TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam GPS Voice Control Backup Camera

TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dash cam, how good is it? So let’s talk a little bit about it. Being an industry leader in the home and personal security technology products category, TOGUARD offers high-quality products. You can find that this mirror dashcam is not an exception.

As a multifunctional device, this TOGUARD backup camera meets your needs in many ways. Do you want to protect your car? Are you planning to ensure high safety while driving? You can buy this model. And, it protects you from hit-and-run accidents.

TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dashcam – Smart Features

Some of the features offered by TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam are unbeatable. For example; video resolution quality. Other features include a smart voice control system, powerful G-sensor, 6 glass-fixed-focus lenses, adjustable view angle, safety parking reversing aid system, excellent night vision, and many more.

Now let us make a comparison between the TOGUARD model and Van Top H610. Both models come with some smart features and benefits to make driving safe and enjoyable. However, the screen size of the TOGUARD mirror dashcam is two inches bigger than the Van Top model. But, the Van Top H610 stands taller in terms of video resolution.


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How long TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam product has been in the market? As a trusted manufacturer, TOGUARD has been operating in this industry for more than a decade. However, this backup camera model is a new entrant. It was on June 11, 2020, that the company launched this product.

Okay, we have given you a basic idea of what to expect with this product. It is not enough to make a purchase decision in an informed way. You can go through this TOGUARD Mirror Dashcam to learn about this product in detail. Above all, our approach helps you make the best buying decision. 

Unbeatable Resolution And Excellent View From Behind 

No matter whether you are driving in day or night, you can expect perfect vision with TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam. It comes with 2.5k+1080p front and rear camera, which captures images with clinical precision. Further, a 12-inch big screen takes the quality of the images to a new level.

If you are looking to buy a dashcam that helps you read the license plate of vehicles from both front and back, look no farther than the TOGUARD Mirror Dashcam. Therefore, you can drive in day and night with a lot of freedom and confidence.

Upon startup, this device immediately defaults to the rear camera full screen. That is to say, you can view live streaming video from the rear camera continuously on the top-of-the-line screen. It allows you to have an excellent wide-angle view of all objects behind. Don’t worry about blind spots when you use this backup camera.

You can adjust the rear-view angle and brightness effortlessly. How to make the adjustments? All you need to do is to set the best angle is to swipe the screen up or down. As you record and drive, the rear and front camera can be switched by swiping the screen. Moreover, you can swivel the front camera lens easily.

Equipped with a 170 field of view; the front camera provides the best viewing angles. Also, the rear camera comes with a 140 field of view. Many aspects including resolution, view angle, big screen, and ease of use blend harmoniously to live up to the expectations of the users.

Smart Voice Control And High Weather Resistance

With a unique Smart Voice Control feature, TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam stands taller among other dashcams on the market. Firstly, you don’t need any additional wiring to activate the backup camera. Voice command does this job perfectly. Secondly, when you talk, this device listens carefully.

Flawless operation is what you can expect with the Smart Voice Control feature. It makes the operation unbelievably easy and fast. That is to say, every task including switching camera, recording, activating screen, and locking video can be done without navigating any menu.

Since the backup camera identifies and responds to the specified command while recording. Driving becomes amazingly safe and convenient. However, you must remember one thing. Never forget to turn down the audio while giving the command. If you don’t do this, the TOGUARD Mirror Dashcam may not work properly due to the noise.

It works perfectly in all weather conditions. In other words, high weather resistance can be linked with this dashcam. You can find the rear camera waterproof and works efficiently even during heavy rain to make driving safe.

Powerful G-Sensor And 24-hour Parking Monitor

Like any other advanced dashcam, the TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dashcam offers seamless loop recording. It also comes with the powerful Sony IMX335 Starvis sensor. Locking emergency video in case of an accident or collision; the built-in G sensor prevents the vital footage from being overwritten.

You can also find a 24-hour parking monitor on this device. Activated by the parking monitor, this device automatically turns on and captures 20-second footage during an accident or collision. Further, there are three sensitivity options available on the parking monitor function, namely low, middle, and high.

In addition, parking becomes a breeze with the Safety Parking Reversing Aid System. As you connect the red wire to the reversing light’s positive lead, you can find the parking line being displayed automatically when reversing.

If you want to track the driving route, speed, and location, you can make use of the GPS module. Meanwhile, the driving tracker footage can be checked using the GX player. Whenever you need information on location and speed and produce the correct evidence, you can use the GPS function.

TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dashcam – Final Words

To sum up, TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dashcam is a top-of-the-line dashcam available today. Offering exceptional features and functional benefits, it meets the expectations of the users efficiently. You can also expect a fast response from the customer support team. Last but not the least; the installation can be done with effortless ease.

Awesafe Mirror Dash Cam Dual Lens 10 ” Touch Full Screen

Awesafe is a modern mirror dash cam with a sleek and great design that has captured the minds and hearts of thousands of drivers. In addition to its great looks, this dash cam satisfies drivers due to its features and powerful additions. Even if this device looks exactly like its competitor, the Junsun mirror camera, it comes with better features than the camera from Junsun.

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Awesafe mirror dash cam is more versatile than its competitor and offers improved night vision thanks to the 6 groups of glass and 6 PIC IR LEDs. Let’s take a closer look at why Awesafe mirror dash cam could be an ideal choice for you in 2019 as an all-purpose dashboard camera.

Awesafe Mirror Dash Cam – Beautiful Design

The first thing you will notice about the Awesafe mirror dash cam is its amazing design. The all-black finish has a red line in the middle which brings a whole new sense of fashion and uniqueness. You can easily complement the interior design of your car with this modern and sleek dash cam. All in all, this product looks super sleek and can dramatically boost the appeal of your vehicle.

The Components

All components of the Awesafe dashboard camera are made of high-quality plastic. They are made to last a lifetime and to withstand impact. In case of an accident, you won’t lose any precious information stored on the card. The case protects the card like nothing else.

The first component of this unit is the monitor. At 10” wide, the LCD is a full touchscreen. It has a super high level of responsiveness and zero blind areas. You can touch it anywhere you want to zoom in and adjust the view sideways or up and down. Thanks to the visual field adjustment, you can park in the utmost safety knowing that you can rotate the camera in all directions. The monitor records audio and is also equipped with a cool screen saver.

The second component of this unit is the two cameras. The first camera is embedded in the back of the monitor, facing front. It records at full HD and it can be adjusted up and down by simply dragging it out. The rear camera is 720p and has to be connected to the main unit with a cable.

While the front camera has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, the rear camera records at 140 degrees. Few cameras have more than 310 degrees angle recording. One of them is the Pormido mirror dash cam, a powerful competitor of Awesafe that records at 320 degrees. Nevertheless, 310 degrees is more than enough for a safe trip to your favorite location, and for ease of parking. You can easily rotate both cameras by touching the LCD, so parking and driving become a breeze.

Other components you will find in the box are the 6.5 meters long cable for the rear camera, the power cord, clamps, and a 32 GB card, 2 rubber straps, a card reader, and a crowbar. Yes, you read that well. You get a free 32 GB card included in the package. This is a great bonus offered by the guys from Awesafe to attract more customers into buying their top dash cam. However, note that this unit only works with a maximum of 64 GB cards, so you might be forced to copy the footage on the laptop regularly.

Setting up Awesafe

Setting up the Awesafe is a breeze. Simply take the monitor out of the box and clamp it over your rearview mirror. Use the clamps to secure it in place, then hook it to your cigarette lighter and then to the rear camera. Installing this unit takes less than 10 minutes. After you mount it, format the SD card and place it inside. You can then start using the camera and record while driving.

In case you can’t seem to get a hold of how installation works, you can call the company and their friendly customer support staff will help you step by step.

Modes of Awesafe Mirror Dash Cam

This dash cam has two unique display modes. The first one is the full-display of the front camera, while the second is a full display of the rear camera. Unfortunately, Awesafe does not support the split view, so you can’t see both recordings at the same time. Awesafe dash cam also lacks lane departure and other ADAS features. Moreover, it won’t work when your car is turned off unless you use an obd cable to power the camera to the car.

However, Awesafe mirror dash cam is equipped with a smart option called reverse assist. This feature enables the camera to switch automatically between front and rear cameras when you go in reverse. Moreover, when parking, you have some parking lines to help you park in safety.

Loop Recording & G Sensor

This camera is equipped with these 2 basic features. It automatically rewrites old footage, but it saves accidents or important footage on a separate spot on the card. Note that it also comes with 24 – hour monitoring, but you need to hardwire it to a continuous power source to make it work.

The G-sensor uses the advanced sensors of the unit in order to detect sudden collisions and lock the footage in a special place to protect it from being overwritten.


Despite some obvious drawbacks, Awesafe is a modern dashboard camera that continues to impress with its looks and reliability. Use it both during the day and night to drive safely and to park knowing that you won’t accidentally scratch your car. You’ll definitely enjoy how smooth and easy it is to control the cameras by simply swiping on the screen.

You’ll be able to see traffic conditions in real-time and stay protected in case of accidents, thanks to the G-sensor that locks the files away. Moreover, you can hardwire the camera and enjoy its powerful 24/7 parking monitoring feature that protects your vehicle from thieves or criminals.

Jrcx Mirror Dash Cam 10 Inch Touch Screen

The Jrcx mirror dash cam is a well-built dash cam with raving reviews from tens of thousands of drivers from all over the globe. Even if it has just been launched on March 11, 2019, this modern device has already captured the hearts of numerous drivers. This modern device is equipped with 2 cameras, the front one recording 170 degrees and the rear one 140 degrees.

The device offers you constant protection against any threats thanks to the parking monitor feature and built-in G-sensor. The unit looks really sleek, with an all-black touch that can dramatically boost the appeal of your vehicle. Its large 10” screen is super slim and features just the right buttons and connections you need.

Mirror Dash Cam, Dual 1080P Front and Rear, 10 Inch Touch Screen Front 1080P 170° Full HD Front...
  • Full HD IPS streaming media touchscreen, 1080P front camera records highest quality videos day and night. With an 170°...
  • Rear camera with 1080P 140° viewing angle, F2. 0 6-glass lens that greatly enhances night vision, supporting the reversing...
  • Loop recording means fully automatic and continuous recording (the locked video footage will not be overwritten) by...
  • Build-in G-Sensor detect any sudden braking, impact, rapid acceleration or sharp cornering. Lock and secure the footage for...
  • 90 days hassle free money back , and lifetime (the main part). If you have any questions about the product, please contact us...

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Jrcx mirror dash cam has the power button on the top and USB, AV-in, TF card and GPS connections on the bottom. Thanks to its unique design, the Jrcx screen literally clamps over your rearview mirror. It completely hides the mirror and replaces it with an all-black, smooth IPS streaming media touchscreen.

Jrcx mirror dash cam – Perfect Resolution

The large screen can easily adapt to all climates. The screen is super rich in clarity and contains millions of colors. It offers you a viewing quality similar to what modern smartphones can offer. You can view the footage or play videos on the screen and enjoy a smooth 1024×400 resolution. This screen is unlike you’ve ever seen in a dashboard camera.

It is similar to the screen offered by Tekbow mirror dash cam, but it’s slightly more versatile and offers a better resolution. The screen has a very good resolution which enables you to get the best experience ever when viewing videos. You can also set the balance, exposure, color, and sharpness. You can even stream your favorite videos from an external device using the USB or AV-in.

Great Recording Capabilities

The Jrcx is a modern dashcam equipped with two advanced cameras. Each camera records in full HD, and is equipped with 6 lenses and has an F 2.0 aperture. Moreover, cameras are protected from direct sunlight and glare. The cameras can seamlessly record even when the sun is blinding your eyes.  

They can also capture footage during heavy snow or storms. The rear camera, when placed externally, is protected from elements thanks to its IP67 rating.

No more Worries About Parking

Parking becomes a breeze with this camera from Jrcx. Just like the Junsun mirror dash cam, this device will automatically display the image in the rear on the screen when you go in reverse. When you want to park and you go in reverse, the camera in the rear will automatically display the whole image it records on the screen. Thus, you get to view an unobstructed, full view of what lies behind you.

When parking, you also get to enjoy the parking lines offered by the manufacturer. You can easily adjust the angle of the lines in order to make it easier for you to park. You are completely assisted when parking, so you can gain the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe from any accidents.

24-Hour Recording & Parking Monitoring

A feature of this modern dashcam from Jrcx you will definitely love is the 24-hour recording. The camera system once hooked to a constant power source, can stay in idle mode when your vehicle is parked. If it senses a bump, hit, or crash, it turns on instantly and starts recording. The recording is safely stored on the card and cannot be erased by loop recording. Moreover, the recordings saved with the G-sensor are also stored and cannot be erased.

This unit, when you are driving, can record for 24 hours continuously. It starts by itself and turns off all by itself. Your storage will update indefinitely, clearing space for the new recordings. Old recordings will be overwritten, all except for the important files with accidents or bumps.

Things You Will Love About Jrcx Mirror Dash Cam

For starters, you will love the Jrcx mirror dash cam due to its responsive controls. Beside touch-responsiveness is quite amazing. The software is super easy to understand, the camera very easy to operate, and the touch responds instantly to your commands.

Second, you’ll be hooked by the image clarity. You can perfectly see the image during sunshine conditions, in tunnels, or during the darkest night. You can also see clearly behind you when trying to park. Third, this dashcam comes ready to use. The original package contains high-quality rubbers straps which you can use to strap the unit over your current mirror.

Installing this unit is also a breeze. You won’t spend more than 5 minutes on the initial install. Of course, you have a complete guide inside the package that explains to you how to properly install the Jrcx mirror dash cam.

Things You Might Not Love About This Device

The Jrcx mirror dash cam is not a perfect dashboard camera. There isn’t a perfect model, at least not yet. This device lacks useful ADAS features, together with WiFi integration and GPS module. You cannot connect it to your mobile or to the cloud.

Another aspect you won’t appreciate about this device is that it supports only a maximum 64 GB SD card. That’s pretty basic, considering that many other dashcams available in 2019 support up to 256 GB. Moreover, it doesn’t actually shine in terms of design. The all-black plastic cover does not seem well built and might not last very much.

The Bottom Line

Even if it comes with obvious drawbacks, the Jrcx mirror dash cam is one of the most appreciated mirror dual cameras of the year. It has obvious strong points which make it superior in certain areas than its competitors. It offers one of the best screens available for dash cams. It is also super easy to use and to navigate. Its touch responsiveness is astounding.

If you need a reliable dash cam that is easy to install, smooth to use and very effective at recording everything around you, then the Jrcx mirror dash cam could prove to be quite a good choice for you.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam Dual Lens – 170°Wide Angle with Backup Camera

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam is a modern, sleek dashboard camera system that comes as a great alternative to most other dashcams available on the market. This device, which is quite similar to the Pormido mirror dash cam, offering a superior recording experience and allows you to upgrade the looks of your car. Also, Junsun Mirror Dash Cam has a super large 10” touchscreen, just like its brother in law, the JRCX mirror dash cam.

It also offers a super-wide 170-degree recording angle in front and a 140-degree viewing angle in the rear. This modern dash cam was just released at the end of 2018. Since then, it was purchased and used by tens of thousands of drivers in the United States. Overall, it is considered a very reliable camera, featuring a thick connection cable and offering more stable connectivity.

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In this Junsun Mirror Dash Cam review, we will dive deeper into the features of this product. We want to showcase both the positives and negatives of this unit and allow you take a well-informed decision about purchasing this unit. Let’s start by looking at the design.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam – Totally Unique Design

In terms of looks, this dual camera could easily win a beauty contest. It is made of a grey alloy with unique finishes. It has several grey and black lines, together with a red line. It reminds us of a famous car, the BMW X3 modified version. This camera is made to withstand the test of time and can survive any type of impact. The rear camera is completely waterproof, so it keeps on working even when it is raining outside.

Of course, you could also place the camera inside your car, right in the back. However, when its’ rainy, make sure to use the car wipers to clean the rear window. The design of this camera can dramatically boost the appeal of your car. Even from the outside, the camera is perceived as a cover for your rearview mirror. A fancy cover, that’s for sure.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam – Recording Quality

Beside both cameras of Junsun device record seamlessly at 1080p. The recording quality is exceptional, especially in low-light conditions. The high sensitivity sensor is complemented by the all-glans lens and WDR capabilities to deliver astounding footage clarity.

The rearview mirror is equipped with a unique feature that helps you see even better in intense light. It has a 2.5D anti-glare blue glass to block all glare and sunlight and help you get an unobstructed view of what lies behind you. The front camera can successfully capture 4 lanes of traffic. You can clearly see any details in front of you.

Reliable Large Touchscreen

The Junsun Mirror Dash Cam features a large 10” IPS screen. This screen provides an extraordinary viewing experience. The image is crisp and clear, and you can see in real time what is happening ahead or in the back. What you will definitely love about the screen is the adjustable view in four directions. You can adjust the image and see more of the recording by simply swiping left, right, up and down on the screen.

It’s like setting up your sideways rear-view mirrors in order to capture more of the road outside. The screen has another cool feature called “achromatic vision”. When you select this mode, you’ll be able to get the best visual possible experience during both day and night. During the night, you’ll be able to drive more safely and clearly see any details in front of you.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam – Super Night Vision

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam stands out of the crowd due to its super night vision. Both cameras have a super large F1.8 aperture, 6 glass lens, and WDR. The sensor gathers more light during the night and eliminates dark spots. There is no need for an auxiliary source of light. In low light environments, the brightness is automatically increased.

Moreover, headlights from other cars are decreased in luminosity, in order to help you enjoy crisp & clear footage. You will be able to read all license plates and enjoy sharp, vivid images of other cars or important objects on the road. Thanks to the advanced WDR, exposure is automatically adjusted and fine-tuned to help you enjoy smooth footage.

Parking Camera

The rearview camera, also known as the backup camera, is waterproof and dustproof. It never loses its recording capability, offering you continuous high-quality images. When you go in reverse or you are trying to park, the premium reversing system kicks in. You’ll get to enjoy parking lines on the large 10” screen so that parking becomes a breeze.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam – Ease of Installation

Probably one of the best aspects of this unit is the ease of installation. You can virtually install the new Junsun Mirror Dash Cam in just a few minutes. Simply clamp the screen over your old rearview mirror, connect it to your car using the car charger, and set up the backup camera. You can use the pry tool provided to hide the cable inside your car and streamline the design inside your vehicle.

Flexible Front Camera

The camera in the front benefits from a freely adjustable lens. You can slide it in the exterior at around 0.98 inches. Thus, you can capture even more of the road ahead and personalize your viewing angle.

The Bottom Line

The Junsun Mirror Dash Cam is a modern mirror camera with many positives and few drawbacks. It looks really nice, it is easy to assemble, it has a parking feature and also impressive recording capabilities. Even if it lacks Wifi integration or GPS, this modern unit gives you a valuable recording experience. You can use it to record high-end, smooth videos, and play them right on the large 10” screen.

The 2.5D anti-glare blue glass in the rearview camera protects you from glare and allows you to park with ease. The front camera records 170 degrees of image and can be adjusted either by sliding it or by swiping the screen. All in all, the Junsun Mirror Dash Cam is a great dual camera system that is poised to become an all-favorite for drivers in 2019.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.88″ Full HD Touch Screen

Pormido mirror dash cam is a modern dashboard, a backup camera system that features a super large 9.88” Full HD touchscreen, wide 170 degrees viewing lens, G-sensor, GPS, and 24/7 parking. This unique dash cam from Pormido comes with a unique design, clamping over your rearview mirror with ease. It also offers super-smooth operation by simply swiping the screen.

During the night, this modern camcorder offers exceptional recordings, with minimal glare and increased brightness. The 2019 Pormido mirror dash cam is equipped with a longer rear camera extension cable, so it can be successfully used in longer vehicles such as RVs, limousines, buses, vans, trucks, or trailers. The front camera of this system is flexible. You can adjust it to capture a different angle and enjoy better images.

Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.88" Full HD Touch Screen Car Dash Camera Stream Media Dual Lens...
  • 【9.88" Full Touch Screen with 1080P front and rear dash camera & wide view field】The 9.88"streaming media mirror with...
  • 【Wide Rearview & Night Vision】The rear view mirror camera recording at 1080p resolution,giving you nice,detailed footage...
  • 【G-sensor & Loop recording】When collision occurs,G-sensor will automatically lock the video,which cannot be overwritten...
  • 【Auto Recording & 24 hours Parking Monitor & GPS】The dual dash cam starts automatically once your car starts up,thus no...

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Moreover, this device offers exceptional resistance to bad weather and extreme temperatures. Pormido is similar to Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam in terms of temperature resistance. They both work extremely well in all climates, from -20 Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit up to 158 Fahrenheit). However, Pormido is only capable of recording at over 4 degrees Celsius, so it’s not as resistant to cold as Vantrue N2 Uber.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – A New Dash cam in 2019

This unit from Pormido has just been released a few months ago, on November 30, 2018. However, it’s already considered one of the top dash cams in 2019 due to its unique traits and multiple advantages. The item weighs 1,78 pounds. The package includes 2 cameras, the LCD display, multiple cables, a GPS antenna, a bonus 32GB card, 4 mounting straps, a 15 meters bonus extension cable, and a mini USB.

The battery is Li-Pol. While it’s not as good and reliable as a supercapacitor, the Li-Pol battery is much better than Li-Ion standard battery that most dashcams have.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Usability

This unit is extremely versatile and super easy to set up. Just like AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam, Pormido mirror dash cam can be installed in a matter of minutes. Simply clamp the screen over the rearview mirror, connect it to the power source, and then set the rear camera in the back of your car and connect it via cable to the main unit.

While the rear camera is standalone, the front camera lies right in front of the screen. So basically, you have the screen pointing towards you, while the front camera is on the other side of the screen, facing the front side. The camera is totally unobtrusive and can be hardly noticed from the outside.

Pormido mirror dash cam is highly usable in any type of weather or environment. You can use it for any type of vehicle, and you can gain the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe. The GPS tracking records the direction, route, speed, and the exact location on the map.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Recording Quality

One aspect you will thoroughly love about the Pormido mirror dash cam is the amazing recording quality. Both cameras have the same recording potential, which is great. Most dashcams present on the market come with a rear camera that does not record as good as the front camera. But not Pormido. Both cameras record in full HD and have 7 lenses.

The only difference between the cameras is that the front one has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, while the rear one has 150 degrees. However, that’s a total of 330 degrees field of vision, which is more than necessary. You capture the whole road ahead and in the back, with minimal effort.

Flexible Front Camera

Another aspect you will love about this modern dual dash cam is that the front camera is quite flexible. You can literally pull the front camera in and out. Thus, you can adjust the viewing angle and get better, non-deforming images. You can also rotate the camera up and down, plus sideways, so you get a complete recording angle.

Because of the front camera’s flexibility, you can get to record much more than the standard 170 degrees. You stay in full control of what you record.

Premium Reverse System

The rear camera is also very smart and unobtrusive. It looks just the same as the front camera, but it is a standalone unit. Even if you cannot change its position, you can get to enjoy smart reverse parking. When you go in reverse, the system automatically shows on the screen the recording from the rear.  

You can easily see in Full HD clarity everything that lies behind you. You can park your car hassle-free, knowing that you won’t hit any object by accident.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Super Night Vision

Pormido mirror dash cam contains 2 cameras that do not just record amazing during the day, but also during the night. Thanks to the super night vision sensor and 7-lens, you can enjoy high-quality recordings at night. The brightness is automatically enhanced, while glare is reduced to a minimum. At the same time, lighter areas aren’t washed out, which makes it very easy for you to drive.

You can literally drive by looking at the screen, because you’ll see the road ahead in much better colors and tones than by looking at it through the windshield, with the naked eye.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Parking Monitor

This device is not just excellent at recording the road ahead and behind. Pormido mirror dash cam is also a true helper when it comes to keeping your car safe. Let’s say that you park your car in busy areas quite often. Those areas are preferred by car thieves, especially if they are not protected by CCTV cameras.  

If you park your car for more days, you want to get the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe. A standard alarm won’t do. In this case, you can rely on the dash cam from Pormido to do the anti-theft job. All you need to do is to connect the system to the fuse box using a hardwire kit 5V/2A, and you’ll get a complete surveillance monitor. The cameras record whenever an impact is detected or a thief tries to break into your car. 

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – A top Dashcam 

The Pormido mirror dash cam is undoubtedly one of the best dashcams in 2019. It has all the features you need in order to stay protected while parked and to enjoy seamless recording capabilities, both during the day and night.