REXING S1 Dashcam 3-Channel And 2″ LCD Monitor

Is REXING S1 Dashcam a smart choice? Of course, many people are talking about this product nowadays. However, you need to check all aspects before making a buying decision. It is a 3-channel dashcam that allows you to record video from the front, inside, and behind of the vehicle simultaneously.

Offering high image quality, this product makes driving easy, enjoyable, and safe. Not only is the image crystal clear, but Rexing S1 also guarantees outstanding night vision. You don’t need to worry about any blind spots when you use this camera. Similarly, 4 LED infrared lights capture the whole cabin accurately.

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You can find many more advanced features on this device. Compared to many other Rexing dashcam models; the REXING S1 dashcam stands taller in terms of functional benefits and user-friendliness. That is to say, it is a feature-rich product that can be operated with ease and comfort.

Professional help is not needed for installation. In fact; you can mount this dashcam easily and fast. Rexing is a trusted manufacturer with a good track record. Providing fast customer support, the company takes care of the needs of the customers responsibly.

When did Rexing launch this product? Well, it is relatively a new entrant. The release date was February 14, 2020. Moreover, the REXING S1 dashcam has managed to gain wide acceptance within this short period.

How much this product weigh? Basically, it is a lightweight dashcam. Rexing S1 weighs only 1 pound. The package dimensions are 7.32 x 5.35 x 4.25 inches

What else you need to know when it comes to buying the REXING S1 dashcam? You need to go a bit deeper to assess the features of this device. This review analyzes the features and benefits of this product honestly. You can make a wise decision after reading this review.

Rexing S1 Dashcam – 3-Channel With a Powerful Vision

Equipped with a 3-piece modular setup, Rexing S1 captures everything needed. Above all, it makes driving safe and enjoyable. In short, you can find a front camera, indoor camera, and rear camera in this dashcam package. At 1080p, 720p and 720p resolutions, images are captured simultaneously.

A top-quality LCD screen displays all images clearly. The screen size is 2 inches. All three units blend harmoniously to make the vision clear and powerful. There won’t be any blind spots, inside and out when you use this dashcam.

Another remarkable feature of the REXING S1 dashcam is the infrared night vision. With 4x cabin Infrared lights, this device records crystal clear night time video. Further, the WDR technology helps the camera adapt automatically to changing situations. It is being done by fine-tuning the camera exposure. You can expect balanced images and footage.

Okay, so what are the net results? No matter whether you are driving during the day or night, you can see things clearly on the road and inside the vehicle. That is to say, three powerful camera units eliminate blind spots perfectly.

High Durability And Smart Recording

Most importantly, you can find a supercapacitor on this Rexing model. In other words, a supercapacitor powers this device instead of a lithium-ion battery. So you don’t have to bother about overheating when you use the REXING S1 dashcam.

It is a well-known fact that a supercapacitor is a better alternative to a lithium-ion battery. In hostile temperatures, you can expect smooth operation. Therefore, it stays optimally functional in bad climates. You don’t have to worry about temperature going as high as 176F and as low as -20F.

Equipped with loop recording and gravity sensor features, the Rexing S1 dash cam meets the expectations of the users efficiently. A seamless recording is what you can expect with the loop recording function. Meanwhile, it overwrites the oldest recordings automatically when the memory card is full.

What does the built-in G-sensor offer? It provides accident auto-detection functionality to this dashcam. In other words, it identifies a collision fast and locks the current video instantly. So you are allowed to keep the footage safe from being overwritten. In case of an accident dispute, you can submit this footage as proof. 

Efficient Surveillance With Built-in Wi-Fi And App

Your vehicle gets 24-hour protection due to the parking monitor feature. Don’t worry about surveillance when you buy this dashcam. When you shut off the engine, the dash camera auto switches to parking surveillance mode. Upon detecting any vibration, it records a 20-second video clip. In order to activate this feature, you need to buy a separate Smart Hardwire Kit.

Additional benefits include a built-in Wi-Fi and mobile app. You can buy the REXING S1 dashcam to make sharing footage from your trips in your vehicle easier than ever before. So, make use of the mobile app to view and manage recordings instantly. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

So, you can download your recorded videos directly to your smartphone effortlessly using the app interface. Moreover, these images can be shared on social media immediately. This all sounds great, but what about installation? It is not a big deal at all. You can expect a friendly installation experience. REXING S1 dashcam can be mounted easily on the front and rear windshield.

Rexing is a well-known American Start-up with a good track record. To offer unbeatable reliability, performance, and durability, the company conducts rigorous testing before making dashcams available in the market. Moreover, you can contact the customer support team through email or call center to get instant responses and clarifications. Being a trusted manufacturer, Rexing provides an 18-month warranty on this product.

Final Thoughts On The Rexing S1 Dashcam

Finally, we have covered everything you need to know before making the final decision. Firstly, Rexing S1 is a 3 channel dashcam with admirable image quality and night vision. Secondly, it performs exceptionally even during hostile weather conditions.

Further, you can come across many innovative features like parking monitor, gravity sensor, built-in Wi-Fi and mobile app, loop recording, and supercapacitor. In short, if you are searching for a reliable and functional dashcam available today, you can choose Rexing S1 dashcam.