The HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 Dual Lens Dash Cam WiFi GPS

The HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 is a professional dual lens dash cam that comes as a great alternative to the standard Go Pro hero cameras mounted on the helmet. This modern device takes away all the hassle of having to deal with plug/unplug, batteries, turning on/off, and other time consuming tasks. Instead, it gives you ease of use, peace of mind, reliability and stability.
The new model of Halocam was released in May 2018. It weighs 2 pounds and comes with the following dimensions: 3.6 x 2 x 0.9 inches. The cameras are both super light and unobtrusive, so you can mount them anywhere on the motorcycle. Compared to other similar dual lens dash cams for motorcycle, the Halocam motorcycle dual lens recording camera is super high quality.

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For example, Blueskysea DV188 only has a recording range of 130 degrees, while HaloCam offers a whopping 155 degrees. Moreover, HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 is equipped with WiFi and can integrate with your mobile via the embedded app. To top it all, the recording quality is superior in the case of HaloCam compared to what Blueskysea DV188 has to offer.
There are many aspects of the Halocam dash cam that you will love. We invite you to read our HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens dash cam review and see for yourself why this dual dash cam trumps any other recording device for motorcycles.

First things First – Design

The HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens dash cam features a really nice, smooth design. The black finish and matte design enable the cameras to perfectly complement the design of your motorcycle. They are also extremely unobtrusive. You can mount them anywhere you seem fit.
The snapshot button is a gorgeous addition to the cameras and will also complement your bike design. Overall, you will be pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous design of this product.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Components

This dash cam comes up with all the components you need in order to enjoy quick & easy installation and make your drive as safe as possible. The HaloCam Motorcycle recording system comes with a DVR, front & rear lens, wired controls, USB cable, GPS antenna, 12V to 5V power cord, camera mount, lens holder, waterproof rubber sleeve, and 3 extension cables for the cameras and for the wired control.
Setting up the device is as easy as pie. It should not take you more than 15 minutes to install it for the first time, and less time for further installations. The great news is that you can easily unmount it and set it up on another motorcycle or even in a car. This dual camera will behave excellently in any medium and on any vehicle.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Recording Quality & Screen

The large 2.7” display screen is excellent for enjoying the high-quality FHD1080P recordings. Expect nothing less than pure greatness from the HaloCam recording system. This dual-camera system can surprise you by incorporating a Sony image sensor, 6-glasses with F1.8 aperture, night vision, and WDR. The imaging performance in low light environments is better than many other UHD dual cameras available on the market.
Plates are easy to see during low-light conditions, and details are clear and sharp in any weather. In addition to the great recording quality, we have to mention the waterproof feature. You will definitely love it when the rain starts and you won’t be forced to stop the motor and take the cameras down. However, note that the LCD is not waterproof. You can use the waterproof rubber sleeve to cover it during heavy rains.
Thanks to the 155 degrees wide lens, you can record up to 310 degrees of terrain. The cameras can easily cover multiple lanes and can let you stay in control of your ride.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Other Exceptional Features

As we said above, the HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens dash cam is better than many other cameras, because it comes equipped with a multitude of cool features.
1. Wifi Connection & Mobile App
Probably the top feature you will enjoy the most is the Wifi connectivity to your phone. Once you finish setting up the device, you will be able to download the HaloCam Moto app and gain access to all the features of the device. No phone data is required for the connection to work.
In the app, you can view real-time recordings of your trip, download & edit clips, share clips on social media, and even add music to the clips. This is a really fun tool to share your experiences with other bikers and to capture the best moments.
2. SnapShot Button
The Snapshot button perfectly complements the HaloCam Moto app. This external device allows you to take photos while riding. With just one short press, you can get 2 sets of pictures from each camera and a 15 seconds video from the front camera. This feature is exceptionally useful, especially when you need to record an important even ASAP or to take photos of a vehicle’s plates.
3. Loop Recording & GPS Tracking
The card supported by this device can exceed 128 GB. It can support 256 GB cards from Toshiba or Samsung. This is simply exceptional, especially as most dashboard cameras can only support a maximum of 128 GB. What you will love about the HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens is that it is equipped with loop recording.
So after you record for several hours and run out of space on the card, the device start overwriting old recordings. Any photo and video that you saved on your phone will not be erased.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Constant Power Supply

Ultimately, what really you will love about the HaloCam dual dash cam recording system the fact that you will enjoy constant power supply. The 12V to 5V cable allows you to connect the device straight to your ignition switch. You can also use the USB cable to power up the camera from your portable charger or power bank.
For emergency use, when no power is available, you can use the built-in Lithium battery.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Conclusion

The HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens dash cam is a great recording system for motorcycles, probably one of the best available today. Consider it as a viable alternative to Go Pro cameras.