REXING G600 Dashboard Camera

This Product Has Been Discontinued

The Rexing G600 dashboard camera features a dual-camera setup with a full 1080p HD recording. A sleek design and other innovative design elements make this an attractive option for those seeking a new dash cam. Rexing is a leading manufacturer of dashboard cameras. They offer a range of products that are among the most popular dash cams available.

Their latest entry is likely to be another successful product. The Rexing G600 dashboard camera was just released on June 25th, 2016. Explore the features to get a better look at the Rexing G600 dashboard camera.

The Rexing G600 Dashboard Camera Has a Sleek Design
One look at this dash cam and you can see a major difference from previous Rexing dash cams. The Rexing S300 dash cam had a large profile that could potentially block part of your line of sight. This is not an issue with the Rexing G600 dashboard camera. The new dash cam has a sleek, slim profile that does not provide any obstruction.

Dual Rotating Cameras Offer 330-Degree Movement
The Rexing G600 dashboard camera provides more options for positioning your cameras. You can position the two cameras to face forward, to the sides, or to the rear of your vehicle. They move independently of each other. This allows you to position them however you would like. Each camera has a range of 330-degrees. You could even point the Rexing G600 dashboard camera to get a view of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

1080-Pixel HD Recording and 135-Degree Shooting Angle
The two cameras on the Rexing G600 dashboard camera save files to your microSD card separately. They also feature different technical specifications. The first camera can record a 1080-pixel HD video. It also features a wide 135-degree viewing angle. The second camera records in 720p and has a 130-degree viewing angle.

2.7-Inch LCD Screen Provides a Clear View from Your Cameras
As with the Rexing S300 dash cam, the Rexing G600 dashboard camera includes a 2.7-inch LCD screen. However, unlike the Rexing S300, the Rexing G600 dashboard camera gives you multiple display options. You can choose to display the view from the first camera or second camera. You also have the option to display both cameras using the picture in picture.

Loop Recording Allows You To Record Continuous Footage

Loop recording is becoming a standard feature in dashboard cameras. So, it comes as no surprise that the Rexing G600 dashboard camera includes this option. With loop recording, you can record continuous footage. The camera will automatically record over your oldest video files. You can choose between 1, 2, or 3-minute loop recording.

G-Sensor Automatically Records Video During a Collision
The G-Sensor is another feature that is commonly found in dash cams. With the Rexing G600 dashboard camera, you can capture the events that led to your accident. The G-sensor automatically begins recording when a sudden force pushes your vehicle. You will have an accurate document showcasing the cause of the accident.

The Rexing G600 Saves Your Files to a MicroSD Card
The Rexing G600 dashboard camera does not come with a microSD card, but it does provide support for cards up to 32GB in size. These days, everyone seems to have spare microSD cards. They are used for everything – tablets, phones, digital cameras, and many other gadgets. When finding a compatible microSD card, look for CLASS10 high-speed memory cards.

Includes a Windshield Mounting Kit
The Rexing G600 dashboard camera is easy to install, using the provided windshield mounting kit. You can quickly mount the unit to your windshield, in a location that does not block your line of sight. You can then connect the provided car charger to the unit. The setup is quick and easy. This allows you to instantly add the protection and security provided by a dash cam to your vehicle.

The Rexing G600 Dashboard Camera Comes with an Instruction Manual
The provided instruction manual should help explain some of the settings and features of the Rexing G600 dashboard camera. Though, if this is anything like the manual provided with the Powerlead PudaD003 dash cam, then you may have trouble finding the information that you want. The Powerlead Puda D003 dash cam had a notoriously poorly written manual. But, this may not be an issue, as the camera settings are typically straightforward and easy to figure out on your own.

Does Not Include GPS or Motion Detection
While there are plenty of great features to discuss, there are a couple of features that are notably absent from the Rexing G600 dashboard camera. This includes GPS and motion detection. Motion detection is occasionally included in dash cams. It works in a similar manner to the G-sensor. When motion is detected, it automatically begins recording. GPS is typically used to add GPS data to your videos.

If these two features are important, then you may want to take a look at other dash cams.

Final Thoughts On The Rexing G600 Dashboard Camera

Rexing has created a quality product with the G600. The Rexing G600 dashboard camera includes several new features that we have not yet seen in dashboard cameras. This includes the placement of the dual cameras along the side of the DVR system. You can independently adjust the cameras to get the exact view that you want.

Rotate the cameras 330-degrees to face the front, side, or rear of your vehicle. Both cameras include wide-angle shooting, with 135 and 130-degree angles. The Rexing G600 dashboard camera is likely to be a popular camera. It includes all of the features that you would expect from a mid-range dash cam, along with a few new features. As more people get the chance to test out this unit, you should pay attention to what other customers have had to say.