably the only drawback of this unit is that the visibility might not be that great, depending on the windshield. Some drivers might see the footage quite fine, while others might struggle.

Other than that, this dash cam offers an exquisite recording experience, is extremely easy to set up & install, comes with extra accessories, and is made from the highest quality materials. If you want a reliable and advanced dashboard camera, then the Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K might be a good choice.