KDLINKS XVIS-10 Full-HD Wide Angle Dash Cam

KDLINKS XVIS-10 is the new, stealthy model from KDSLINKS released in 2018. This gorgeous dash cam is almost invisible from the outside and can easily record any incident or accident, even when you are away from your car and your vehicle is parked in the parking lot.

Just like its younger brother, the Kdlinks R 100 dash cam, this new version is backed by premium customer support and one full year warranty. This gives you the peace of mind that you can enjoy the best experience and that your product will work perfectly for the entire duration of the warranty. In terms of recording quality, you will definitely enjoy the premium full HD recording quality.

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KDLINKS XVIS-10 is a full-HD dashcam that records at very high quality, both during the day and the night. However, in comparison to the KDLINKS X3 dash cam, the newest model from KDLINKS falls short of recording quality. KDLINKS X3 records seamlessly at 2688×1520 and can exceed your expectations in low-light conditions.

Nevertheless, KDLINKS XVIS-10 offers really good recordings thanks to the WDR system which ensures no details whatsoever escapes the camera lens.

KDLINKS XVIS-10 – Top Stealthy Design

KDLINKS XVIS-10 is not your regular dashboard camera. Even though it might look similar to other dash cams available on the market, this device has by far the most innovative design. The slim curves and small, unobtrusive design make it totally stealthy to people outside. Only from a certain angle a passerby or driver can notice that you actually have a dashboard camera.

This means you are perfectly safe to record any event that might occur. Let’s say that a nervous driver gets off his car and comes your way ready to hit you. However, he hits your car and then leaves the scene. He did not see the camera, otherwise, he would have backed off.

But now you have proof and you can sue him, claiming tens of thousands of dollars in physical and moral damages. This is just one example of how XVIS-10’s unobtrusive design can keep you safe and give you the peace of mind that you will win in court.

LCD Screen and Top Quality Mount

In terms of design, you will love the fact that this device can easily complement the appeal of your car. The all-black smooth finish goes perfectly with black sedans and dark dashboards. It can even contrast light dashboards and go perfectly well with white/gray/red leather seats. No matter what type of vehicle you drive or what predominant color you have inside your car, KDLINKS XVIS-10 blends perfectly.

Another thing you will love about the design of this dashcam is the red central button on the control panel. It looks just gorgeous, surrounded by a sea of black and 4 black buttons: mode, up, down, and LCD. Now, the small LCD screen is not impressive, and can only be used to view the recording in real-time.

Another important aspect of the design is the high-quality mount. KDLINKS XVIS-10 comes with one of the best mounts you’ve ever seen. It attaches very easy and it is extremely stable. No more tangled wires and cables. Additionally, no more clutter on your windshield.

Recording Quality

Compared to KDLINKS X1 dash cam, the XVIS-10 offers an impressive recording quality. This new dashboard model released in 2018 is equipped with 6-glass lenses and an advanced high-sensitive chip to deliver outstanding results. The 6G lens has a large F1.8 aperture and is built of top-grade glass materials that withstand severe heat and light. You can be sure that the recording quality is perfect during the day, even in high-light conditions.

The night vision is superior to what its predecessors were able to deliver. What you will thoroughly enjoy about KDLINKS XVIS-10 is that this camera benefits from the most advanced WDR chip available on the market in 2018. The camera has good HD coverage and can record very well in low-light conditions.

There is no decrease in recording quality even during the darkest hour of the night, as the WDR, chip, and 6-lens work together to offer the best image clarity.

KDLINKS XVIS-10 – Advanced Features

KDLINKS XVIS-10 is not just stealthy, extremely good looking and very good at recording during day and night, but it is also equipped with a number of powerful features that make it stand out on the market. Its most advanced feature is the automatic motion detection. Even if your vehicle is turned off, the camera starts recording the moment it senses movement around.  

There are no delays whatsoever. This gives you the peace of mind and assurance that your car is safe and that any potential break-in will be recorded. Once the motion has stopped, the camera stops recording. This preserves battery life and ensures the video is properly stored inside the unit.

Build-In Battery

What you will definitely love about this modern dash cam is that it comes with a built-in battery. This high-quality Li-polymer battery benefits from the most strict PONY Lab certificate and official MSDS accreditation. It can withstand extreme temperatures and it also works perfectly in hot/cold environments.

As for storage, you need to purchase your own SD card. The KDLINKS XVIS-10 wide-angle dashcam supports cards of 64 GB or 128 GB. Another two useful features of this device are the G-sensor and emergency lock button.

KDLINKS XVIS-10 – Few Cons

Obviously, you might expect more from this device in terms of features. KDLINKS XVIS-10 lacks the advanced features of other units, such as WiFi integration, GPS, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane change assistance, turning assistant, or collision avoidance system.

However, this is not a dashcam designed to impress, but one that is designed to be stealthy.

KDLINKS XVIS-10 – Conclusion

The engineers from KDLINKS have managed to accomplish exactly what they wanted with this model – create a small, gorgeous, unobtrusive dash cam that is stealthy enough to record everything without disturbing anyone. Being equipped with just the right features and benefiting from the high-quality lens and WDR system, the KDLINKS XVIS-10 can record continuously and can keep your car safe from potential dangers when in park mode.

To top it all, the quick-response support team helps you to fully enjoy your new acquisition and helps you to maximize your investment. KDLINKS XVIS-10 is backed by unbeatable craftsmanship, premier customer support service, reliable 1-year warranty, and useful features to help you enjoy a smooth & nice ride.