VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam 170° Wide Angle Full HD

VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam is a modern camera system specially designed for motorcycles. This system is aimed to simplify the use of recording cameras and to make it easy for bikers to enjoy both security and pleasure when driving on unknown roads. Compared to a sports camera, the VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam is equipped with a dual-camera system that aims to capture any unexpected accident.

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Plus, it allows you to get on tape beautiful travel scenery in Full HD quality. But the surprises do not stop here. This device is equipped with a multitude of specs that make it extremely useful this year and beyond. In this VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam review, we will take a closer look at how this device behaves and how it can help you as a biker to take your trips to a whole new level of security and fun.

VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam – Overview

VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam was released in April 2018. Since then, it was purchased by numerous bikers who found it appealing and useful. Of course, VSYSTO WiFi Motorcycle Camera could still make for a great gift in January and beyond. This device stands out of the crowd due to its 7-layer glass lens, good stability, 170-degree wide-angle, and IP67 weatherproof standard.

This device also comes with a supercapacitor instead of a battery and has a smart power module that turns off the camera when your bike is off. Below, we will review each feature of the VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam in order to help you understand if this is the right camera for your needs. Let’s start with the aspect.

VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam – Looks & Design

The VSYSTO WiFi Motorcycle Camera is made of two cameras, a smart power module, a wired controller, and cables. Each component looks absolutely gorgeous. The smooth all-black design and the slim features make this motorcycle recording system a really great addition to any bike. The system comes with a 3” LCD screen and an optional GPS tracker.

The metal housing gives value to the system. As a matter the fact, the steel housing is also exceptionally good for dissipating the heat away. Thus, the internal circuits are protected against excessive heat during the hot summer months. You can rest assured that the keyword will look amazing on your motorcycle.

Moreover, you can have the peace of mind that the system is safe to use even in intense heat when you are driving at 100 mph during August in Southern California or Nevada.

VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam – Superb Image Quality

One aspect you will definitely love about the keyword is the image quality it provides. Both cameras are equipped with the same super-advanced SONY Exmor IMX323 CMOS sensor and feature 7-layer glass lenses. The lenses are also the fisheye, which means the details captured near the sides are not blurry. The image clarity is super sharp and the videos are crystal clear.

At 1080p, you can rest assured that you will not miss any details whatsoever. You will be able to stream the images on your laptop or smartphone without interruptions or lag, or you can share them online so all your friends will enjoy your trip. VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam records at a whopping 340 degree in total.

That is 30 degrees more than its competitor, the HaloCam motorcycle camera which can only record at 310 degrees.

2 Unique Ways of Monitoring

Another aspect of the keyword that will make you fall in love with this motorcycle recording system is the 2 unique ways of monitoring. First, you can select on the console your favorite mode of display: front, rear, 1:1, or PIP. You can basically see either one camera at a time or both cameras on the same screen.

Second, you can monitor the recording on your mobile device. Thanks to the Wifi connectivity, the VSYSTO WiFi Motorcycle Camera can connect to your smartphone through the mobile app. You can view the recordings in real-time, share them online, or download the recordings on your SD card.

Built-in Wifi Complements the Optional GPS

You can’t but be extremely happy with how this device has been programmed. The built-in Wifi allows you to view the recording in real-time on your smartphone. It supports both iOs and Android. That’s great news because most motorcycle cameras fail when it comes to iOS. Moreover, most motorcycle cameras, including the Blueskysea DV688, are not wifi compatible.

What’s really interesting is that the wifi goes perfectly with the GPS. If you choose to set up the GPS with this dual motorcycle camera, you will be able to see the videos with the exact coordinates, routes, and speed. This will make it super easy for you to keep track of places you’ve been and save precious memories. However, it could also give you an edge in court or in a trial, especially if you are innocent.

Top Weatherproof Solution

The VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam is considered one of the best weatherproof motorcycle cameras available in 2019. Both the cameras and the wired remote control are waterproof. You can drive in any type of weather knowing for sure that the cameras will keep recording. Note that the IP67 weatherproof standard is the highest we have so far.

That should give you an extra reason to buy this device if you live in areas with a lot of rain or snow.

VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam – Super Capacitor

The supercapacitor successfully replaces the standard battery. VSYSTO WiFi Motorcycle Camera comes with no risk of explosion whatsoever. Another aspect you will love about the innovative supercapacitor of the VSYSTO WiFi Motorcycle Camera is that it offers an extended life compared to regular lithium batteries.

VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam – Other Features

The keyword supports a TF Card of a maximum of 128 GB. It can record an average of 12 hours before rewriting itself. After that period, the loop recording feature kicks in, overwriting old files in increments of 1,2,3 or 5 minutes. You can easily turn off loop recording. When you do that, the camera stops recording when the card is full.

Another useful feature this system is equipped with is the G-sensor mode. When the sensors detect a collision, the emergency recording is automatically activated. All the footage recorded during emergency mode is protected from being erased or overwritten.

Bottom Line

As a conclusion, the VSYSTO WiFi Support Waterproof Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam is a highly-advanced, extremely useful motorcycle recording camera that acts as a guardian for you as a biker. It protects you from unfair claims and helps you store all your good memories right on your smartphone.

Enjoy the design of this device and leverage its super capacitor and super recording quality to take your bike trips to a whole new level.

Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera Dual Lens

The Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is a very good alternative to the standard Go Pro cameras for bikers. While Go Pro Hero 3+, Hero 4 Silver or Go Pro Hero+ have to be mounted right on the helmet, the motorcycle camera from Blueskysea is uniquely designed so that it can be mounted right on the motorcycle using the gum paste in the package.

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The benefits of using Blueskysea DV188 over Go Pro cameras are multiple: enhanced stability, real-time view of both front and rear, can be mounted in inconspicuous places under the headlights, shock resistant, waterproof, and better image quality.

Setting Up the Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera

Now, what you will love about the Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is that it comes with an innovative concept. Mounting the camera is a breeze, and gives you total freedom of installation. This means that you can place the camera on any parts of your bike – including the windshield, under the trunk, near the headlight, above the wheels, you name it. Setting up the device should not take more than a few minutes.

In fact, you will probably have fun setting up this camera. The wires are ultra-long, so you can reach faraway areas. You can even mount a camera sideways if it suits your purposes. The gum paste and cable ties are of good quality, so you can rest assured that the cameras are stable enough to record anything in high-quality.

Of course, this product has some disadvantages. For Go Pro fans, know that the screw attachment for Go Pro is quite long, and it might not be compatible with all Go Pro cameras. Moreover, changing the alignment of the camera might be quite a tedious process.

Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is Completely Unobtrusive

Overall, this device is almost invisible when mounted. Each camera comes with excellent sided tape, which can be reinforced using silicone caulk. You can mount it in invisible locations and it will stick to your motorcycle. Even if the mounting brackets can be bent, remember that too much adjusting might break them.

What we recommend you is to plan from the start the location of the cameras and bend the mounting brackets once.

Blueskysea DV188 Recording Quality

Even though it doesn’t beat the recording quality of Go Pro 4, the Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera gives any serious dashboard camera a run for its money. This gorgeous product is equipped with 2 Sony 323+6 light sensors and comes with a great F2.2 aperture that offers splendid recordings.

What you will love about this motorcycle dual camera is the Allwinner V3 chipset, which offers exquisite H.264 video compression technology. The footage is clear, excess light is removed and dark corners are lit. During the night, the WDR function provides you with the even better recording quality.

Blueskysea DV188 Recording Viewing Angle

A drawback of this model is the limited 130-degree viewing angle. That means you will only get a recording of 260 degrees in total. Other similar motorcycle cameras available on the market, such as HaloCam Motorcycle Recording Camera System, have a viewing angle of 155 or more for each camera.

That gives you a whopping 310 viewing angle, with 50 degrees more than what Blueskysea DV188 offers. Another aspect you will really love about the Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is the WDR processing feature, which allows it to get more light during low light environments.

Each camera offers a recording quality of FHD 1280x1080p, or optionally HD 1280x720p. Note that this device has a 2-channel recording. This means you are allowed to swap images to see what the front/rear cameras are recording in real-time.

Blueskysea DV188 Other Useful Features

The Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera has been first listed on Amazon in September 2017. Since then, it has helped thousands of motorbike riders to enjoy safer rides, capture great moments, and be protected in court against unfair claims.

In addition to the great recording quality, ease of set up and reliability, the Blueskysea DV188 dual-camera is equipped with all the features you need in order to enjoy a safe, smooth ride. The G-sensor lock gives you peace of mind that the footage recorded during an accident or crash is stored separately and not erased by further recording.

Another useful feature is the loop recording. The device records continuously and will overwrite footage captured on the camera, in order to save memory space. However, note that the footage stored away by the G-sensor will not be erased. Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is also equipped with a GPS function.

You have a GPS mount included in the package. However, note that it does not work with iOS. That is quite unfortunate for Apple device owners.

So Is Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera a Good Option For You?

This dual-camera recording device for motorcycle riders is an excellent alternative to Go Pro cameras. In addition to being able to record simultaneously what happens in the front and rear of your vehicle, this camera is unobtrusive and can be mounted in places on your motorcycle where it becomes invisible.

Blueskysea DV188 is also equipped with all standard features of a dashboard camera: GPS mount, loop recording, G-sensor, WDR, night recording, and a large 2.7-inch screen. The recording quality is better than what the average camera can provide.

The Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is a great choice for you if you need a reliable, on-board camera that is placed right on your motorcycle rather than your helmet. It is also a great choice for you if you need to have a reliable camera that records every single detail, both during the day and the night.

Ultimately, this product is excellent for you if you need a motorcycle recording dual-camera that is water-resistant and can withstand heavy storms.