Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam: The Next in Line for Front and Rear Dash Camera

Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam | Dual Dashcam | Alexa’s voice-controlled built-in | Quick link WIFI | Gps | Bluetooth for dashcam app | and more…

Dash cameras have been more than just luxury accessories that cars have to improve their driver’s efficiency in today’s era. At the present, dash cameras have different functionalities that are extremely useful for drivers to have in their cars.

Currently, most dash cameras offer not just an extended view of the front and rear of your car. They also feature GPS tracking, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity, SOS Alert Systems, and other notable features for your car. Such features enhance the efficiency and safety of the users driving and improve the experience of driving for many cars.

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And now, Nextbase innovates the dash cams’ efficiency even further with their newest line of products: Nextbase 522GW Dash Cams. Under this line of dashcam products, Nextbase offers many groundbreaking innovations never before introduced from other similar products. All these features are packed in one expensive smart dashcam, which is this product’s main drawback.

Nextbase 522GW Features

522GW Dash Camera has multiple features that make it stand above several similar products from other brands in the market. Here are a few of its features to guide you on whether or not this product is for you.

Stunning 1440p HD Video Capture Resolution

As a dashcam, 522GW should feature a clear viewfinder display of the front and rear view of your car. As such, this dash camera provides crisp video recording quality of 1440p at 30fps. It can also be used to record 1080p at 30 or 60 fps. Because of its clear recording quality, 522GW can capture crisp images or videos even under bright sunlight.

Built-in Alexa Connectivity Feature

One of the dash cams’ main standouts is the integration of the Alexa technology. With Alexa, drivers can use voice commands to start video recording and updates them on recent traffic news. Moreover, you can also use it to view images captured by the device and view what the camera sees live.

SOS Emergency Response Mode

Nextbase upped the ante of the next generation of dash cameras with its newest SOS alert feature for road-related incidents. With the SOS Emergency Response mode, your car can now alert the nearest first responders to its location during emergencies. Even more, 522GW also includes the Autosync and Incident feature, which contacts your insurance company directly in case of accidents.

With the Autosync and Incident feature, your insurance company will then receive files within the device related to the incident. That way, the process of receiving your claim from them would be easier in times of emergency.

Intelligent Parking Mode

One other unique feature that Nextbase introduces in 522GW dash cams is the Intelligent Parking Mode. With this feature, your car will be protected from any bumps and physical contact from other cars when left parked. As soon as other vehicles bump your car when it is stationary, 522GW automatically records the incident.

Furthermore, such a mode is perfect along with the Autosync and Incident feature, especially when the accident leaves significant car damages.

Other Features

Aside from the features mentioned, 522GW also has features that are familiar to many dash cams currently in the market. Here are a few examples of familiar features which you may also see from other similar products today:


3-inch Wide Touch Screen Panel. 522GW stands out physically amongst other dash cameras with its 3-inch touch screen panel for convenient use. With its large display and convenient touch screen features, you can browse through menu selection or playbacks with relative ease. A wide display like 522GW’s may also help you in case you have trouble seeing small characters without zooming in. However, if you value a clearer view in your car’s front, having this on your car may not suit you.
• Bluetooth and Internet Connectivity. Having a dashcam with Bluetooth and internet connectivity features is very useful in the present day. In case of an accident, you can use its Bluetooth feature to send files directly to your phone. Then, you can use your phone to send such files to your insurance company for claims processing.
• Internet Connectivity is also very useful for easy files transfer and sharing of 522GW’s stored photos and footage. Once connected to Nextbase Connect app, you can back up your files directly on the internet for files safekeeping. Moreover, internet connectivity also allows the device to quickly contact nearby first responders in case of accidents and emergency encounters.
• 10Hz GPS Tracking. 522GW’s high-end Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracker allows your first responders to easily track your location during emergencies. GPS also allows the device to tell the current time and date with precise accuracy and set it automatically.
• Easy and Sturdy Setup. 522GW comes with a mount that can carry your device sturdily and uses magnetic locks for steady placement. The most convenient placement for this would be at the top of your windshield near the driver’s peripherals. Most likely, you may find it best placed near your rearview mirror to give you multiple on-the-road perspectives.

What are some of the disadvantages of Nextbase 522GW Dash Cams?

Despite its unique and groundbreaking features for a dash camera product, the Nextbase 522GW Dash Camera is not without its flaws. Here are a few cons you may encounter when considering buying 522GW as a dashcam for your vehicle:

Complicated charging port placements and designs. Unlike other similar dashcam products, 522GW’s port placements are frustrating, to say the least. Rather than being placed with the car’s USB port, 522GW’s 12-volt charger port is on its mount. What makes the port placement even more annoying is where it is placed on the mount. With its awkward placement, the charger cord is going to be a challenge to attach and detach.

Although you may not have problems moving 522GW within the car, moving the camera onto another car is very hard. Because the port is placed within the mount, 522GW can only be moved on a car with the same mount. 522GW’s MicroSD and USB ports are also not protected with seal covers, unlike other similar products.

As such, MicroSD cards mounted or USB cords connected on the device may drop if connected very loosely. Furthermore, when nothing is connected to them, these ports may accumulate dust and the likes inside them.

MicroSD storage only. As said earlier, 522GW has a MicroSD port, which means it could support mountable SD cards for files storage. However, MicroSD card support is only great as an extension of a device’s internal storage, which 522GW currently does not have. As such, options for backing up your dashcam’s files are limited to either cloud storage or backup device transfer.

If you are choosing to transfer files from the dashcam through the cloud, you must have an internet connection. If internet connectivity is not available for you, you can use your smartphone for files backup through Bluetooth transfer. However, only Android users can do so as Apple products, particularly iPhone devices, do not currently support Bluetooth file transfers.

If you are running low on storage on your 522GW, consider backing up files before traveling on the road. You can also choose to buy a new MicroSD card with a larger storage capacity instead.

How does Nextbase 522GW compare against other similar products?

As said earlier, Nextbase 522GW has breakthrough features that many new dashcams currently do not have. The Garmin Dash Cam 66W, which also has a voice control function that 522GW has, pales in comparison despite being cheaper. Its 2-inch widescreen may be considered less obstructive than 522GW, but it also makes for a limited screen viewing.

BlackVue DR900X is also another competitor of 522GW that focuses mainly on 4k high-definition video recording. As such, most other features that give 522GW an edge make DR900X a more expensive yet less desirable product option.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nextbase 522GW Dash Cameras

There are still a few queries out there that are left unanswered on our thoughts about 522GW and its features. As such, we allow this portion of this article to provide answers to some of your questions regarding the product:

Q. How many hours of video footage can be stored within an SD card that has 32GB of storage?

A – 522GW can record up to 4 hours of video footage within a 32GB SD card.

Q. How hard is it to install?

A. Following a module, Nextbase 522GW is relatively easy to install on your car.

Q. What type of SD card should you have with this dashcam?

A. By recommendation of Nextbase themselves, microSD cards manufactured by them are highly recommended. However, you can mount other brands of microSD cards as well.

Q. Up to how much microSD storage capacity does the dashcam support?

A. Although Nextbase only manufactures up to 128GB of microSD card capacity, you can also use 256GB storage in 522GW.

Q. What temperature rating can this dash camera hold?

A. 522GW dashcams are not advisable to be used at a temperature range of -20 ° to 45 ° Celsius. In terms of Fahrenheit measurements, be careful at using the product at -4° to 113°F temperatures.

Q. How does the dash camera start?

A. As soon as you start the engine of your car, the dashcam starts automatically.

Q. Does its display turn off?

A. If it becomes too distracting at night, the dashcam display can easily be turned off.

Q. Does this product have an intelligent parking mode?

A. For products that came out from Nextbase’s Series 2 Dash Camera models, they all feature intelligent parking mode.

Q. Can it connect to my smartphone device?

A. Yes, download the MyNextbase Connect app and get ahold of all files within your dash camera on your phone.

Q. Does this have a Rear Cam Module?

A. Yes, and you can choose from either Rear Window, Rear View, or Cabin View camera module.


What Nextbase’s 522GW Dash Camera model has above its other competitions been its multifunctionality. Although it doesn’t fair well against the usual dashcam functionalities others have, it’s more convenient in a lot of ways.

The features it introduced show potential in what could be staples in the next few dashcam products. Despite the price tag attached to this product, Nextbase may have introduced a strong contender in the dashcam market.