Powpro Pcam PP-A33 FHD 1080P WIFI 2.5 inch 360° Panoramic Car Dash Cam 220 Degree Wide Angle

This Product has Been Discontinued

When searching online for the best dash cams of 2018, one of the names that pop up in many searches is the Powpro Pcam PP-A33. You could be surprised to find out that this product, despite being launched in April 2017, is considered one of the most innovative dashboard cameras that has ever hit the market.

The Powpro Pcam PP-A33 camera stands head and shoulders over other dashcams available on the market due to its 360 degrees panoramic vision, 220-degree wide night vision, advanced chipset, and Wifi transmission. This gorgeous product can easily exceed the expectations of all drivers, even to those who are extremely picky about dashboard cameras

In fact, this unit might be the best dashboard cameras in 2018. But that’s up for you to decide, after reading this complete Powpro Pcam PP-A33 Dashcam review.

Powpro Pcam PP-A33 – Out Of The Box

After you order the Powpro Pcam dashcam, you receive the original box that includes the camera, a USB cable, and the user manual. Not much, one would say. However, that is exactly what you need in order to enjoy this device. While other manufacturers tend to add as many extras as possible in order to make up for their camera’s lack of usability, Powpro is avoiding adding too many extras in the box in order to put all emphasis on the actual product.

In other words, you don’t want to buy a dashboard camera for the extra cables and connectivity items included in the box, but for its own features and benefits. The item weighs 1.15 pounds and has the following dimensions: 7.1 x 5.1 x 3.9 inches. As for the warranty, you need to contact the seller to get precise information.

Powpro Pcam PP-A33 – Design

The new Powpro Pcam PP-A33 is not as impressive as Z Edge S3 when it comes to design. In fact, it looks quite similar to Rexing v1 3rd generation. The discreet, well-hidden design makes this unit a very well-hidden witness that easily captures any accident or important event.

Of course, just like many drivers out there, you might not really fancy the way this unit looks. It is all right. Powpro PP-A33 is not one of the best dashcams of 2018 due to its design. We believe that it has earned a well-deserved spot in the hearts of so many drivers due to its capabilities, features, and benefits, not for its design. 

So if you like how it looks, that’s even better, and an extra reason to choose this dashboard camera over its competitors.


Now, this is where things start rolling. In terms of software, you will love the capabilities behind this product. For starters, Powpro Pcam PP-A33 is equipped with an advanced, latest-generation chipset. The Otus solution chipset OV5658 is the most advanced chipset on the market and one of the few who provides panoramic recording.

It also enables you to record 24h continuously. In other words, this dashcam never turns off, unless you choose to do that. The chipset comes with 2GB DDR3, 8 GB SPI flash, and 4 LED infrared sensors.

Recording Quality of Powpro Pcam PP-A33

Thanks to the advanced chipset and the 7G plus 1R full-HD lens, you can enjoy an exquisite recording quality. You can watch the footage on the 1080P IPS display and enjoy all the 5 million colors used by this unit’s chipset. The 2.45 inch IPS display is perfect for watching the footage, but you can always choose to stream the videos straight on your laptop or mobile device via Wifi.

During the night, the Powpro PP-A33 dashboard camera does an exceptional job of capturing plate numbers and important details. Thanks to the 4 LED infrared night vision, you can gain the peace of mind that your recordings at night will be completely watchable.

Unique Features of Powpro Pcam PP-A33

This is where Powpro Pcam PP-A33 really outshines its competitors. For starters, this device offers 24 hours monitoring. You will love the fact that Powpro Pcam PP-A33 can record seamlessly and save any important event right on the SD card. In order to record 24/7, you need to ensure that the camera is connected to the car direct current and that the SD card is original, high-quality, enabling for multiple sessions.

That’s why it is important to have your dashboard camera installed at a professional car shop. The wires need to be set up properly if you want to leverage this unique 24 hours monitoring feature.

Another exceptional feature of this dashcam is the VR panoramic 360-degree view. This is a premier feature that you cannot find in many dashcams today. The lens of this unit rotate up and down at a 90-degree angle, and sideways at 360 degrees. You don’t have to miss any other important moments anymore, because this dashcam will capture them all for you.

While the screen is a very important addition to the device, you can do just fine without it. Thanks to the Wifi feature, you can watch your recording in real-time on your mobile phone. The guys from Powpro have managed to design a very interesting app that we are sure you will love. Interact with the app and discover all of its features and you will fall in love with this dashboard camera.

Ultimately, the Powpro Pcam PP-A33 is equipped with the must-have G-sensor. This built-in sensor comes quite in handy when you need to record emergencies, accidents, thefts or other major events that might affect you. The videos recorded during these events are automatically locked by the device and can be later downloaded from the SD card.

Ultimately, the 4 LED infrared vision is outstanding. Powpro Pcam PP-A33 provides crisp & clear images, even in low-light mode. You will never miss any evidence at night again.


The Powpro Pcam PP-A33 is an exceptional dashcam that has taken the market by storm since April 2017. Thanks to the full glass 360 wide lenses, VR panoramic mode, and WiFi integration, this device is an exceptional companion on the road.

Despite being quite tricky to install, this 5 million HD camera does an amazing job at capturing any type of detail, both during the day and during the night. Your evidence is stored in a secure location on the SD card, while the camera keeps streaming on your mobile device via the app. Definitely a must-have gadget in 2018.