KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Rearview Dual Lens Dash Cam

KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD dash cam features a rearview mirror display, superior night mode, and other great features worth checking out. This dashboard camera was released on August 26th, 2016, and provides the option of working as a single front camera or as a dual front-and-rear setup.

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If you’re looking for a sophisticated dash cam, with rearview displays and parking mode, then read the rest of this KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD rearview dual lens dash cam review.

KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Includes 2 Cameras And Rearview Monitor

The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD dual lens dash cam is designed to fit over your rearview mirror. The video monitor displays directly on the mirror, which is easily strapped over your existing rearview mirror. When not in use, the display continues to work as your rearview mirror. The mirror image also appears outside the edges of the video display.

Basically, you’re getting a video monitor within a rearview mirror. The surface of the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD monitor also has anti-glare, so that you get a clear display on bright days.

Front And Rear-Facing HD Cameras

Connected to this DVR setup, you get two video cameras. You get a front-facing camera, which is located on the reverse side of the rearview mirror display. The rear-facing camera can be placed in your rear window and connected via the provided cable. This is a little different than some of the other popular dual lens rearview dash cams.

Most of the dual-lens rearview-style dash cams use a rear-facing camera that mounts directly above your license plate. This is the perfect position for a parking assist camera. With the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD unit, the rear-facing camera can be placed anywhere that you choose. You don’t need to place it in the back of your vehicle.

For example, you could place it facing to either side. This gives you more options for setting up your dashboard camera system.

Record In Ultra HD – 1296 Pixels Of Clear Dash cam Video

The two cameras are quality cameras. The KDLINKS R100 records in Ultra HD, which is 1296-pixels. Though, this is limited to the front-facing camera. The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD rear camera records in 1080P. This is still superior to most dual dash cams on the market.

Typically, you’ll find a combo of 1080/720P cameras. So, if you want full 1080P with your rear camera, this is a good selling point. Both cameras have a 140-degree viewing angle and record at 30 frames per second. You also have standard dash cam recording options, such as continuous loop recording and auto-off.

The auto-off is a useful feature. If the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD doesn’t detect movement after 5 minutes, the camera shuts off. If you connect your camera to the cigarette lighter port, this can avoid draining your battery.

Protect Your Vehicle With Advanced Parking Mode And G-Sensor

In addition to auto-off, the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD has auto-recording. The advanced parking mode will automatically record if the system detects movement. This way, you can protect your vehicle, even when away from it. The G-sensor also helps protect your vehicle by locking the current video file if an accident is detected.

This keeps you from accidentally deleting a video file containing footage that shows the moments leading up to the accident.

Advanced Features Bring High-Quality Video In Any Situation

Along with recording in 1296P and 1080P HD, the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD includes additional features that help you record clear video in any situation. This includes the superior night vision, 6-glass lenses, and a WDR video system. The superior night vision and 6-glass lenses ensure high-quality images in low-light situations.  

When you’re driving at night, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting dark images. The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) video system also assists with superior quality video. With WDR, you get darker darks and whiter whites. The result is a crisp video during the day or night.

Supports 128GB MicroSD Memory Cards – Record Hours Of Video Footage

The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD rearview dashcam doesn’t come equipped with a MicroSD card. But, it does support up to 128GB cards. Most of these dash cams only support 32GB cards. So, you have the option to add a massive memory card for over 16 hours of HD footage.

KDLINKS Has A Great Lineup Of Dash Cams

It should be noted that the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD isn’t the only quality dash cam from KDLINKS. This company has a strong lineup of cameras, with features like the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD – including G-sensor, WDR, and superior night vision. If you’re not a fan of the rearview mirror-style dashcams, you should look at some of these options.

For example, there’s the KDLINKS X1 Full HD dashcam. This unit mounts to your windshield and includes a large 2.7-inch screen. It is a compact, discreet unit, with high-quality video recording capabilities. But, it only includes a single camera. The KDLINKS DX2 Full HD bridges the gap between the X1 and the R100. It includes 2 cameras, like the R100, and has a compact design like the X1.

These three units each have their strengths and weaknesses. But, the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD camera has the most streamlined design. The rearview monitor that straps over your existing monitor are less noticeable than a compact gadget placed on your windshield.

Final Thoughts On The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Rearview Dual Lens Dash Cam

The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD uses one of the latest dashcam designs – the rearview mirror design. This lets you place your dashcam monitor in a convenient spot, where you can quickly glance and view the footage from your cameras. The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD camera also includes the features that you’d expect.

You get accident detection, auto-off, and loop recording. Though, the real advantage of this system is the ultra HD recording – you get to record in 1296P HDThere are hundreds of quality dash cams to choose from. Finding the right one isn’t easy. Hopefully, this review has helped shed some light on the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD dual-lens camera. Find the best price on the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Rearview Dual Lens Dash Cam.