PowMax HH-B60 GPS Dual Dashboard Camera

The PowMax HH-B60 is a new dashboard camera on the block. It comes with dual cameras that can shoot at a wide angle of 170°. The unit measures only 2.31 inches in size but sits as a powerhouse of talent. It records videos in 1080P FHD quality with G-Sensor and GPS features. Read the full review to know why and how this dash cam is a good fit for your vehicle.

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Ease Of Use

You can easily set up this camera. The installation is easy, and you can find a wider angle delivering crisp video quality during the day as well as the night. It comes with a nice design and can be operated very easily. As long as you follow all the instructions given in the owner’s manual, you can conveniently install the PowMax HH-B60.

It is much superior to many of the dashcams available on the market today, although the night videos are not as great as Vicovation Opia2. However, at times, the camera fails to automatically shut off when your car is static. It is necessary to check the PowMax HH-B60 and ensure that it has stopped working and has started again when you have restarted your vehicle.

In most cases, however, there are no such issues. It starts recording as soon as the vehicle is turned and shuts down within a short time after you stop driving.

PowMax HH-B60 Dash Cam Quality

The PowMax HH-B60 is a dual camera. You can shoot and record amazing moments in your car, as well as outside. The front camera is capable of shooting footage at 1080P@30fps. The rear one can capture in 720P@30fps. Thus, you can record everything in the rear as well as in the front. You can shoot fantastic moments inside the car when you are traveling with your gang and would love to capture what everyone is doing at any given moment.

The quality of the PowMax HH-B60 camera is excellent, just like the KDLINKS R100, and you can enjoy an extremely wide-angle. During the daytime, it can take very clear videos in HD quality. It can shoot at a speed of 30 frames per second and this can be very useful when you have to take shots of a license plate number. The footages are also nice during the night, better than most other cameras.

Even if you face any problems with the camera, the helpful customer service can come to your aid. You can record events in real-time while driving and even when your car is parked. The PowMax HH-B60 is equipped with high technology and there is a convenient configuration with a 6G lens, NTK96655 chipset, and OV9712 sensor. The superior configuration puts many of its pricier cousins to shame, and you can be assured of excellent services over the long term.

The quality of the videos recorded is crystal clear. The rear lens is able to rotate 120 degrees. The dashcam tracks vehicles in real-time with its built-in GPS, which can provide you with real location, speed, and route through Google Maps. The real-time data can be very useful to explain where you had been driving in at a specific time, which is something that insurers or courts frequently demand.

It can record videos in FHD, and the PowMax HH-B60 offers video capturing in 720p at 30fps at the back lens and 1080p at 30fps in the front lens. Due to the HD output capacity, there is no missing of any event – whether in the rear or in the front of your car. The images and videos are shot in high resolution, and quality is something that you will not have to be bothered about.

PowMax HH-B60 Features

The looping technology lets you record videos constantly without any deletion of the previous files. Even when the storage is filled up completely, the dashcam covers the earlier files. There is no missing crucial video footage due to the overwriting of data. The G-sensor emergency files cannot be overwritten automatically in the PowMax HH-B60, such as during abrupt events like a sudden turn or a car collision.

Some users might find it slightly inconvenient to use a camera that does not auto rewrite even when the memory card is completely exhausted. However, this very ‘disadvantage’ can be a big advantage when you need to explain your position to the law or your insurance provider in case of an unfortunate vehicular mishap. The automatic motion sensor ensures automatic recording whenever the camera senses any object coming in contact with your vehicle.

The PowMax HH-B60 begins to record when the motion detection is kept turned on. Its motion detection technology can sense any object movement. After the motion sensing is completed, the motion detection feature of the camera enters into a standby mode automatically. The camera starts functioning once more when it senses the object again. It records, saves, and locks videos.

The G-sensor lets you avoid emergency overwriting of data by locking the captured footages. The quality of both images and videos are amazing, and almost true to life. Despite being small in size, the PowMax HH-B60 proves itself to be quite a performer! You can easily set it in your vehicle and forget any issues of unclear footages during the daytime.  

Both the front and the rear camera works to satisfaction, and the motion sensor technology ensures that there is no unrecorded moment in case your car is hit by some other vehicle while it is parked in the lot.

Final Thoughts – Should You Go For The PowMax HH-B60?

All that talk finally comes down to whether or not you should buy the PowMax HH-B60. It has to be said that the small camera literally works beyond expectations as far as the price point is concerned. It is fun, and great value for your money. Its night vision is not too great and the auto-start and shut down can be sub-par at times, but it is mostly a capable performer. Go for this one, if you are not really a fan of nocturnal driving.