NuCam A712W Dashboard Camera WiFi

NuCam A712W Dashboard Camera is more than just a dash cam – it’s a vlogging camera. Just like Chewbacca Mom did with her viral video, you can share your video directly to Facebook and other social media platforms. Released on March 2nd, 2016, the NuCam A712W Video Recorder Wi-Fi dashboard camera comes with a 32GB MicroSD card and low right recording. The camera also rotates 360-degrees, so that you can point it in any direction.

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You can use the NuCam A712W dashboard camera for entertainment or security. Record your own fun videos or allow the g-sensor to automatically record when a collision is detected. Best of all, you can immediately upload your videos online. While these are great features, there is definitely more to explore with the NuCam A712W dashboard camera.

NuCam A712W Dashboard Camera Specs And Overview

The complete name of this dash cam is the NuCam A712W video recorder Wi-Fi dash cam 1296P full HD g-sensor and mic, 160-degree wide-angle 360-degree rotatable ultra-small vlog camera. This should give you a small indication as to the features of this product, but here is an overview of all the notable specifications:

  • Easy to install
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Compact design
  • 1296P full HD recording
  • 5-megapixel still photographs
  • 160-degree wide-angle lens
  • Low light recording
  • Connects to a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 3D G-sensor
  • 32GB MicroSD card
  • Loop recording
  • Quality technical support

Before you can start recording, you will need to install the unit. Installing the NuCam A712W dashboard camera is easy. You simply attach the suction cup bracket with the provided 3M sticky pads. The camera can then be rotated 360-degrees. Point it in any direction that you want. You even have the option of removing the camera from the mounting bracket and using it as a hand cam. Or, you can attach to a selfie stick and use it as a GoPro.

Once installed, you can begin recording the beautiful 1296p video. This is above the average quality, which is 1080p. So, you get a slightly crisper image, as the NuCam A712W dashboard camera can record in a higher resolution than many of the other cameras on the market. As mentioned, you can also take 5-megapixel still photos.

The 160-degree wide-angle lens gives you a wider view when recording video or taking a photo. You get extremely good video, no matter the lighting conditions. This is thanks to the low light recording features and advanced CMOS sensor. After you have recorded some fun video clips, what do you do with them? You share them with friends and family on social media.

The NuCam A712W dashboard camera can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. You need to download the NuCam app to access various features on your phone or tablet. You then have the option to view, playback, or share your content on your phone and upload it to Facebook. You even have the ability to change camera settings, such as resolution and video compression.

The Wi-Fi features are truly original. It is surprising that the sharing options are not more common on dashboard cameras. The NuCam A712W dashboard camera definitely has an edge over other cameras within the same price range. Though, you may notice that the Wi-Fi signal has trouble in certain areas, such as when passing through a tunnel.

The live viewing and sharing is a cool feature. But, you still get the basic security features that you would expect from a dashboard camera. This includes the g-sensor found on the NuCam A712W dashboard camera. The g-sensor is used to automatically begin recording when the device detects a collision.

This allows you to capture the events that may have led to the accident. Other security features include a 24-hour parking monitor and optional GPS tracking. And, for storing all of your videos, the NuCam A712W dashboard camera comes equipped with a 32GB Kingston MicroSD card.

The NuCam dashboard camera stores video in H.264/MP4 format. If you want to upgrade to a larger memory card, the NuCam supports up to 128GB.

What Do You Do Once Your Memory Card Ts Full?

Thanks to the loop recording, you can keep on filming. Loop recording automatically records over the oldest files on your card. Though, a few customers have mentioned that the loop recording does not work on the NuCam A712W dashboard camera. They claim that the camera stops recording when the memory card is full.

At the same time, several other customers have specifically mentioned the loop recording as a positive feature of the NuCam A712W dashboard camera. So, as usual, you need to take the good and bad with a grain of salt. Despite that one potential flaw, if you do run into any problems, there is a standard one-year warranty and technical support is available.

How Does The NuCam A712W Dash Cam Compare To Other Cameras?

The NuCam A712W dashboard camera does have plenty of features to attract buyers. This includes some options that you may have trouble finding in other dash cams. For example, with the NuCam, you get the ability to record video or take 5-megapixel still photos.

The video and photos that you take will also have a wider view. The 160-degree wide viewing angle is a bit wider than the majority of the competition. You will typically find that the lenses have a viewing angle between 120 and 145-degrees. The increased angle of the NuCam A712W dashboard camera gives you a wider view of your surroundings.

Beyond the wider view and quality photos, the best feature of the NuCam A712W dashboard camera is definitely the ability to immediately share videos and photos on social media. You can connect the NuCam to your smartphone or tablet and share it in real-time.

NuCam A712W Dashboard Camera Versus Vantrue N2 Dash Cam

The NuCam A712W dashboard camera is not the only dash cam on the market. There are a few close competitors to the NuCam, with similar designs, features, and recording options. This includes the popular Vantrue N2 dashboard camera. The Vantrue N2 has a design that resembles the NuCam A712W dashboard camera. It features a sleek case that is attached to a mounting bracket.

At first glance, you may even think the two cameras are the same. The major difference is that the Vantrue does not have the Wi-Fi features found on the NuCam A712W dashboard camera. But, it does have a second camera. So, they each have their own strength and weakness compared to each other.


The NuCam A712W dashboard camera is a great find. It includes a number of features that you will not get on other cameras. So, you need to congratulate NuCam for being innovative. They have added cool features, such as the still photos, social media sharing, Wi-Fi features, and 1296-pixel video.

There is some tough competition for the NuCam A712W dashboard camera coming from the Vantrue N2. The main difference between the two is the features just mentioned – photos, sharing, Wi-Fi, and superior HD video. In the end, the innovative features make the NuCam A712W dashboard camera one of the best dash cams currently available.