MEKNIC A7 Motorcycle Camera Dual Lens

MEKNIC A7 is a modern, slim motorcycle camera designed for utility, ease of use, and total satisfaction. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or rider, you really want to capture all the details of your trip. You also want to stay protected in case of fake claims done by police or by other motorists.

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Whether you are driving to the beautiful country or through a nice city, you need a strong, reliable motorcycle camera by your side. MEKNIC A7 is that motorcycle recording system that could help you get everything on tape. In this MEKNIC A7 review, we will take a closer look at the features and specs of this security motorbike camera system.

Keep reading and decide for yourself if this is a product worth investing in.

MEKNIC A7 – Overview

This motorcycle camera system has been launched on the market quite recently. Since July 2018, motorcycle riders have been making the most out of this product. They have enjoyed all the qualities of this high-quality dash cam for motorcycles. MEKNIC A7 has tons of useful features. It is equipped with 2 dual lens cameras that both record at full HD quality.

MEKNIC A7 – Setting Up The System

You only need to follow a few simple steps in order to install the MEKNIC A7 motorcycle camera. You can follow the instructions in the manual and enjoy quick & safe installation. The system comes with 2 separate cameras, one for the front and one for the rear. Both cameras connect to the monitor that can be placed on the main body.

The cables that connect the monitor to the cameras can be placed sideways on the motorcycle. Note that the monitor comes with a power supply cord, that is attached to the control box. The wired remote controller has a total of 7 buttons that allows you to perform multiple operations. You can start & stop the videos, browse images, snap photos, lock the videos, or switch between channels.

Recording Quality

One aspect you will love about the MEKNIC A7 is that the footage has the same clarity and brightness. Both cameras record in 1080p. Conversely, other motorcycle cameras like VSYSTO motorcycle dash cam only record 1080p with the front camera. The rear camera records at just 720p. Thus, with MEKNIC A7 you can enjoy high-quality footage with both cameras.

The reason the images are so great is that this system records from your motorcycle’s point of view. This motorcycle camera system records from a lower position rather than from a high position such as a helmet camera. Recording from the front and back of your motorcycle is proven to be much more compelling than recording from your helmet.   

You get to enjoy clearer images captured from a better vantage point. MEKNIC A7 uses a special technology called WDR to optimize the quality of the recorded files. It also increases the overall exposure of the image. Thus, the cameras capture the footage in greater detail, even in darker environments.

Ease of Use & Utility

One of the aspects you will get to enjoy quite a lot about the MEKNIC A7 motorcycle recording system is its utility. The 2.7” monitor allows you to perform a wide variety of functions. You can power on/off the camcorder, browse the photos and videos captured, start/stop video recording, start/stop photos, swap images, turn on/off 2-channel recording, and the list goes on.

This system is extremely easy to use and very practical. You can easily set it up on your motorcycle and then take it off and install it on another bike you have.
Now that is what we call utility & reliability.

Meknic A7 – Recording Angle

In terms of recording angle, our motorcycle camera is outranked by its competitors. With MEKNIC A7 you have a viewing angle of just 130 degrees with each camera. That’s 260 degrees in total. The Halocam motorcycle camera spawns a total recording angle of 310 degrees, with 50 degrees more than its Meknic counterpart. However, that should not be such a big problem.

As a motorcycle rider, you are always changing lanes, so you virtually get up to 360 degrees of footage by simply rotating your bike a dozen degrees in one direction.

Meknic A7 – G-Sensor For Increased Security

A great feature this motorcycle camera is equipped with is the G-sensor. MEKNIC A7 can easily detect an incident or accident and lock the current file. Thus, the footage is protected from being accidentally overwritten. This feature is very useful when on the road. In case you have an accident and then you keep driving, the footage before the accident is saved on the card and cannot be erased.

You can use it later in court or at the police station.

Meknic A7 – Memory Card

MEKNIC A7 supports SD cards of up to 64 GB memory. This is more than enough for up to 7.5 hours of constant recording. Note that the card is not included in the original package. After you purchase the card, do not forget to format it. Use FAT21 when formatting to ensure it will work smoothly with this motorcycle dash camera.


Lastly, one of the most appreciated features of this motorcycle camera is the advanced WDR. MEKNIC A7 makes use of the most advanced WDR technology to date in order to help you enjoy high-quality, optimized footage. The recording has its exposure balanced. During the night, the footage comes with higher brightness and more clarity.

The colors are more vivid and the details can be perceived even in low light environments. A7 camera comes with a high F2.2 aperture to help you enjoy better, more focused images. You will definitely love the end result, and you will be eager to share the videos on social media and show your friends where you’ve been.