Owl Car Camera One Of The Smartest Dash Cam Right Now

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The Owl Car Cam is a modern, even futuristic dashboard camera that is extremely famous today on the market. Tens of thousands of drivers from all around the globe have already leveraged the features offered by this amazing device. Even if it was just released online in October 2018, the Owl has managed to break new ground in the dashboard camera industry.

This is the first dash cam that is equipped with a built-in 4G connectivity. This device connects directly with your smartphone and stays connected indefinitely. We could even state that this is the first real smart dash cam that has hit the market. The masterminds behind the Owl Car Cam have managed to turn a simple product into a whole security system.

Some of the things you will love about it include its excellent design, minimalistic size, easy connectivity, solid security, and simple operation. Below, we’ll dive deeper into what the Owl car cam is and how it can help to keep you safe as a driver and protect you from every potential threat.

Owl Car Cam – Overview

The Owl car dash cam is a groundbreaking product capable of protecting yourself, your family, and your car like nothing else. Even if it is one of the most expensive dash cams available on the market, it is equipped with a multitude of bells and whistles that would make any other driver jealous.

After just a few months after release, the scientists from Owl have already improved the low-light video, fixed some bugs, and added the OnStar emergency service. They are definitely doing a great job at solving customer’s problems and improving the performance of this dash cam.

In Which Cars Owl Car Cam Can Be Installed

This camera supports almost all vehicles built after 1996. Its sophisticated design makes for a great addition to your vehicle and can dramatically boost the value of your car. What you will definitely love about this product is that it gives you capabilities and features that most dash cams out there lack. This includes a permanent cellular connection, advanced security options, and constant feedback right on your smartphone.

Owl Cam Car Real-Time Surveillance

The Owl car camera comes with a unique capability. You will be surprised at how reliable this product is. It offers automatic, real-time upload of footage to your smartphone. It also automatically uploads any recorded accidents or crashes to your smartphone and to the cloud. Thus, you can rest assured that all the data you need in court is saved in two places: on your smartphone and securely in the cloud (the company’s portal).

Let’s say that your car is parked, and someone tries to break in. They hit the door, the alarm rings, and they run away. In less than one second, you get the whole footage on your smartphone. You can then go to the police with the footage or simply share it online on your social media accounts and on Youtube. What’s even funnier is that you can use the camera built-in speaker to tell the thieves to hit the road.

Or you can just tell them that they will get famous on Twitter and YouTube within just 2 hours. Those experiences could literally make your day.

Owl Cam Car Design & Appeal

The Owl car looks simply astounding. If the out-of-the-box experience is vital for you, then we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. What I mean here is that the product arrives in an attractive, high-grade box, and offers you that “wow” feeling you get after opening the box. But the same could be said about the Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO another great dash cam on the market.

The design and the package are both luxurious. Owl’s unique design allows you to mount the camera right on the crevice where your dashboard meets the window. It takes less than 6 minutes to install and it requires no dangling cables, adhesives, or professional help. You will definitely enjoy the innocuous, tiny suction cup that allows you to vary the height of the camera.

For a stroke of genius, we recommend you to play with the camera position until you enjoy a safe and secure driving position that is not affected by the camera. We also recommend you to hide the cable from the camera in the dash/window crevice. You can basically connect the camera to the OBD-II connector to make the camera totally inconspicuous.

Owl Cam Car Recording Quality

In terms of recording, the Owl car cam is surprisingly good. The front camera records at 1440p and it is equipped with 4MP 6-lens. The rear camera records at 720p, and it only has 1MP quality. Both cameras have a standard 120-degree field of view, which is not impressive at all. Other dash cams such as AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam span wider recording angles of 140 degrees.

The recording quality during the night is pretty amazing. After the last update, it records really nice, even in low-light conditions. You won’t experience a lot of lens flare from other headlights, while the contrast is quite balanced.

What’s amazing about this product is that it has a huge 14-day loop that can be accessed by anywhere. In other words, it stores all the previous recordings made within the last 14 days in the cloud, so you can access them on demand.

Things to Remember

The camera stops recording after 24 hours. It also stops recording if the battery gets lower than 5 percent. Note that this camera does not come with an SD card. All the footage is stored on your mobile phone and in the cloud. The screen is not quite amazing. It doesn’t even compare to the 7” screen Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 is equipped with.

Owl Cam Car Anti-Theft Security

The Owl system comes with a unique anti-theft security system. When your car is parked, you will notice a flashing green beacon inside it. If a thief or someone else touches your car or bumps into it, you will get a video alert straight to your phone. This way, you will be able to see the entire act and even talk to the culprits.

The Owl system comes with a unique anti-theft security system. When your car is parked, you will notice a flashing green beacon inside it. If a thief or someone else touches your car or bumps into it, you will get a video alert straight to your phone. This way, you will be able to see the entire act and even talk to the culprits.

Owl Cam Car Specs

The Owl dash cam comes equipped with integrated GPS function, a gravity sensor, and a dual-array microphone. Because this device does not use your phone network and it doesn’t rely on your data plan, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay extra for the videos you receive. The Owl car cam sends you the videos using its embedded 4G LTE connection.

The Bluetooth connection is the real crown of the jewel. This device recognizes your Bluetooth device when you approach the car, so it will turn off any alerts. This way, Owl will make sure that the green lights won’t flood your car when the real owner gets into the car.

Owl Cam Car Video Alerts 24/7

What you will definitely love about the Owl car cam are the video alerts you receive permanently. When the camera senses movement, bumps, or broken glass on your car, it sends the footage to your mobile device right away. If something happens, you’ll be the first one to know.

Owl Cam Car Live View  

The live view feature is extremely useful, as it allows you to see exactly what is happening around your car at any time. You can do that even if you are miles away from your vehicle. You can even use the microphone to communicate with whoever is trying to mess with your property. Now that is what coolness looks like.

Quick Share 

You can make the most out of Owl car’s app to easily share your footage all across the social media. No more cables, SD cards, or precious time spent connecting to your laptop. This feature is perfect for handling insurance claims in an instant, dealing with thieves, keeping your friends up-to-date, or simply going viral on YouTube within hours.

Professional Service & Guarantees

Lastly, what you will definitely love about the Owl car camera is that it comes with a full 12-months service. That includes a limited trial of the Crash Response feature and 100% theft replacement. The remote alerts are free of charge. You are only charged when you stream videos or check your video history.

Is this Dash Cam For You?

The Owl dash cam is definitely an exquisite piece of equipment. This device is perfect for you if you want a super sleek camera that mounts within minutes and is extremely easy to use. The owl is also a very good choice for you if you got tired of wires, SD cards, or connectivity issues. Get this product if you want to be fully protected against thieves and keep a close eye on your vehicle using your mobile device.

Keep in mind, the camera has just been launched, so there is a lot of untapped potentials here. Be ready for new cool updates and better features in the months to come.