Nextbase 612GW 4k with Smartphone App & Wi-Fi Connectivity

Nextbase 612GW is a sleek, 4k ultra HD resolution dashboard camera that is quite an eye turner. As a driver used to unappealing driving-assistance gadgets, you can’t but fall in love with the smooth, shiny silver finish that this camera brings to the table. 612GW is the flagship dashboard camera from Nextbase. This innovative company has managed to keep up with the increasingly better resolutions, being able to release a full 4k device.

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Their latest camera has the potential to create quite a few upsets in this industry. Very few dash cams have managed to push beyond 2.7K. Not even Rexing V1P Pro Dual, a world-renowned camera, can’t brag itself with a recording quality of more than 1080p. However, the Nextbase 612GW dashboard camera offers an impressive 4k HD resolution.

In this Nextbase 612GW review, we will showcase the features and benefits of this modern dashboard camera and try to see if it is a good fit for you.

Nextbase 612GW – Overview

This modern and sleek device has already been available for a few months now. In July 2018, since it first hit the headlines, the Nextbase 612GW dashboard camera has been turning many heads. As the most expensive and the most advanced dashboard camera from Nextbase, the 612GW beats the competition with ease. The iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera and Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera are no match for this device.

Nextbase 612GW is Wifi enabled, is equipped with advanced HDR capabilities, features a reflection-free lens, and has GPS logging. You just couldn’t ask more from it.

Nextbase 612GW – Design

In terms of looks, the Nextbase 612GW dashboard camera exceeds all expectations. This award-winning model is coated in a black & silver metal case. Its design is quite similar to the DSLR pocket cameras available on the market. The device has a solid build and can withstand impact. The hull is scratch-resistant and can withstand water to some degree. You will definitely love how this model looks. What you will also love are its specs and features.

Nextbase 612GW – Sensor Capability

Nextbase 612GW is a modern device based around high-quality components. It’s a Sony Exmor sensor with 8.57 megapixels offers exquisite recording capabilities. This device allows you to enjoy a resolution of 3840 x 2160, captured at 30 fps, and a whopping data rate of 46Mbits/sec. This camera is equipped with the latest sensor from Sony.

What you get are vivid colors, enhanced images in low-light conditions, and perfect contrast. The images and footage are so high-quality that you can even play them on your smart TV. It’s like enjoying a 4K movie right from the comfort of your home.

Nextbase 612GW – Mounting it

Mounting this dashboard camera is fairly easy. The mounting provisions are exactly what you would expect from a high-end dashboard camera. You will be impressed by the quality touches. What you will love when mounting Nextbase 612GW is the slide-in release capability. The suction windscreen mount is designed so that you can take off the camera in just a couple of seconds.

You can easily take the camera with you and show the footage to the passengers in the back, or to your friends outside of your car. Also, you can use a permanent installation by using the alternative adhesive 3M tape.

Nextbase 612GW – Storage Space

In terms of storage, the device does not come equipped with an SD card. The manufacturer recommends using an SD card of at least 64 GB, U3 class. 64 GB allows you to record at the highest quality possible for 2-3 hours. What we recommend is you get an SD card of 128 GB or 256 GB.

A higher-capacity card allows you to store several hours of footage, which is quite useful when driving across the country.

Nextbase 612GW – Saving The Footage

Saving the footage is pretty simple and straightforward. After you review the recordings on the 3” screen, take the SD card out and attach it to your tablet or simply use a USB cable and connect the camera to your laptop. Alternatively, you can save the footage by using the Nextbase app. However, this is a more tedious process, as it requires you to connect the smart device and the camera to the same Wifi.

In the car, this requires internal hotspot connectivity. You either need to create a hotspot on your smartphone or on your tablet, or have a built-in hotspot in your vehicle.

Nextbase 612GW – GPS Mount

The Nextbase 612GW dashboard camera is GPS – ready. This means it records the speed of your vehicle and keeps track of all the important locations you visit. This feature is extremely useful when you playback the recording on your TV. The GPS location logging helps you keep track of important events and allows you to save places you want to visit again in the future.

You will also be able to save the routes and connect the navigation to your Google Maps account.

Reflection Free Lens & High Dynamic Range 

Two extremely useful features of this dashboard camera are the reflection lens and HDR capability. In addition to the 4k capability and advanced lens, Nextbase 612GW offers exceptional captures of license plates and details due to the reflection-free lens. The light is reflected, while the HDR ensures that the contrast is just perfect. In low light conditions, HDR offers greater brightness and enhances the colors. 

Sharing And Editing 

And lastly, what you will surely love about this gorgeous dashboard camera are the built-in sharing and editing tools. When connected to the Wifi, you can instantly share the footage with your friends, family, and colleagues. You can also download the Nextbase Replay 3 software for either PC and Mac and trim, enhance, annotate or improve the footage.

Thanks to the editing suite and download functionality, we can state that Nextbase 612GW is the best dashboard camera when it comes to connectivity.

Final Words

Nextbase 612GW is truly a gorgeous dashboard camera. Its exquisite design goes hand in hand with the 4k recording quality that is out of this world. All its features work together to help you get a complete recording experience and keep track of all the beautiful places you’ve visited.