Kdlinks Dx2 – 2016 Review On New Dashboard Camera

Kdlinks Dx2, another great dashboard camera made by Kdlinks company. Released July 25 2016 it comes with a 16 GB micro SD card and as always great technical support. With insurance scams and reckless driving unfortunately becoming increasingly commonplace on our roads, it is more important than ever to protect yourself with a dashboard camera.

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These are small camera devices that attach themselves to the dashboard and then record everything we see from the driver’s POV. This way, you have evidence to protect yourself if you ever find yourself in an accident, not to mention a fun way to log your road trips or capture funny events or spectacular views on the motorway. Ever been driving only for your passenger to tell you: ‘don’t look but there’s an incredible sunset back there’.
Well, now you can enjoy that sunset when you get back home and potentially even share it to Instagram. Dash cams are undoubtedly a great addition to your car accessories then. All that remains is to ask which model will offer you the very best value for money and be the most reliable out on the wide-open road. By our reckoning, the KDLINKS DX2 may well be the best choice. Here’s why.

KDLINKS DX2 Specs And Overview

The full title of this model is the KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD 1080P Front 720P Rear 290 Degree Super Wide Angle Car Dash Cam With G-Sensor and WDR Superior Night Mode. That pretty much tells you a lot of what you need to know. With 1080p up-front and 720p in the rear, this camera gives you a great high definition image quality that will allow you to make out minute details and capture beautiful scenery in all its glory.
This is important when you’re relying on a camera to prove your innocence – sometimes the small details really count. The frame rate is good too: 30fps with H.264. The highly sensitive AR0330 sensor captures lots of light for, particularly crisp images. It’s no surprise that this thing captures such stunning video either – when you look at it, the first thing you notice is a huge lens that makes it look like a high-end DSLR camera on your dashboard!
The device is also able to automatically record in a continuous loop until it fills up the SD card (it comes with a modest 16GB card in the packaging). Accident auto-detection is also in place, which means that you don’t have to have reactions like Spider-Man to hit record just as you’re impacting with the car in front. Because the device is often on a continual loop, it will be able to keep any relevant footage leading up to the incident once it happens.
‘Superior night vision’ basically means that you can see just as clearly when light is low, while the 3’’ screen is large enough to give you a clear view of what’s going on (but keep your eyes on the road!). There is also a large slew of additional features and the 200mah battery will keep you filming for a long time when not plugged in. Finally, the mount is super solid yet flexible and will hold your device in place without falling off like some other models (which perhaps cause more accidents than they prevent.

KDLINKS DX2 – Compared To The Competition

The Kdlinks DX2 is a great device on paper but what really makes it stand out is its pedigree. The Kdlinks X1 camcorder is widely regarded as one of the very best products in this category and it still has a lot of fans as a result. A big reason for this is simply that the Kdlinks X1 was such a well-made and resilient gadget.
If you bought one when it first came out, then the chances are that it’s still ticking away today. Many people have found it to be a life-saver when they have been at odds with their insurance companies and in general, it’s just a device that works and works well as opposed to one of those irritating gadgets that costs a fortune and then gives out just when you need it.
So we can safely assume that the Kdlinks DX2 will probably be similarly well designed and crafted. The big question that remains, is whether the Kdlinks DX2 brings enough new updates and features to the table to be worth the upgrade. The good news is that this is a definite update.

Kdlinks DX2 Vs Kdlinks X1

For starters, the Kdlinks DX2 has a much more premium-feeling design than the X1. It’s made from high-quality material and just looks and feels like a modern piece of kit. That might sound like a small thing but it’s important if you are someone who loves their car and wants it to look the part! That said, the device looks low profile from the outside, so it shouldn’t invite any thieves.
Another benefit of the Kdlinks DX2 is video quality. While both offer HD, this model captures more light and just looks a little crisper and clearer. The X2 also has a much better screen and this is perhaps the biggest improvement over the old version along with that rearview camera. Then there are all those small things that make all the difference – like a polarizer filter that removes glare from the windshield.


This is a fantastic dash cam all round then from a company with a proven track record. It’s arguably the best on the market right now, although it does get some competition from the likes of the Rexing S300 and Rexing G600 models, which are also excellently designed and made. If you’re looking for the best though, this is an excellent choice and comes with our full recommendation.