Take A Look At The New PORMIDO D50 Triple Mirror Dash Cam

PORMIDO Triple Mirror Dash Cam D50 | 12″ triple Mirror | GPS Antenna included | 170° Front,150° Rear and 140° Inside View | Waterproof | Weather Resistant

If you are a newbie when it comes to picking out the necessary accessories for your vehicle, you have come to the right place. As a beginner, it can be hard to navigate through a lot of products and reviews, asking you to try out various brands—no need to worry, however, as we are here to make only the best recommendations.

Why You Need A Dash Cam

Dash cams are installed in vehicles for a reason. They serve as the monitors for each of your travels, so you can check out important things you have caught in videos after a ride. It also makes a perfect recorder for your adventures while on the journey to a specific destination. Dashcams often keep track of the memories that are stored within them.

Furthermore, they also keep records of footage for when you get into accidents. It shows the evidence for insurance purposes as well. Because it is an important accessory of your car, you should be meticulous when it comes to picking out the right brand and model.

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With that being said, let us take a look at one of the brands and models out there, the PORMIDO D50 Triple Mirror Dash Cam.


Display: LCD
Display size: 12 inches
Color: Black
Battery Cell Type: Lithium Polymer


• Triple camera (front, rear, and in-car)
• Wider View and Angle
• Anti-glare screen with SONY Sensor IMX335
• Flexible detached cameras
• Adjustable reverse lines with longer extension wires
• GPS tracking
• Multi-function (Parking Monitoring, Loop Recording, G Sensor, Split Screen or Individual Display)
• Waterproof and high-temperature resistant (up to 190°F)

If you look at its product description, it has various features that are attractive even for those who are veteran drivers. However, we should evaluate each of these features first to see if they are really advantageous as they claim or if they do more harm than good.

Triple HD Mirror Camera

PORMIDO’s HD mirror camera comes in a whopping 12 inch-camera with three channels. The camera records the rear, front, and even the inside of the car itself, all in simultaneous time. With this, drivers will be able to ensure the safety of the vehicle as well as the passengers, knowing that there are monitors inside and outside the vehicle.

The camera can move at a 360-degree angle, so it covers the whole landscape. If you are concerned about safety or encountering obstacles on your path while traveling, the dashcam will be able to monitor it for you, no problem!

Be the omniscient eye with the triple channel camera on your car!

Wider View And Angle

Aside from the three-channel cameras, the views and angles provided by each of them are also remarkable. With PORMIDO D50, you can have a wider view and angle for you to monitor the road and the surroundings conveniently and comfortably. Not to mention, accurately.

The front camera captures a 170° angle, while the rear camera captures a 150° view. Moreover, the inside view camera can record in a 140° view. All three records simultaneously so you can be protected while driving and parking, especially in constricted areas.

Anti-glare Screen

One unique thing about this product is its anti-glare screen feature, which also spotlights the no overexposure flair of the PORMIDO D50. The laminated screen keeps the sunlight from disturbing your clear view of the camera’s footage even during strong weather.

It is equipped with SONY sensor IMX335, which comes in HDR technology enforced on all of the lenses. Through this, the image or video will not be disturbed by the overexposure caused by the headlights of other vehicles around the environment. This is very convenient, especially while on the drive for the night.

With PORMIDO D50, you do not have to worry about any external forces blocking your sight.

Flexible Detached Cameras

Because there are three separate cameras, they are also a lot more flexible, especially for installing on the car’s windshield. With this, the front view of the car or the inside view itself won’t be hindered by other forces or devices that might come on the way.

Moreover, the camera’s displays can be switched between mirroring or reversed footage or images. The dashcam offers more flexibility and convenience for the driver.

Adjustable Reverse Lines With Longer Extension Wires

Since vehicles have different models, it is a good thing that the reverse lines can be adjustable. This product provides an adjustable reversing line so it can fit various models. Furthermore, it is easy to adjust the lines too through its easy screen touch that is convenient for when you are driving.

It is also equipped with a 33 feet reverse camera cable that is easy and comfortable enough for all types of cars.

pormido d50

Nevertheless, if you aspire for something longer, you can also purchase the 49 feet back camera cable separately. This is mostly ideal for those who have trucks, trailers, recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and others.

Extra convenience is provided by the manufacturers, which is a good score on our book.

GPS Tracking

The dashcam includes a GPS antenna installed within it, which is a good thing so you can record locations for easy tracking. It also shows where you have been so you can be monitored and tracked wherever you go. It also adds up to a safe and clean record for whenever you get into accidents or in need of evidence for insurance purposes.

It can add to the speed record, routine, and most of all places where you have been for additional evidence.


A great dash cam is equipped with various strengths. Lucky for you, PORMIDO D50 has a lot of different functions, which includes the following:

Parking Monitoring

If you have a hardware kit ready in your car, the camera will automatically turn on to record for when it senses any force or collision while you are in parking. 30-second video proof will be locked for you to check later.

It also has car battery protection so it can turn off the power whenever it is low and keep it from running out.

Loop Recording

The loop recording feature will let you overwrite old footage with a new one. You can then release it from the storage so as to save space for the SD card. This way, you can preserve the memory and erase unnecessary images or videos that have been on the SD card for too long.

G Sensor

The sensor automatically detects and activates the hit and lock emergency video without its data being overwritten. It is very helpful and convenient, especially for important footage you do not want to be erased.

Split Screen or Individual Display

You can opt for either a split or an individual display for more comfortable and accurate monitoring. In this way, you can see all the footage at the same time, or you can focus on one area only. This will allow you to monitor the areas whenever and whatever you want.

Waterproof And High-Temperature Resistant

Drivers and car owners will find this feature to their liking. The backup camera is equipped with a waterproof ability so it can still function and perform well despite the strong force of the weather. It can resist extreme temperatures of up to 190°F, even in different climates.

For travelers who are fans of exploring various places with unexpected weather and temperatures, your dash cam will surely not hinder you.

Pormido D50 – Package Inclusions

The PORMIDO D50 comes with the following in its package:

• 32GB SD card
• 1 Lithium Polymer batteries
• 33ft extension cable
• User manual

The hardware kit is not included; hence you need to purchase it separately. The dashcam can support up to 128GB of memory, but it only includes a 32GB SD card. Memory cards can be formatted every day, and it displays 1080p video resolution. Aside from that, you can also opt for a longer cable, which can be bought separately.

PORMIDO D50 vs. PORMIDO Pr996 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 12″

If you have heard of the PORMIDO Pr996 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 12” before but are also considering getting yourself a PORMIDO D50 Triple Mirror Dash Cam, do not worry because we got your back.

Let us compare both the products together.

First, both products have the ability to display the videos on split-screen, and both can produce 1080p resolution for videos and images. However, the PORMIDO Pr996 can only cover the front and the rear, as compared to PORMIDO D50, having three cameras, including the inside of the vehicle, for more accurate monitoring.

Both cams make use of the Sony IMX335 Sensor, but only the PORMIDO Pr996 utilizes the dual SONY SENSOR to produce footage of up to 1296P for a better resolution.

PORMIDO Pr996 does not have an antenna for GPS installed and included, so customers need to write an email to the manufacturer first to get one. However, PORMIDO D50 already has a GPS antenna installed.

Yet, aside from that, both models are similar in having multi-functions, such as Parking Monitoring, G-sensor, Loop Recording, Parking Guide Lines, and GPS.

PORMIDO D50 Triple Mirror Dash Cam Conclusion

Having a dashcam is very advantageous for drivers and car owners alike. It is convenient and helpful, especially for recording journeys and travels while on the road. In a more serious context, it can help you steer clear of false accusations and get yourself the proper insurance compensation for accurate claims.

The PORMIDO D50 has many exciting and rich features. If you want maximum protection, you should think of getting your car one.