PAPAGO GoSafe 388 Dashboard Camera

Released on January 19th, 2016, the PAPAGO GoSafe 388 Dash Cam is built to provide you with added security. The use of motion detection and loop recording can give you peace of mind. Learn more with the following review of the PAPAGO Car Dash Camera GoSafe 388. To prevent bacteria build-up this dash cam is made of ionized molecular material.

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PAPAGO GoSafe 388 Dash Cam Features And Details

With the PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam, you can capture everything on camera. You can have video evidence in the event of a collision, theft, or vandalism. This extra security is provided by the following features:

1080-Pixel High-Definition Recording
As mentioned, this is a 1080p HD camera. You can record a full high-definition video with the PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam. Record day or night. The camera is equipped with night vision, along with a 142-degree wide-angle lens.

3 Recording Modes
Choose between 3 separate recording modes – automatic recording, monitor mode, and motion detection. The PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam gives you the continuous recording. With loop recording, the camera will automatically record over older video files. By offering 3 recording modes and loop recording, you will enjoy 24/7 security.

2-Inch LCD Display
You can view your footage on the 2-inch LCD display. The square-shaped PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam takes up very little room. This gives you a distraction-free view of the LCD display.

Supports Up to 64GB MicroSD Card
The PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam can support MicroSD cards up to 64GB in size. This allows for about 10 hours of recording at full 1080-pixel HD. The camera comes equipped with an 8GB MicroSD card to get you started.

Driver Assist Features
In addition to the standard features that you would expect from a dashboard camera, the PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam includes driver-assist features. This includes a driver fatigue alarm and even a light reminder. These features come pre-installed.

Advantages Of The PAPAGO GoSafe 388 Dash Cam

There are several advantages that help make the PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam one of the best dashboard security cameras on the market. You get a combination of a quality recording, motion detection, and a compact design. Here is a closer look at each of these features.

Quality Recording in Any Conditions
In order to truly test the quality of a camera, you need to record in various weather and lighting conditions. The PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dashcam delivers clear video when recording in full sun or the middle of the night. You do not get the snowy or grainy effects that often appear with inferior cameras. It also automatically adjusts the exposure value to capture quality video in any lighting.

Includes Motion Detection
Another great feature is the motion detection recording mode. While many dashcams include a G-sensor for detecting collisions, motion detection is less common. You can set the camera to automatically begin recording if the motion is detected.

Compact Camera Design
The PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam is designed to be discreet. It measures just 2.1×2.1×1.1-inches in size. This is smaller than just about any other dash cam currently available. You can discreetly place the camera behind your rearview mirror.

Lifetime Firmware Updates
PAPAGO offers firmware updates for the life of the product. As soon as new updates are available, you can update the firmware on your camera.

Disadvantages Of The PAPAGO GoSafe 388 Dash Cam

There are two issues that should be discussed, in order to give you a well-rounded look at the PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam. These issues related to the car charger adapter and the lack of GPS functionality.

GPS Must Be Purchased Separately
You will need to purchase the GPS option separately if you want to add GPS speed and location data to your video. For this, you will require the PAPAGO GPS Antenna. If you want to compare a similar camera that includes GPS, then take a look at the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam. It includes many of the same features as the PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam, but with the addition of GPS Geo-tagging.

Car Charger Adapter is Not Built to Last
There have been several complaints about the car charger adapter. Some users have noticed that the adapter breaks easily or stops functioning shortly after purchase. This is not a major issue, as you also have the option to charge the camera via the USB cable.

Final Thoughts

The PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam is a solid little camera. Installing this dash cam in your vehicle will give you added security, as well as a nifty gadget for recording video during trips. The only disadvantages include the possibility of the car charger adapter failing and the fact that you need to purchase the GPS antenna separately.

When shopping for a security dash cam, there are a few features that you should focus on. This includes multiple recording modes, discreet design, and large storage capacity. The PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam has all three of these areas covered. It provides 24/7 security, with 3 separate recording modes.

The compact design keeps it hidden behind your rearview mirror. It also has support for MicroSD cards up to 64GB in size. As far as the recording quality, you can enjoy clear video in almost any lighting condition. Whether you are traveling during the day or night, you will get a great video. If you are looking for a new dash cam, the PAPAGO GoSafe 388 dash cam is a worthy option.